Tor Siva

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Tor Siva
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

11 BBY

Date of Death:

30 ABY (age 41)

Physical Description







125 lbs





Personal Information

One Sith


Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Makashi, Juyo

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate, Shadow Fist

Chronology & Political Information

Sith Assassin


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


One Sith

Known masters:

Darth Sinagar

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"The One Sith will save this galaxy, uniting all planets and species under its rule."
―Tor Siva

Tor Siva was a forty-two year old female Nagai who participated in the Nagai's invasion of the known galaxy. Operating under the command of the Dark Lady Lumiya, Tor conducted early reconnaissance operations on the planet of Kinooine and Zeltros. Identified as a Force-sensitive, Tor received rudimentary training from Lumiya until the conclusion of Nagai operations on Saiko. Left to her own devices following the Nagai treaty with the Alliance of Free Planets, Tor traveled the galaxy as a bounty hunter before being recruited in to the One Sith.

Trained to hone he unique skills, Tor adapted quickly to the life of the Sith Assassin. Utilizing a short lightsaber in combination with her Tehk'la blade, the Nagai female rose quickly through the One Sith ranks before assuming the role as Darth Sinagar's apprentice.


Early Life

- born/raised on Nagi

- parents = whatever

- joined military

- trained as warrior

Invasion of the Galaxy

Main article: [[Nagai–Tof War|Nagai–Tof War]]

- based more on Nagai history, with some Tor Siva flavor.


The One Sith

- cover how she joined

- training received

- assassin path

- apprenticed to Sinagar

Krayiss II and Death

- second-in-command of Krayiss II exploration team of One Sith

- worked with her master to uncover the secrets to enter the library-temple

- months spent researching, learning, trying new methods

- breakthrough

- succeed in summoning temple, but left to guard

- battle with Shadow Taldrya and Benevolent Taldrya Whiner on a bluff overlooking the library-temple

- Got dead. Shad stabbed her through the heart with assassin saber

Physical Description

- 5'6, average weight

- voluminous robes - brown with large headdress

-she was both lithe and graceful, a highly-trained assassin.

- Like the rest of her species, she had pale white skin, jet-black hair and sharp feature

- The Nagai looked like the walking dead and it added to her whole crazy Sith Assassin vibe.

Personality and traits

"I shall enjoy killing you. It is so rare that I get a chance to fully engage my targets."
―Tor Siva, before attacking Shadow Taldrya

- cold, emotionless

- her process was based on logic, not passion, despite her Sith teachings

- she was feared by acolytes, and earned a healthy measure of respect from her peers

- her objectives were her life - driven, methodical, devious

- trained in the methods of assassination by One Sith

- One Sith hatred for non-Sith - fully bought into the Sith ideology

- anger towards her master, who was superior in skill and proved that to her time and again

- desensitized to violence and death (war and training), cared little for those under her care

Powers and abilities

"Those Sith friends of yours teach you some special technique? I actually have some 'special' techniques of my own."
―Shadow Taldrya, taunting Tor Siva during their fight on Krayiss II

- telekinetic attack. For a split second it seemed like the gravity around her had been suspended, a momentary calm before the inevitable storm.

- force of the telekinetic blast was explosive

- Elder-level combatant

- Stolen Form (the ability to mimic an opponent's fighting style)

- improved sense surroundings

- Force Disarm (the ability to use the Force to disarm an opponent).

- Makashi/Juyo.

- Fast, but weak.

- Strong in the Force. Telekinesis.

Behind the Scenes

Tor Siva was designed as an NPC character for the first phase of the Dark Crusade vendetta event. She was the assassination objective for the Fiction Event "Target". Basic information was provided by the event and can be found here. Her personality and quotes come from the winning entry of the event, as written by Shadow Taldrya.