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The following policies help make sure that Brotherhood Chats are kept in line with the Covenant, as well as the general policies for each respective chat. As a general rule, participants and members of chats should adhere to being respectful of other members opinions and beliefs.

A list of Brotherhood Chats can be found on our Brotherhood Chat page


The Dark Brotherhood uses Discord for its primary communications platform. The main channels run by the Dark Council are:

  • #general-chat — Moderated by the Dark Council. Covers a wide range of topics from star wars to world news.
  • #announcements — Read-only announcement channel for news posts and reports.
  • #gaming — Official channel for all DB gaming related activities, moderated by the Fist and Fist Staff.
  • #gaming-matchmaking — Official chat for PvP matchmaking using the dbb0t queue.
  • #art-chat — A chat for the discussion and sharing of artwork of all mediums between members of the DB. Moderated by the Herald and Herald Staff.
  • #fiction-chat — A chat for all things relating to the Fiction Society including fiction competitions, Run-Ons, ACC, and general discussions generated by daily topics and character questions. Moderated by the Voice and Voice Staff.
  • #spoilers — Official spoilers chat. Opt-in via #settings. Spoilers are generally prohibited in all other chats for one week after a Star Wars series episode and for one month after a movie.

General Chat Rules

These rules apply to all ‘official’ DB Discord chats, including the #general-chat, #art-chat, #gaming-chat, #fiction-chat and others listed above. Other chats will have additional rules, as listed below.

  • Be respectful of your fellow chat participants. If someone tells you to stop or to avoid a topic, be aware and willing to talk about it on the side (DM).
  • Anything added to the chat should be appropriate for people as young as 13, as we have many younger members. This means that while you can curse, a repeated string of expletives can lead to reprimand from a moderator.
  • Admins are moderators and have the authority to delete comments, ban, or remove a member from a chat. Admins are often the Dark Council or staff members for a Dark Councilor.
  • Respect the decision of admins in the chat and reach out privately if there is confusion over the reason for an admin action.
  • Avoid spamming a given chat with walls of media (animated gifs, photographs, etc.). There are some really great ways to share photo-albums thanks to sites like imgur and Google Photos.
  • Avoid discussion of contentious real life issues, such as religion or politics. If you are unsure, ask first.
  • Fund raising for any purpose is prohibited in all official DB chats.
  • Rules may change during Vendettas, particularly for chat channels like #gaming-chat. Be aware of when major events are ongoing and how this may temporarily alter chat rules.
  • Members cannot have more than one Discord account on the DB server.

General Chat

the club's standard example of an age appropriate image.

The general chat for the Dark Brotherhood. Members are free to share anything from pictures of meet ups with other members, star wars news and information, Brotherhood-wide competitions, computer builds and systems, electronics, news, and any other topic directly or tangentially related to the Brotherhood and its members.

Gaming Chat

The #gaming-chat channel is the official room for all DB gaming related activities. As such, #gaming-chat differs from the other Discord chats in the club in that it is not for general chat. #gaming-chat is specifically for members to find people to game with, set up matches, discuss games, and interact with the Fist and his or her staff. In addition to the general chat rules outlined above, #gaming-chat has special rules as detailed below.

Chat Rules
  1. Topics in #gaming-chat need to be gaming focused. You are welcome to discuss games, sales, hardware upgrades, thoughts on upcoming games, game lore, etc. Members may post links to gaming competitions they are running. All other tangential discussions should occur in #general-chat
  2. This chat is text based only. You are not restricted from posting links, provided they are related to gaming. Posting a link to a sale, competition you are running, official announcement on a new game, and things like that are absolutely OK. Posting a clickbait article or one filled with spoilers is not allowed. Don’t spam links. See if someone else has posted it within the last few hours.
  3. While members are encouraged to post links to their streams, repeated solicitation of viewers is not allowed.
  4. No “console war” posts. PS4 is not better than XBox, or vice versa. Consoles are not better than PCs. Those are opinions. Play on the system you like.
  5. Keep the language clean. Vulgar language will not be tolerated. Members who violate this rule will have their post deleted and receive a warning. Continued violations will result in the Member losing all posting privileges (a hard mute) for a week. Any further violations will be forwarded to the Justicar.
Matchmaking Chat Rules
  1. The #gaming-matchmaking chat is exclusively for arranging PvP matches or PvE groups consistent with the Rites of Combat. Please keep all other discussion to other chats.
  2. During Vendettas, chat in #gaming-matchmaking may be disabled entirely.

Art Chat

In addition to the General rules, and the PG-13 rule specifically, art shared must always follow the “Princess Leia” rule of nudity (cannot show more nudity than Princess Leia in Episode 6: Return of the Jedi, i.e. PG-13)

Fiction Chat

A place for discussing fanfiction, writing, storytelling and character development for members of the DJB. Please be respectful, stay on topic, and have fun.

  • For the daily theme, you can see the calendar here
  • For more information you can click here .
  • In addition to the general chat rules outlined above, #fiction-chat has some additional rules rules:
Chat Rules
  1. Stay on topic. While Fiction Chat covers a wide range of topics, including pop culture and media, conversations should stay grounded in the Brotherhood’s fictional society and activities.
  2. There is no such thing as cliche: all character types and identities are welcome. Members are encouraged to talk about their characters or ideas for them without fear of reproach. Feedback should be constructive by nature and no member should ever feel like they can’t share an idea.
  3. Gif and Sticker usage are allowed, but all things in moderation. Please do not overly spam the chat with gifs and stickers.

Clan Channels

Clans maintain the rules and regulations for their respective channels, and the Dark Council is only involved in extreme circumstances related to violations of the Covenant occurring in a chat.

Spoiler Rules

As stated above, with the exception of #spoilers, discussion is generally prohibited in all other chats for one week after a Star Wars series episode and for one month after a movie. The reason is not everyone is able to view the content on the day of release and we want their experience to not be diminished by learning information ahead of time.

Spoilers take on many different meanings based upon each person’s desire to be uninformed of the upcoming content. Ranging from a total news blackout to only watching publicly released trailers.

To help clarify what could be considered a spoiler in a public chat, examples have been provided below.

  • Plot Points - Discussing any topic that relates to the plot of the episode/movie. Such as what occurred, what didn’t occur, or how something played out
  • Reveals - Such as the appearance of a character or artifact without support detail as to what the character did or how the artifact was utilized
  • Graphics/Memes - Ranging from specific stills from an episode to meme’s, such as “describe the episode without spoilers” which may hint at what occurred