Deimos d'Tana

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Deimos d'Tana
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

19 BBY (Age 57)

Date of Death:

37 ABY

Physical Description





1.82 Meters


98.4 Kgs





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Purple
Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information
Known masters:
Known apprentices:
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"There is nothing more enjoyable than being right. Unless you count being right and then getting to use the idiot as an experiment"

— Deimos d'Tana 22 ABY

Deimos d'Tana was a Krath Sorcerer of Arcona and Ex Battleteam leader of Shadow Gate. He served with distintion and took part in numerous campaigns that finally resulted in his death at Xlopora city at the hands of a Plagueis Templar.

Character History



There are few things that come out of a tragic past that rarely make a history a good thing to retell but in the case of Deimos d’Tana, formerly Deimos Ravenscroft, it is the tragedy that shaped him into who he is today. For a man to break so far then climb back out was truly a miracle, but some semblance of will remained within him that would not let him give up and never will.

It all began on his home planet of Arkania, a beautiful world full of a species that believed themselves an almost master race. Famed for their geneticists and their work at self-modification it is no wonder the Arkanian’s think themselves better than the rest of the Galaxy and like all the rest Deimos was, at the time, of no exception to the rule. Even as a young man he was brilliant at what he did but then again parts of him were altered at an early age to make this so. A keen researcher into field of Genetics Deimos set his heart on working with the wildlife of his home planet. He had his heart set on being able to restore the declining populations of certain species and save others from the brink of near extinction, in all it was a truly noble goal. Of little real use to his people in the long run but it kept him content.

However as it stands every scientist has their pot of gold they reach for but are never able to obtain, in the case of Deimos it was to bring back from extinction, or at least near extinction as records have yet to be confirmed, the [starwars: Arkanian_Dragon|Arkanian Dragon]. The dragon was a fabled creature from Arkania’s past, a mighty flying lizard that could breathe fire and with scales as hard as diamonds. Though as it stood it had not been confirmed if the species had become extinct or not, there had been a few sightings here and there, Deimos still wished to see the creature take to the skies again. He presumed such work would warrant him a place amongst the top geneticists of his people and it would of, if things hadn’t gone so wrong.

The Offer

After years of failed experimentation the institution funding Deimos’s research cut his funding. Too much money and not enough gain they cited when pulling the plug. He was devastated, he slipped into a slump of self-depression that lasted months. The loss of his project, his baby would not be taken lying down but in truth there was nothing he could do. No one would fund him and even his colleagues at work began distancing themselves from the increasingly unstable man. He lost his wife and began obsessing over perfection, perfection in the flesh, perfection in the mind and spirit. To the point that if nothing was perfect he would lose it and cause a scene. Everything was heading towards the point of him being sanctioned and confined at one of the planets sanatoriums and then it happened like bolt from the blue. He was approached one dreadfully stormy night. A wizened man, stinking of something Deimos couldn’t quite place his finger on, appeared at his door one night. He explained he knew of his past projects and failures and offered Deimos a deal. He would introduce the man to power beyond his ken if Deimos would swear fealty and loyalty to no one but him. He also explained that he had the power to bring back the Arkanian Dragon and he would like Deimos’s help to do so. Deimos, having nothing else left, eagerly signed up to the promises and the man revealed himself to be a Sith Alchemist of some incredible knowledge. Taken aback Deimos approached him warily and confused knowing of the Sith and their place in history but not knowing why one would appear to him. The man, Kyrass, explained that Deimos had an affinity with the force and that is what allowed him in the past to work so well with various creatures presented to him over the years. Wary still Deimos agreed again to be taken on as Kyrass’s pupil and his training began in earnest.

His training was cut short however when out of the blue Kyrass vanished as quickly as he had appeared. Gone one night, no sign of struggle and no comment. Believing his master to have only vanished to acquire more materials for their project Deimos continued the project unabated. Kyrass never returned but not one to give up and striving for perfection Deimos followed his master’s previous instructions to the letter. The creature he had been tasked with working on was a species of big cat. Imported from some off world planet and acquired from a local collector on Arkania. At the time the creature was subdued but Deimos believed he could infuse it with enough Dark Side energy to begin the mutations that would form it into a Sith Spawn. Of course the apprentice knew little exactly what he was attempting to do and during the process the creature came around and attacked Deimos. During the struggle Deimos lost his arm and was clawed from shoulder to stomach but he managed to beat the creature down and finish it off before it caused any more major harm to him.

