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A'lora Kituri
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Born on the planet Shili, A'lora Kituri is a spirtualistic Togruta. Trained from a sect of Force-users based around the teachings of Shaak Ti, A'lora was taught how to harness the power of the Force. Her special talents as a Seer and Warrior make her well equipped to wage long-standing incursions against the Brotherhood. Her longstanding seclusion has caused her to remain neutral to all major conflicts until her discovery of House Odan-Urr through a vision that led her to Liam Torun. A'lora Kituri currently resides with House Odan-Urr serving the Odanites as a Councillor.

Character History

Origins {11 BBY - 6 ABY}

"I might be a smuggler, but I'm no coward."
―Garess Kelr
Shili, the Togruta homeworld.

A'lora Kituri's origins began many years before her birth. In the years following 11 BBY, Iss'tas Kituri had been renowned for her exceptional and unrivaled skill as a hunter within the pack. Highly distinguished by her unique assortment of akul teeth, pelts and bones from various predators, she had been the tribe's primary line of defense for two decades. A natural leader among Togruta, Iss'tas was both charismatic and devout to the Togruta ideals and beliefs. Often referred to, jokingly among the Togruta as 'Ferocious Akul' among the hunters she led, the name was both meaningful and amusing. The name itself implied that any foe - prey or predator should fear the Togruta woman as much as any akul. Each hunt, Iss'tas would collect only the finest prey, and she stalked her targets with extreme care to their nests, locating other creatures for future hunts. Crimson-skinned, the Togruta would use her natural camouflage to stay hidden until it was time to strike. It was later found that Iss'tas Kituri had been Force-sensitive, and had used these abilities to cloak herself on these hunts. This advantage is also said to have guided her aim while throwing spears at unsuspecting prey.

In 10 BBY, the pack on Shili was found by a spacefaring group of smugglers. Landing their deteriorating freighter Ruby’s Fortune in the midst of this strange culture to avoid pursuing pirates, the smugglers had been welcomed into the pack's vast community. Taken in awe by the arrival of the barely spaceworthy vessel, the Togruta began trading precious akul teeth and valuable skins for the smuggler's illegal cargo of corusca gems. The gems themselves had been one of the many possessions of a less-than-successful Hutt who had ordered the sacking of the freighter in fear of being unable to afford the re-acquirement of his valued gems. In actuality, the skins and teeth had been worth far more to the smugglers, who gladly traded their cargo away to the Togruta.

One such smuggler, a male Twi'lek by the name of Garess Kelr took keen interest in the leader of the pack hunters. For years the former smuggler had returned to Shili, staying among the Togruta and eventually becoming a hunter of the pack. Despite his history as a smuggler, the Twi'lek was a natural hunter, given his natural instincts learned in the former position. Each attempt at courtship had failed for the first two years, resulting more than once in a broken nose. There had been nothing that Iss'tas valued more than strength, agility and experience in the hunt. It was 5 BBY when the pack hunters had caught wind about an akul attack on the outlying settlement. Armed with his trusty blaster - a weapon uncommon among the pack - Garess accompanied Iss'tas to repel the threat. The scale of the attack was unexpected, with only five of the sixteen hunters surviving the akul invasion. During the chaotic battle, Garess had lost his hold-out blaster to the belly of an akul, while the same beast had begun to turn its attention to Iss'tas. Cornered, the Togruta woman's quarterstaff had been ripped from her hands, only to rest at the feet of a horrified Twi'lek. Summoning enough courage to face the nightmarish creature, Garess Kelr had jumped on the back of the beast, the quarterstaff lodged in its spine as it toppled. The brave act of heroism and self-sacrifice in the name of the pack had won Iss'tas' approval, and Iss'tas had later given birth to A'lora Kituri in 6 ABY.

The Beginning 6 ABY - 12 ABY}

"See this tooth? An Akul has many like it. Fools believe that the brave hunt such creatures. Those who tried are all dead."
―Jorm, the Younger
A'lora Kituri, with parents Iss'tass Kituri and Garess Kelr.

After much pain, A'lora Kituri was born on the planet Shili. The infant had been born with lavender skin - a trait inherited from her father and uncommon among the pack. The Togruta child was raised as all Togruta on Shili were—trained from birth to one day follow in her parent's footsteps as a great hunter. Quickly, the young Togruta grew in the large community, eventually becoming old enough to be apprenticed as a hunter.

