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Grey Wolf
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Grey Wolf are a Battle Team led by Savant Caesar. Their direct superiors are Clan Tarentum, but whilst the Clan is mainly aligned to the dark side of the Force, Grey Wolf, as its name dictates, are not aligned to the dark side nor the light, they are somewhere in the middle.


Unit Proposal

Gray Unit - Battleteam: Crew of the Grey Wolf

  • Unit Name: Crew of the Grey Wolf
  • Unit Path: Gray, accepting all gray orders
  • Unit Patron: Rekio Corsair-Tarentae
  • Unit Rivalry: Confirmed with the BTL House Mortis


Upon the conclusion of Reanimated, the broken and ruined Raiju Kang manages to obtain a small collection of mercenaries and loyalists/soldiers. In the aftermath, while Farrin Xies is still setting up his control over the Tarentum military, these individuals manage to commandeer the Huntsman. Members of The Order of the Trident are enraged and embarrassed, given their mission by the newly formed House Mortis to unite all of the missing Tarentum navy. OotT is dispatched to retake the stolen vessel but the resources of the thieves allow them to leave the system unnoticed, in the insuring months a familiar vessel is regularly spotted harassing Tarentum business and Yridian travels but bearing the name the Grey Wolf. The ragtag crew of this vessel is rumoured to have connections to the failed civil war with several of them wielding lightsabers and ramblings of a neutral side of the force, yet the Tarentum military still has yet to make contact with the vessel.

Unit Philosophy

This unit is proposed as a small group of likeminded Tarenti who have either previously declared alignment with the Gray Path or will be adopting this path for their character. Our mission statement will be to provide a home in Tarentum for those who aren't of the dark side and who want to experience a small family like unit - where we will be adopting the unit faction system proposed by Bloodfyre and Rekio. While our hope is to grow this path within Tarentum this specific unit will not seek to grow into a house but rather serve as a staging ground for another gray unit to spawn from with a different theme and once they are established we proposed bringing the two units under the umbrella of a House at that point. (Since not everyone will want to play Firefly) This would mean the new House would form under the bias of an alliance between the two gray units within Tarentum allowing each unit to continue with their established history and themes while the new House can adopt an overarching theme for the two units. Grey Wolf members have a belief that they can balance out the Force and defend Tarentum not by attacking but using defensive moves, to protect and help the Clan, overcome the problems which it occurs taking a stand against, all out war.


While other faction units are being developed with the namesake/patron being involved in the unit adminstration (either as BTL or BTS); Grey Wolf will not be. This is both because our Patron, Rekio, is uncertain of his desires to come back from the rogues at this point Grey Wolf is under new management. With Caesar as BTL and Lev as BTS Fictionally, it is established that Rekio died during the Battle of Northland sacrificing himself for the good of others - an action that the members of Grey Wolf take as an example that perhaps Tarentum has different perspectives than just darkness. Furthermore, due to a failed rebellion in the Yridian population that these people aren’t necessarily against Tarentum - that many Tarentum Consuls in the past had a strong relationship with Yridians and some (Notably Rekio) were actually beloved by the populists. This suggests that perhaps harmony can be established between Tarentum and Yridians again, with a different perspective.