Drawn by the ruckus the local authorities arrived at the labs that Deimos and Kyrass had been using. Confronted with the mauled Arkanian, the creature and enough tomes and ingredients the authorities had no option but to attempt to apprehend the Dark Side apprentice. However setting off a serious of chemical explosions Deimos vanished into the night and from Arkania completely.


Nar Shaddaa

Some years later he wound up upon Nar Shaddaa and having nothing else to do signed up as a local enforcer for one of the lesser gangs. His skills had been augmented by self-training over the years, and his mauled arm had been replaced by a beautifully crafted cybernetic replacement. He had conducted the operation himself with the support of a hacked medical droid but it worked like a charm. However he had resulted to scarring himself if perfection was not achieved in a task, his frame was gaunt and he kept his hair unkempt and unruly. He looked like a spectre and given his species reputation for knowledge and scientific achievements the gang boss had him working in the drug dens cooking up new variants of death sticks and whatever else the greedy bastard needed.

The problems came when, bored, Deimos began experimenting again with Sith Alchemy. The drugs he began developing started to become with sourced materials that shouldn’t have been anywhere near anything that should be digested or consumed by any species. The death rate of his drugs sky rocketed and it came to a point that it couldn’t be ignored for much longer before the boss came to investigate. Deimos had a silver tongue at the time and was able to convince his beloved boss that anything to do with deaths was somewhere further down the production line. Like a fool the man believed him and Deimos cut back on his experiments for the time being.

The second time Deimos thought to try new things he wasn’t so lucky. The original boss had been killed and the gang taken over by someone that really disliked the Arkanian. Attempting to organise a gang war between his current employer and another of the larger gangs Deimos began supply warped drugs. However the plan backfired when the two gangs talked to each other and worked out who was behind the plan, something Deimos hadn’t been expecting. Worried for his life he fled the drugs then but ended up cornered in one of the side alleys of the lower levels. It all seemed lost when like a bolt from the blue the pursuers were cut down to the last. When the smoke and debris had cleared a man approached him and offered him a job as well as a place in what he called the Dark Jedi Brotherhood; the man was Etah d’Tana. Having nothing else to go for the man again accepted an offer at more power and the chance to hone his skills and become a Dark Jedi.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood


The time at the Shadow Academy passed in a flash. It was painfully obvious to his instructors that Deimos would never be a front line combatant and thus he was taken away from Etah at first to train under one of the Elder Krath. However as time would have it Deimos managed to pick up enough skills with martial weaponry that they allowed him to return to the d’Tana and complete his training. However Deimos knew that upon reaching the position of a Dark Jedi he may have to cut ties with his saviour. In fact he fully expected it as he wished to seek out someone skilled and knowledgeable in the arts of Sith Alchemy to fully train him.

Having partaken in numerous operations with Etah, Deimos began to become complacent. It got to the point that upon one mission they were tasked with recon within an abandoned Sith complex. At this time Deimos held the rank of Jedi Hunter, a position he relished with the responsibilities that came with it. However upon entering the ruins they proceeded to the central chamber where upon a dais sat a normal looking Holocron. Against Etah’s council and his better judgement Deimos approached and attempted to open the Holocron with horrendous results. Darkness engulfed the Arkanian and held him in its grasp for a number of years.

When he finally came around several years had passed. Etah had kept him alive in the d’Tana stronghold and was there within hours of Deimos awakening. The man was shattered inside, his mind was broken into fragments and different personalities began to appear as time went on. He was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and given to the medical staff and some lesser Krath initiates to be worked on to see if they could restore some semblance of normality to the man. It took some time but they managed to restore most of Deimos’s psyche however there was still a split personality issue. One that was the old confident and overzealous Arkanian and the other was…just mad and incoherent at the best of times.

The Crusades

Given an all clear Deimos’s personality issues caused conflict in his new Battleteam and House. He was removed from duty and placed back into care within his old house of Qel-Droma. Over time he recovered and was again put into the field just before the battle of Bhargebba. During the Battle itself Deimos busied himself with various tasks; Experimentation on prisoners, interrogations as well as a final assault on the Mecross Orders Headquarters. From there he moved onto Svolten and Kalsunor. Where between them he survived being shot in the face by Nath Voth, being turned into a strange zombie like creature and becoming lost on a planet overridden by bugs. The crusade itself was not kind on the Dark Jedi Knight and as time passed he slipped into a deeper level of malevolence that extended to using live prisoners of war for his experimentations.