Her training was intensive for the next five years, each week A'lora would find herself stalking her prey, waiting for the chance to strike from the shadows. She had been taught not only to use quarterstaves, but her natural weapons of montrals and teeth, as well. Thimiars were a common animal upon which the Togruta would prey upon. The small rodents had a bitter taste, but were nevertheless sustaining to the vast population. Encouraged by Iss'tas to hunt these without the need for weapons, the young Togruta would enter their nests using only her sharpened teeth to painlessly hunt the small animals. She was taught to hunt in all of Shili's hunting grounds, including rainforest valleys, savannahs and mountains, where she was expected to adapt to the terrain for weeks at a time.

Unknowingly discovering her unique powers as a Force-sensitive, the young A'lora in her adolescence would use the Force to mask her unique skin colour, changing it from a purple hue to a rust or crimson colour. This helped her blend in to various surroundings, such as the scrublands where her white markings made her nearly invisible among the turu-grass that had been red on one side of the meter-high shoots of grass, and white on the other. This had provided excellent cover in such environments, allowing the Togruta close access to the creatures she hunted.

Sometime around 11 ABY, A'lora Kituri had developed her Force powers to allow her to communicate and empathise somewhat with these creatures. As a result, she would place aside some time to sit in the middle of a grove located in one of Shili's rainforests, meditating so still that she would attract the curious animals. Eventually, she was able to use these powers to ally herself with a select few of these creatures, gaining their trust as they would assist her in the hunt. For a year, she continued this exercise until an akul invaded her grove. Her hollow montrals had only detected the intrusion mere seconds before the predator pounced where she had once been meditating, giving her barely enough time to roll away from the orange-furred creature. After five minutes of a tiring battle, the Togruta had managed to climb on the creatures' back, much as Garess Kelr had once done in tales of his encounter. The creature had tried desperately to remove its opponent from its' back, but to no success as the young A'lora dominated the creatures' mind, sending waves of calming thoughts into its' being. Upon arriving to her pack, her mother, an aged pack leader was surprised by the manner of her daughter's arrival, as was the rest of the pack as they stared at the beast with both apprehension and awe. Hailed as the 'Akul Rider,' A'lora kept the beast as a friend and companion, completely loyal to her until its' death in 20 ABY.

Old Master, New Teachings {12 ABY - 20 ABY}

"Stories tell of a Jedi who urged the resurrection of the Jedi Order long after her demise. That Jedi Master was Shaak Ti."
―Tuka, the Elder, on Shaak Ti's oral histories
A'lora Kituri, mounted on a varactyl

Although deceased, Jedi Master Shaak Ti's teachings were not forgotten. Passing down teachings through stories, legends and oral histories had allowed the Togruta to preserve much of the master's old teachings from before Order 66 forced the remaining Jedi into hiding. A sect of Togruta who remembered the teachings of Shaak Ti searched for those born with the gift to bend the Force, ensuring that Palpatine's Empire did not discover their presence. A'lora joined the sect as a student at Iss'tas' urging in 12 ABY, learning all she could of the Jedi Order that came before through whichever stories and tales survived. It was at this time that A’lora was first aware of her control over the Force. Tales of Jedi and their unnatural abilities were comparable to her own experiences with her tribe, and she started to associate herself with these stories. She learned first how to tame beasts with a thought and later, how to alter her surroundings from another's gaze. However, several stories were lost to time, either being forgotten or confiscated before the denizens of Shili could hear them.

Although this tribal sect could recall much of Shaak Ti's exploits, the elders' knowledge of the Jedi Master's teachings were lacking and left out several of the Jedi Order's core values related to control over one's emotions. Instead, Shaak Ti was remembered as a somewhat brash character of legend, going against her true role in the Jedi Order as a teacher first and foremost. Though she could commune with animals, A'lora found herself drawn to a tree with which she was able to converse as if it were a sentient being. She would not know until later that this being was in fact V'yr Vorsa, a former member of the Jedi Order who took refuge on the planet Shili following Order 66.

