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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Lexi Sarden
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Lexi was born twenty two years ago planet side on Balmorra, within part of one of the Imperial Remnants control. Her father, Boris Sarden, was a well known Tramp freighter Captain, and he raised his family with his first officer and wife Nora Sarden aboard the Tramp Freighter Kessel Run named after the infamous smugglers run. Lexi spent her life learning about the workings of her home, the Kessel with her two older brothers. She learned to navigate when she was 9 years old, she learned to use the cargo haler when she was twelve, but that all ended when a member of the Exchange called in one of fathers loans, the ship was captured in a space port called Estele City.

Once stranded in Estele City her life changed dramatically the once fun loving girl became bitter and began to run with the street gangs that plagued the underside of the slums she was forced now to live in. Her father was forced to become a shuttle pilot that shuttled cargo and supplies for the Zratian Arms Corporation. Lexi could fly a ship and pretty good with ground transports so in her little gang she was "the driver" if you can imagine a fourteen to seventeen year old as the driver in some criminal act. She was jailed on suspicion of speeder theft and even the “person of interest” in a murder case in Estle City.

Rumors started about her around 16 that one of the gangs girls could get people to do things for her, rumor had it that she even convinced one of the local gang leaders to shoot himself. They started calling Lexi, Dead Girl, on the streets because if she wanted you dead you soon showed up dead in an ally somewhere. She learned to street fight and one night had her ass handed to her smartly by a Teras Kasi master. She found him again and asked to be taught by him. He accepted thinking that the discipline of the art would save her from her downward spiral into darkness. Soon he found that all he did was create a better killer when he confronted his student about it she became annoyed with the "old man" and in a fit of rage made him kill himself by jumping in front of a speeder.

It was not soon after that, a dark figure came to her and cornered her in an alley where she had just killed some street thug. She turned on this figure and was soundly beaten down by them, she woke up on a transport in pain, the first words out of her mouth were: "Even my teeth hurt". The dark figure snickered, she looked over at him and the others aboard the shuttle. "You have great potential my violent young girl. Let us see if you have what it takes to achieve it". Is all the dark figure said before she blacked out again from the pain and woke up in a seat on a different shuttle next to another Shadow Academy applicant. Thus, began the fall of Lexi Sarden to the darkness that is the Sith.


Shadow Academy

Once she entered the Shadow Academy she buried herself in everything they could teach her, even before her placement in Clan Arcona and House Galeres she was learning her lessons well. She excelled greatly in the Shadow Academy it is there where she first discovered the lore of the Sith Bloodlines, in which she became a rather surprising expert on. The blood lines of the Sith fascinated her as they reached back all the way to the time of Exar Kun and beyond.

Once she was assigned to Battle Team Darkforge her new master Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae was teaching her everything she could handle. She became a sponge drinking in all the information and knowledge he would pour into her. Within weeks she climbed through the ranks to Guardian, it was a complete whirlwind. Her past life was nearly all but forgotten. Arcona was her new family, she continued on in the Shadow Academy, wore her armory saber with pride. It was during this time she discovered that she was the descendant of a Sith called Darth Nox, further research found that before becoming Darth Nox this ancestor was named Akvishae Sarden, and was actually a pure blood Sith. Now accounts are many, mostly legend supplanting fact, but she is certain of one thing, the Sith Lord named Akvishae Sarden is her ancestor, she has pure Sith blood in her, even if the fact that her ancestor only "could be" one of the possible people that was indeed Darth Nox. The former was certain she was of Sith blood. She realized that her choosing the Sith Order in the Brotherhood was not just a decision of hers but might even been influenced by her bloodline. She became an Inquisitor as well at this time. Jedi Hunter Lexi Sarden was coming into her own within the Clan.


Lexis Lightsaber

Cethgus slashed out, his saber hissing against his student’s blade, his eyes locking with Lexi’s at that moment. She had come a long way since her original days when the Iridonian took her under his wing. Able to hold her own, able to fight against the Equite. Forcing her back with his brute strength, he snarled towards the Jedi Hunter, his eyes focused and showing years of experience.

“Keep your guard up or lose your head.” He instructed, his voice cold and stern as he spoke towards Lexi.

Pushing off his feet, the Iridonian charged forward, allowing his saber to clash against the Jedi Hunter’s, forcing her backwards further still. As he allowed his blade to lock with hers, his free hand came up, slamming into the side of her face and sending her down onto the practice mat. Her saber rolled free from her hand, out of reach, and Cethgus loomed over her at that moment.

