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Imperial House Isradia
Societal information



Urd Nathen and Tol Rothan

Official language:

Mardorin and Basic

Political Information
Family Leader:

Jonaleth Isradia


Dark Brotherhood

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The family Isradia was born in the Dark Brotherhood. As Dark Jedi they have ties to various clans and houses to which they have sworn their allegiances. However, on there home planet of Vardor, they are part of the Imperial House which seeks to dominate and control an isolationist world that had little interest with galactic politics or issues.

Imperial House Isradia

Motto: “Vae Victus.” – “Woe to the Conquered.”

Legend has it that the House’s founder, a blacksmith named Isradia Maar-Kan from Tol Rothan and member of a native Force tradition, slew a demon serpent to save the town from death, and was thus able to found House Isradia after the gratitude of the people made him their leader.




Important Non-Playable Characters

  • Selena Wrath (Jonaleth's wife)
  • Erickholm Isradia (Jonaleth's estrange twin brother; Jedi)
  • Lothar Isradia (Jonaleth's estrange son; Jedi)
  • Vivian Winter (Jonaleth's estrange half sister; Jedi)
  • Major General Bondsman Michael Lorsan
  • Liana Rochell
  • Isabelle Lutah (Ashura's mistress)
  • Alector Isradia (Ashura's son by Isabelle)


Main article: [[Vardor|Vardor]]

A backwater world from the Galactic Alliance point of view. Vardor is the homeworld of Jonaelth Isradia and is something of a training ground for the Isradia family.

Typical Family Actions/Reactions

Isradia is a fictional family existing within the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Born originally in the Dark Brotherhood of the Jedi, a similarly focused and intentioned but much larger organization, it is now a small unit of friends and skilled writers sharing a unique world within the framework of Star Wars. As much a social gathering as a forum for excellent writing, roleplaying and discussion, the group neither offers nor promises any special privileges or powers in any other group with which it is affiliated, and remains purely and wholly a voluntary forum for those whom find Vardor and its lore compelling, and whom have an abiding interest in writing and roleplaying within the world.


  • "Shattered Light" is the original source document, which contains the full (50 pages worth of) family details, and not the public viewing information shown above. It was created and is maintained by Jonaleth Isradia.
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