Hunting Among the Stars {20 ABY - 28 ABY}

"So long have I looked towards the stars. To hunt among them is to become more than a hunter."
―A'lora Kituri, on leaving Shili.
A'lora Kituri, Jedi Padawan

Before long, Garess Kelr succumbed to the harsh wildlife of Shili. A hunting accident resulted in a venomous sting from a cornered creature, which gave its life in a final act of defiance. Carried back to the tribe on the shoulders of his fellow tribesmen, Garess lived his final hours with Iss’tas and A’lora Kituri - the company provided him with comfort while his life drained. In the end, Garess met his end at the merciful blade of a bone-handled knife once the pain had become too much to bear. A funeral pyre was lit and songs were chanted as his body was sent from one life to the next. The remaining members of his smuggler crew would either remain on Shili for the remainder of their lives or return to the stars. Of those who left was the new captain of the freighter, a Devaronian named Jakar Praxon.

For the first time of her life in 20 ABY, A’lora Kituri was given the opportunity to witness the Galaxy outside of her homeworld, as her father would have wished. She would board the freighter and leave Shili behind. Trading valuables across the skies gave her a glimpse of distant worlds she never knew existed and a new outlook on Galactic life. Although this venture with her father’s crew would last until 28 ABY, she lived it to the fullest. It was then that A'lora began to see the error of isolation in a galaxy fraught with suffering and turmoil.

House Odan-Urr {28 ABY - 30 ABY}

Eli Denan al'Tor: "I sense that the Force is strong within you, but I also sense a lack of purpose. To what, do we owe the pleasure?"
A'lora Kituri: "We all owe it to the Force's will."
―A'lora Kituri and Eli Denan al'Tor meet aboard the YCHT Arthos for the first time

A’lora was drawn to the path granted to her in visions. This had led to a series of hyperspace jumps to distant coordinates supplied to her through dreams, visions and clues along the route her father's crew had once taken. Chartering a shuttle to the mysterious location, A`lora had arrived unexpectedly along a ragtag fleet of older vessels, marked with the insignia of House Odan-Urr. Boarding the YCHT Arthos , the converted temporary mobile command center of the Jedi, A`lora was introduced as a follower of the Jedi cult on Shili, and given command over the militia`s resources; the Melewati Bushfighters, in particular. Her experience with leading hunting parties on her homeworld had made her the perfect candidate for organizing guerilla operations against the Brotherhood and One Sith forces, and these skills carried on into the Seer's first great war - the Dark Crusade.

Dark Crusade {30 ABY - 32 ABY}

"Apetite for war is finite. All conflicts come to an end."
―A'lora Kituri, Jedi High General
A'lora Kituri, Jedi General

The One Sith finally revealed themselves ina massive series of skirmishes against the Brotherhood, carving a swath of devastation for control of the ancient Sith Worlds. After the Brotherhood managed to fend off the initial invasion, the Dark Jedi declared war and began a lengthy crusade to exterminate the One Sith's powerful armies. Seeing that the Brotherhood and One Sith were both locked at each other's throats, High Councilor Liam Torun seized on the opportunity to conduct a guerrilla warfare campaign against both enemies, appointing A'lora Kituri as a Jedi General during the conflict. While the two factions were too powerful for the Jedi to openly oppose, the guerrilla campaign proved quite successful, resulting in many casualties and the salvaging of essential supplies and military equipment to strengthen House Odan-Urr.

Months had passed, along with many planets before the Jedi were able to slow the Brotherhood`s advance to a crawl. Depleted of resources, the Clans had lost their apetite for war, and returned to Brotherhood space to recover. Celebrated as a victory, the Jedi had begun preparations to cleanse these planets of Sith corruption, which would have taken years. As she would eventually find out, that fragile moment of peace was not to last.

Fall of a Mad King {32 ABY - 32 ABY}

"“You have great feelings of hatred... Even fear. Is something on your mind, Torun?”"
―A'lora Kituri, soothing the High Councillor following the Renewal of Hope campaign.
A'lora Kituri, in warrior's garb

Returning to the world Haven, the Jedi had begun preparations to launch a counterattack to Cy Thuron`s monarchy, and liberate New Tython from his iron grip. Serving as a staging point to regain resources and train the Tythonian population to join the militia, Haven was a dangerous world in its own right, but was nonetheless peaceful, serving their purposes well. Having been that the hyperspace coordinates were located through the mysterious Force by Liam Torun, it was nearly impossible to discover by anyone without the data stored within the High Councillor's navicomputer. In order to gain the proper supplies to arm the militia, A`lora had staged a successful attack on the corrupt Governor Garon, who planned a war against the Galactic Alliance in response to the restrictions on defense and military power. The covert battle on Talus was fought with utmost secrecy on both sides. Eventually, Garon was killed in his private offices, following a threat on a hostage's life.

