Cythraul: Lore

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General information


Planet of origin:


Average lifespan:

Up to 30 years

Physical characteristics
Average height:


Average length:


Hair Color:

White/Gray/Black, often being a mixture of the three

Eye Color:


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Cythraul are semi-sentient canine mammals which hail from the planet Millinar, in the Hapes Cluster. They are given as pups to prominent Arconans who are on their way to earning the Clan Title of Arconae, and having Cythraul is sign as a badge of honour among the Arconans. Their loyalty is unmatched when they form a connection with a force sensitive master.

Cythraul translates roughly in Hapan to “Demon”.


In the time leading up to the war, Sashar joined Marick on a trip to the Hapes cluster. It would be the last mission the two would go on, as it was Marick’s initiation into becoming a True Shadesworn. Their objective was simple: to bring back a pack of Cythraul. Marick had often told his clan-mates of the ferocity, loyalty and efficacy of the over-sized canines, but what really piqued Sashar’s interest was that the creatures seemed to have a pack-bond affinity with Force users. The Hapan had said that once a Cythraul bonds with a Force user, it is a stronger bond than that between parent and child; they would stick with them for life. After exploring the planet of Millinar, the pair were successful, and brought back no less than three pups and their mother and father. However, before the four males could be given to four aspiring members of Arcona, the Tenth Great Jedi War broke out, and with the turmoil that followed, the creatures were forgotten in the bestiary. Only when Wuntila was able to cement his rule was he able to turn his attention to the Cythraul.

The End of the First Pack

The mother of all Cythraul was named Laurian, and she was always taken care of and protect. Due to frequent attacks on the Citadel on Selen, however, the turmoil spilled over into the Felurigade. Laurian was injured defending her territory and grew sick. She would live to deliver two more litters. Realizing the danger of losing the legacy of the Cythraul, Marick returned to the Citadel and took two pups, one male, one female, and brought them to Arx, where they could be raised in safety. In doing so, he furthered the fissure between himself and the Arconae, who already had broken off all association with the former Shadow Lord.

Unbeknownst to Marick, the last of Laurian's pups, the only one to live from the final litter, would be delviered to him by the wishes of Atyiru Ceasura Entar Arconae, a dying gift to the man who had lost his Cythraul and become broken, and was given something else broken to help him heal.

The Second Pack

The Second Pack would come to refer to any Cythraul born on Arx in The Eld forest of Elos Vrai. While they were Cythraul, true, they were not from the First Pack, and so their place remained separate from the history of Arconan Cythraul.


The creatures can grow as large as 1.5 meters tall and over 2 meters long and can reach full size in less than a year. They can weigh anywhere from 110lbs (50kg) up. Their teeth are larger and stronger than a typical canine, and are said to be able to rip right through humanoid bone and flesh with ease. Powerful and athletic, their muscle structure allows them to run swifter than the average human and can jump just as high as three meters vertically. Their paws are padded.

Heightened sense of smell makes them perfect for hunting living game, whether it nerf or human. Their eyes see in gray-scale, so they have little problem hunting at night.

Their fur is dense and they have fluffy winter fur, with short underfur and long, coarse guard hairs. Most of the underfur and some of the guard hairs are shed in the spring and grow back in the autumn period. The longest hairs occur on the back, particularly on the front quarters and neck. Especially long hairs are found on the shoulders, and almost form a crest on the upper part of the neck. The hairs on the cheeks are elongated and form tufts. The ears are covered in short hairs which strongly project from the fur. Short, elastic and closely adjacent hairs are present on the limbs from the elbows down. Usual colourings for the Cythraul vary from white to gray to black, often being mixtures of the three. Their eyes can range from a vast catalogue of colours and do not indicate genetic lineage.

Arconan Cythraul of the First Pack

Marick and Sashar brought home the Alpha male, and one female to be kept in the Feluriaglade for future breeding. The Alpha male had been planned for Zandro, Consul at the time, but after Wuntila assumed the Serpentine Throne and handled the subsequent struggle that ensued in its wake, his Proconsul decided it was time to continue with the plan he and Sashar had set out on what seemed like so many months ago. The other three where given to Marick Arconae, Invictus, and Teroch Erinos. The second litter was given to Sanguinius Tsucyra, Socorra Erinos, and Cethgus Entar on the first anniversary of Arcona's reclanning.

The first litter of Arconan Cythraul

Kilvin (Wuntila)

  • Master: Wuntila Entar Arconae
  • Gender: Male
  • Eyes: Ice Blue
  • Coat: Mixed
  • Personality: Kilvin is the leader of the pack. By his very nature, he is extremely protective of his "pups". Calm and collected, but with a temperament that can erupt at any time, Kilvin is the mirror of his master. Any who push the Alpha male to do so rarely come out unscathed or with their life. Father to Kote, Kira and Ktah, Kilvin is by far the largest of any Cythraul. He is surprisingly quick for his size, however. He has a presence fit of a leader, and a simple baring of his fangs is often enough to put any of the pups in their place. Full grown at the time of their meeting, the Alpha Cythraul showed aggression towards the approaching Wuntila, but after meeting the beast's gaze with his own, the Consul of Clan Arcona strode forward and placed a hand on the wolf's head, placating the feral beast and making him Wuntila's own.
Kilvin, Alpha Male

Kote (Teroch)

('Might/Glory' in Mando'a)

  • Master: Teroch Erinos
  • Gender: Male
  • Eyes: Orange
  • Coat: Black
  • Personality: Kote is the most wild of the three pups. Sashar had picked Kote out as a gift for Teroch before he died. The Cythraul is willful and at times disobedient, yet seems perfectly at ease around his owner. It is also worthy of note that Kote doesn’t seem to get on with his siblings.
Adult Kote