“I told you to keep your guard up.” He repeated, his voice solid and firm as he heard footsteps approaching.

“Ceth! It’s time, brother.” The voice of Atyriu rang out as Cethgus’ eyes shot up. Without removing his eyes from Atyriu, he allowed his boot to pin the Jedi Hunters stomach keeping her held down. The screams could be heard form the training area as the Obelisk Primarch burned the letter ‘C’ into the nape of his student’s neck. Atyriu cursed softly, hating this trial by fire method that her Quaestor used. Once it was finished, Cethgus allowed his eyes to fall down to Lexi.

“There. Something to always remember me by.” He muttered. Hauling her up onto her feet, he summoned her saber and clipped it to her side. “Follow us.”

The three of them advanced down the corridors of Arcona’s base, the dull ache echoing from Lexi’s flesh as she walked with her master, aware of the burn that he had inflicted onto her would remain despite the Aedile’s brief healing. They approached a golden door in time, leading to the Clan Summit chambers. Cethgus knocked, letting his hand fall onto the door, and a reply was clearly heard from inside.

“Enter.” With that, the gleaming doors opened, allowing the group to walk inside of the door.

On the throne was the Consul of Arcona, Legorii flanking him at his side. As Lexi entered, she walked to the center of the room, feeling her Quaestor’s hand on her shoulder, forcing her down onto her knees, before her Master and Aedile walked past her and stood beside Marick.

“It has come to our attention that you have achieved great things in this Clan. As such, it has been decided that you are fit to be welcomed into the ranks of Knighthood.” Marick’s voice echoed as the others remained in silence “You are one of our finest younglings, and you have grown. Now, you will stand and leave as a Knight of Arcona.”

Silence reigned as Lexi shot a glance at her Master. The Iridonian replied with a smile on his lips, nodding towards her.


Lexi the Inquisitor

Lexi is a contradiction, she is this almost cute, soft, pretty girl of 22 only 1.6m in height, barely 58kg in weight. But under all that cute softness is a raging Sith surprise for her adversaries. If you pay attention you know she is a brutal killer like her master, but mixed in with that need to know of the Inquisitor in her. Through her choice in martial arts, Teras Kasi and Broken Gate they are a up front and personal brutal coupling of styles, you get a glimpse of that contradiction. She loves to move inside your reach and only when you realize the mistake of wanting her in your grasp it is too late she is already in the process of brutalizing your body softening for the kill. She is a lie, cute and cuddly on the outside, but natural born killer and dirty fighter on the inside. To top that off, she is a planner, she already even has her lightsaber form progression from core to elite (Soresu and Makashi, then Ataru and finally Sokan) planned out in her mind. Your worst nightmare, an intelligent killer. If she likes you though, you do have a powerful ally you can call upon.

Lexis Warbanner


She is a physically fit, but lithe woman that has a tan-ish skin in the right light some say there is a purplish-red hue to her skin, making her a bit exotic by human standards. Her eyes are the color of a fiery sun, her hair is black and shoulder length never longer. She is well proportioned in body type for her size. In certain clothing she almost looks delicate, however, if you were to see her in her small clothes, her body is lithe but looks like her muscles are fine steal meshes running throughout her body, her muscle tone is spectacular, she is steal wrapped in skin fit.


She has many associates but few that she trusts enough to call ally, the three that she considers an ally in the Clan are, her master Cethgus. Cethgus is larger than life to her some say she might even have a schoolgirl crush on him but she never will confirm or deny it. One thing is for certain he is one of the few people alive she trusts. Her Consul Marick Arconae who seems to have adopted her as his surrogate daughter, she feels she can trust Marick he is one of the few people she feels "safe" around, though in the Brotherhood safety is a matter of opinion. And her fellow House Galeres mate and Clan mate K'tana who is her "partner in crime" in a lot of shall we say unofficial Clan events. K'tana is what people say is Lexis opposite but K'tana is fond of saying, "Oh don't let that little girl look fool you, or you'll be looking for your bits later". She also trusts to a point her Battleteam leader Kord who she knows will be leading her battle team into any vendetta or the next war, thus she is getting to trust his judgement more and more. These are her allies all Arconans and most of her house within the clan. Some would say she has a small infatuation with Atyiru but most write that off as just another one of the rumors the boys in Arcona make up.

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Outstanding Achievements

Achieving the rank of Dark Jedi Knight aka "Knight of Arcona." (30, DEC, 2013).


  • Lexi is my real life name.
  • Knighthood fiction written for me by my master Cethgus.