During the Ziost campaign he assumed the mantle of Field General, again, and helped lead the Arconan forces in battle. Though Arcona ultimately lost the Planet and in the end the Crusade he learned valuable lessons about what it takes to be a leader. With the crusade finished he returned to his labs at Port Ol’val and turned his attention to bigger and better things, as well as new apprentice Zenon.

Deimos took part in the campaign to save the Arconae Cythraul, spending hours in the labs keeping the animals alive using his knowledge and skills in Xenobiology. His next move was to head to the planet Bosthirda where he was slain in Xlopora City by ex One sith and Plagueian Templar Ophelia Delacroix.

Force Wraith


Eliza The Fallen Child

  • Name: Eliza
  • Shape: Human Child of About Six Years Old.

Eliza was Deimos's first kill when traveling the galaxy. It was accidental and he regretted it everyday, at least until he found pleasure in killing. He brings her forth as a memory to how it all started.

DJB Facts


Combat Style

Deimos doesn’t partake in combat if he can afford not to. However he has trained in the Makashi lightsaber form is competent enough to survive one on one if need be. His main skills lie in his power over the mind of his enemies. Trained in Mind manipulation, the power of terror and the ability to suppress his foes force powers Deimos strides forward hurling lightning at his foes from a distance as he plays with their mind, either making them carry out his will or simply snapping their mind and having them running in fear. Backed up by his ability to have the foe see illusions, Deimos can make their fears become very real indeed.

Another Aspect of his combat style is that of a Beastmaster. He does not fight alongside his creature instead using it to protect him and find faults in the enemies lines whilst Deimos deploys his own tactics in combat. Due to the naturally high affinity and bond Deimos is able to form he does not have to exert so much power on controlling the creature allowing him the ability to work alongside rather than spending all his time controlling.

Physical Description

A broken example of what he used to be Deimos is tall and lithe. Scarred from head to foot from either the creatures he attempted to work with over the years or from his own hand due to his imperfections Deimos is a sight to behold. Bone white hair cascades down his back and corruption from abuse of the dark side has turned his eyes and skin a pale shade of white. One could almost call him Albino to some degree.

His left hand is entirely missing. In it's place sits a bionic replacement, void of any fake skin. Deimos using it as a reminder to what failure can cause.


Deimos's DJB Robes.
Deimos's Port outfit

The clothes usually match the assignment he is on or the role he is playing but usually he is found nestled inside his Brotherhood robes, ever shifting eyes staring out from amongst the shadows and folds of the hood. His cape drifts around him and his footsteps are echoed by hard heeled boots. His duelling saber strapped at his side for all to see when he wishes them to see, for the Dark Jedi Knight is proud of what he is.


Unpredictable at times would hit Deimos on the head when it comes to her personality, because everything he does he does it with no reasoning as to why he did it or even as to what he hoped to achieve. He could be quite content one minute eating his dinner and the next tearing a chunk our of some poor passer by just because they looked at him.

Despite this Deimos is actually rather quiet, preferring to keep to himself at the best of times. His head buried in a tome or looking over a Holocron or on the training field. Sadistic and cruel he's perfected the art of the lie over the years that you never truly know if what he's saying is fact or fiction and half the time he is unsure himself. If caught in the right mood he's more than happy to join in whatever's going on but sometimes it's safer to poke a rancor with a stick then take a gamble with the madman.

Rude and uncouth Deimos will speak his mind. He will fight back and he will take pleasure in tormenting the weaker willed. However for all his cruelties he truly cares about the creatures he fights besides...and even at times those under his command.


Deimos's Saber.
  • Claustrophobic
  • Hates The Pitch Black
  • Untrusting.
  • Quick To Anger
  • Not Physically Built To Survive Sustained Combat.
  • Prefer's company of creatures over sentient species.
  • Spends most of his time in his lab and if he’s not he likes to talk about experiments.


  • Bullshit
  • Kessel Spice (Only If Ingests)
  • Imperial Scientists

Distinguishing Marks

  • Scars everywhere
  • Bionic Left Hand
  • Strange Smell.


  • Claustrophobic
  • Pitch Black Darkness
  • Confinement

Positions Held

Shadow Gate - XO

Outstanding Achievements

  • Bronze and Silver Novae in his first IG
  • Awarded Grand Cross of the Dark Side
  • Earned 3 top places overall in his first IG.
  • Field General for two phases of the Dark Crusade


  • Awarded The Dark Cross for getting everyone back on IRC after undernet screwed up.
  • Formerly took the name Eclipse at the beginning of his training, however changed this after his return from Nar Shaddaa