Kira (Marick) - Deceased

('little wolf' in Hapan)

  • Master: Marick Del'Abbot
  • Gender: Female
  • Eyes: Blue, Violet
  • Coat: White
  • Personality: The runt of the litter, and the only female, Kira has a chip on her shoulder to prove herself. Leaner than her brothers, her alacrity ranks higher than any other Cythraul. She has a unique case of heterochromia that makes her left eye a deep blue and her right eye violet. She took right to Marick the second he picked her up, and the Proconsul would have most likely slain any attempting to argue their joining.
  • Status: Deceased

Ktah (Terran)

  • Master: Terran Koul
  • Gender: Male
  • Eyes: Red
  • Coat: Blackish-blue
  • Personality: Playful, yet mischievous and prone to anger, fickle. 'Ktah' is a Cheunh curse that Invictus used in response to the pup's actions, so much so that he thought it was his actual name. Initially bonded to Invictus, Ktah a became an outcast amongst his litter when his bondmate betrayed the Clan and murdered Kira. Kolot, noticing the way his littermates shunned the Cythraul, insisted on taking him in. In time Terran agreed, and grew close to the mischievous, fickle creature. Though initially standoffish, the pair eventually formed a strong Force-bond.

Akua (Socorra)

('Respect' in Olys Corellisi)

  • Master: Socorra Erinos
  • Gender: Female
  • Eyes: Ice Blue
  • Coat: Black with longer white tufts
  • Personality: Akua is the only female of the second litter, but it makes little difference when it comes to the pups as she gets along with all of them equally well. She is extremely hyperactive with an endless pool of energy, running in circles, performing tricks and begging for attention and affection. She has a permanently flopped-over ear, adding to her cute playfulness. The female's shortened name is from “Aa’kua/Respect”, given to her after piddling in excitement on her Master upon first meeting.
Puppy Akua

Nero (Celahir)

("Black" and "Genius" in Italian and Finnish respectively.)

  • Master: Celahir Erinos
  • Gender: Male
  • Eyes: Silvery Grey
  • Coat: Black, Brown and Grey
  • Personality: Nero, taking after his master, is very picky about whom he listens to. Sharing the same stubbornness and quiet arrogance young Celahir used to display, he often reminds his master of his former self. When unneeded he often wanders off, this can be credited to his lone nature. He is however very loyal to his master and therefore always returns to wherever Celahir can be found.
Adult Nero

Zymmal (Legorii)

("Killer" in Entariad)

  • Master: Legorii Kryotek Entar
  • Gender: Male
  • Eyes: Crimson
  • Coat: Grey with touches of obsidian and purest white
  • Personality: More reserved and aloof than the other pups in his litter, Zymmal lacks his siblings' playfulness. Content to observe, Zymmal's eyes, which bear an eerie similarity to those of his master, are piercing. Undistinguished by size or speed, even experienced Dark Jedi are unnerved by the cold cunning and dark machinations that lurk behind the cythraul's sanguine gaze. Though still very young, and at times displaying expected immaturity, Zymmal is generally composed and resolute, matching his master's iron will and self-discipline.
Adult Zymmal

Ivoshar (Atyiru)

("Wind" in Kaleesh)

  • Master: Atyiru Entar
  • Gender: Male
  • Eyes: Pale yellow
  • Coat: Russet-brown and black mix
  • Personality: Steadfastness, nobility, and a streak of sly cunning lie at this hound’s heart. As dynamic as his namesake, always present yet detached, Ivoshar is a complex creature. The intelligent gleam in his bright eyes hints at his aim to ensure the safety of his kin and his family. Unlike his master, he is often much more aloof and serious, and makes up for her lack of self-preservation with his own express protectiveness. He does, however, execute some “controlled mayhem”, as a terribly conniving marauder. When they first met, the Cythraul pup "smiled" wolfishly at Atyiru, and she smiled back. His name is a memento to his master’s deceased Kaleesh friend.
Ivoshar, fully grown

Rowd'e (Nadrin)

("Wild" in Kuati)

  • Master: Nadrin Erinos Arconae
  • Gender: Male
  • Eyes: Pale yellow/Gold
  • Coat: Gold and grey mix
  • Personality: Mischievous, playful and seemingly spilling with energy, Rowd'e is a fair reflection of his master's personality. An extremely inquisitive pup, he is always searching out new things, and then chewing on them which can cause annoyance to some, but endear him to others. Rowd'e is also a very approachable Cythraul, willing to give new people a chance when he meets them, but will hold a grudge if he feels threatened and will defend his master to the death.
Pup Rowd'e


  • Master: Marick Tyris
  • Gender: Female
  • Eyes: Violet
  • Coat: Toasted Marshmallow

Personality: Fela is the last Cyhtraul born of the First Pack. The rest of her litter did not make it, and Fela came into the world underweight, frail, and with a slew of medical complications. In the process of preserving her life, the doctors at the Citadel had to remove one of her legs. She managed to pull through, somehow, and was kept under careful, isolated care until she was ready to be transported to her promised owner, Marick Tyris.

More than simply a runt, she is no larger than the common wolf, making her one of the smallest Cythraul to date. Growing up with only three legs, Fela naturally learned to adapt to her handicap. As she's come to age under the careful eye and training of her master, she is just as quick and agile as any wolf with four-legs. Her smaller frame definitely helps with this, but because of her stunted growth she lacks the same raw power and physical resilience as her siblings.