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Member Copyrights

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood has a policy on member submissions and copyright claims, the full text of which can be found below. In addition, the Brotherhood has a copyright release form that members may choose to fill out and submit to the Justicar. The copyright policy falls under the purview of the Chamber of Justice, therefore any questions may be forwarded to the Justicar.

Dark Brotherhood Copyright Information on Membership Submissions

1. Any materials submitted by members to the Dark Brotherhood remain the intellectual property of their authors. By submitting any such work, be it graphics, photographs, text, program code or other creative work, the member grants the Dark Brotherhood as represented by the Dark Council a nonexclusive, royalty-free license to use this material. This is not a transfer of ownership of said submissions, but the grant of a license for the use of said submissions. However, a member can willingly grant the Dark Jedi Brotherhood an irrevokable license to all their contributions. Upon or after terminating membership, the member may also terminate the license with the following periods of notice, except for materials listed explicitly in 2 below:

  • (A) Software coding used in the main Dark Brotherhood website or message boards at the domain - ONE (1) year
  • (B) Textual materials used in the main Dark Brotherhood website or message boards at the domain THREE (3) months
  • (C) Graphical materials in the main Dark Brotherhood website or message boards at the domain THREE (3) months
  • (D) Software coding used in any other websites of the Dark Brotherhood, including but not limited to competition, Clan, House, Battleteam, or Order websites. - THREE (3) months
  • (E) Any other materials used in the design or content of websites of the Dark Brotherhood (except archived fiction and competition submissions), including but not limited to competition, Clan, House, Battleteam, or Order - TWO (2) months
  • (F) News posts and Leader Reports will be disassociated with the member's dossier - Requiring dossier deletion - ONE (1) Month
  • (G) All other materials - ONE (1) month.

These periods are given to allow the Brotherhood sufficient time to replace or remove the materials even under adverse conditions. An effort will be made to achieve the removal/replacement as fast as possible if a member desires so.

2. As certain materials are vital to the functioning of the Brotherhood, members submitting them must grant the Brotherhood an irrevocable, non-exclusive and royalty-free license. These are:

  • (A) Any items submitted to the Dark Voice
  • (B) Any texts and graphics submitted for inclusion in the Dark Side Compendium
  • (C) Any content the member has added to the DJBWiki
  • (D) Any contributions made fulfilling duties as a member of the Herald's office
  • (E) Any other materials deemed vital by the Dark Council upon email notification. Such notification must be given before the material is accepted and published by the Brotherhood and failure to agree to an indefinite license may result in the materials not being accepted for publication.

3. All submitted works will be credited to the author upon publication wherever this is possible. This credit is usually done with the Brotherhood name and email address of the member, however, upon request, the real name of the member can be used and/or the email address omitted.

Release Form

After signing the form, please email it to the Justicar - you may download the release form here: Copyright Release Form