Rallying to rearm the militia with the newly-won resources from Garon's secret military resistance, A'lora was charged with ensuring the safety of the Tythonian refugees, as reports of wildlife attacks and sickness-related deaths became more frequent. Using her skills as a hunter, she would patrol New Menat's perimeter to ward off predators who came too near. She also hunted a few of these animals for much-needed food and supplies as they were needed. Upon the arrival of Evant Taelyan, former intelligence and military leader of Scholae Palatinae, A'lora was tasked alongside Evant Taelyan and V'yr Vorsa to guide a caravan through the dangerous forests, towards a mountain range named the Spine, a major source of a valuable ore that might be traded for supplies or later refined for use on New Tython.

With a stockpile of war material and an able-bodied militia at attention, the Knights of Odan-Urr ultimately returned under the leadership of A'lora Kituri and Liam Torun to reclaim New Tython from Cy Thuron's monarchy. Leading the main assault, A'lora Kituri served as a general for the last time in a struggle to liberate Menat Ombo - the seat of power in Cy Thuron's kingdom. With an army of Harakoans freed by the combined efforts of the Knights of Allusis and Strike Team Ooroo at her back, A'lora Kituri decimated the oppressive military force from the frontlines. In the aftermath of Cy Thuron's inevitable defeat at the hands of Liam Torun, she continued to maintain the peace and harmony that once flowed through the planet. Ultimately, she discovered a former Councillor going under the alias of Izanami Kurai, a pirate from the Outer Rim formerly known as Akhera Nol. Disappearing in search of the former Aedile of Odan-Urr for a two week period, A'lora uncovered knowledge that would eventually lead to a better understanding of the Jedi.

Fading Light {32 ABY - 32 ABY}

"There is a blindness that prevents the Jedi from fulfilling their purpose. I will see this Brotherhood to its downfall, no matter the cost."
―A'lora Kituri, speaking to Liam Torun on the Jedi's purpose.
Odan-Urr assembled, during the Eleventh Great Jedi War

Months later, the Knights of Odan-Urr would return to Sith Space to continue the war against the Brotherhood and One Sith presence. It was in this time that A'lora, having received a vivid Force vision, recognized that the Jedi had become too militaristic in their actions. Failing to see past their mission in the name of "liberation," Liam Torun had lost sight of what the Jedi once were - defenders of peace. Faced with a maelstrom of conflict after the events that took hold on Begeren, A'lora Kituri shunned the Summit, focusing her efforts towards the will of the Force. While acting independent of the Summit, A'lora would find herself remaining within Sith Space, as an agent sworn to the will of the Force.

Togruta culture frowned upon individuality, and therefore A'lora Kituri broke her culture's traditions when venturing into Sith Space alone. Her difficulties in making unanimous decisions resulted in a complete reliance on the Force to provide guidance. Building a devotion to see the Brotherhood cleaned of darkness through the war, she went to lengths some would call overzealous to bring about the Brotherhood's end. Rather than seeking liberation for a lost cause, she seen a need to expunge the Sith menace through whatever means possible. This over-reliance on the Force to guide her every move led her to be entirely confident in the role she believed she was fulfilling, holding no regrets or mercy towards those who would seek to prevent her from completing her task.

The Eleventh Great Jedi War {32 ABY - 32 ABY}

"The enemy of my enemy needn't be a friend, but a bludgeon that can be turned against them."
―A'lora Kituri, referring to Esoteric.

Chaos split the Brotherhood in two when Muz Ashen attempted the Final Way to gain immortality. A'lora seen the Jedi as fools for following a Sith into battle against what they believed to be the greater evil. Once again casting aside the Disciples of Odan-Urr in order to follow her own direction, A'lora Kituri sought out the One Sith armies, and join them against the Brotherhood. The Force had her believe that in siding with the One Sith, together they would be able to destroy Muz Ashen before the Rite of Immortality was completed. In a vision, she 'seen' the possible outcome of Jac falling to the Lion of Tarthos, being too weak to finish his foe and cast aside an old friend. Esoteric was to her, the perfect candidate for bringing an end to Muz Ashen's reign of malice. However, her actions had brought her a step closer towards the darkness, if even for a moment. Although still a practitioner of the Light Side of the Force, she was forced to act alongside those who used rage as their fuel for battle.

In the end, her visions matched that of the actual outcome of the conflict, although showing a different side to it. Jac was not strong enough to kill Muz Ashen when the two crossed blades on the battlefield, but where her vision faded to nothingness, Muz Ashen chose to spare Jac's life. The Lion of Tarthos disappeared, his rule ended with the stroke that killed Tarax and Esoteric stood victorious. As foretold, the triumph of the One Sith would not bring bloodshed to the Jedi of Odan-Urr, instead the Brotherhood, as they knew it, was ended; Darth Pravus rose to take over the ashes and rebuild the Brotherhood according to his own plan. Esoteric turned out to be no more than the purpose A'lora used the One Sith for - a tool and a means to an end.

Clan Odan-Urr {32 ABY - 33 ABY}

"The Brotherhood as it was known is scattered to the Force. The Lion, vanquished. I have forseen it."
―A'lora Kituri, victorious on witnessing the disappearance of Muz Ashen from the Iron Throne.
A'lora Kituri, Turel Sorenn and V'yr Vorsa

Finally, with her purpose being fulfilled, A'lora Kituri was free to follow the will of the Force, having forgotten how to trust her own judgment. Seeking to rebuild the Jedi's foundations after the collapse of a scrambling Brotherhood, the Force carried her back to lead the Disciples of Odan-Urr as a legion with renewed strength to fight back against the darkness. Reforming into the first Clan to follow the Light Side of the Force, it would be a time for change and new challenges; challenges that would test the Disciples of Odan-Urr to their limits as her visions held their focus.

Tides of Change {33 ABY - 34 ABY}

A'lora Kituri: "I believe the Force has lead us to this point for a purpose. I may not agree with many of your clanmates, but the Force guides me"
Atyiru Caesura Entar: "Then let the drawing of the Magical Friendship Concordat really begin!"
―Dajorra-Yhi Concordat is signed

Turel Sorenn first introduced A'lora Kituri to Atyiru Caesura Entar, who was instrumental in establishing the first alliance between Clan Odan-Urr and Clan Arcona in the Dajorra-Yhi Concordat. Witnessing the fall of Sanctuary and later, the extermination of "undesirables," both leaders sought to change the tides against the O'reenians and Darth Pravus' Brotherhood, driving back the former but remaining vigilant against the latter. It became evident that the conflict surrounding the undesireables needed a larger force of allies to band together and thus, the White Lotus was formed as an extension of the alliance.

A'lora Kituri herself followed Sentinel Network intelligence and her own visions to thwart the Brotherhood at each corner. This, in turn, planted a target on the Togruta's head as a threat to the Brtoherhood's new objectives. From this time forward, she realized the dangers involved in being made visible and undefended, lest the Brotherhood send their assassins to remove Odan-Urr's leadership.

Between Light and Dark {34 ABY - 34 ABY}

Edgar Drachen: "I just wish she would be more forward about telling us what she ‘sees’ in these visions."
Turel Sorenn: "Sometimes, we’re better off not​ knowing."
―Edgar Drachen and Turel Sorenn discuss the High Councillor's absence from the Battle of Florrum
A'lora Kituri and Turel Sorenn discuss Odan-Urr's involvement in the Vatali Empire with Empress Kaltani Anasaye

Under Darth Pravus, the Dark Jedi fell in line beneath the authority of his command. Donning the mantle had given him absolute control over the Dark Council, after torturing his former Herald, V'yr Vorsa before her escape. On returning to the Jedi, she was given little time to warn Odan-Urr of a Brotherhood attack, aimed with the sole purpose of turning the seas to glass. Aabsdu Dupar, despite being di Plagia, attempted to convince Pravus to spare the planet before being put into his place. The Brotherhood fleet decimated the surface, targeting Menat Ombo, the Arca Praxeum, and a host of other facilities before continuing the bombardment. The Jedi were believed to have perished on the surface, or scattered to the winds. In the aftermath, A'lora allowed Mar Sûl to lead a team in boarding the *Despoiler*, a shuttle holding Pravus' favorite treasures from New Tython to recover Solari's fragments.

Now marked enemies of the Brotherhood, the Jedi once again banded together to gain support from "undesirable" factions on Florrum. However, their efforts were intercepted by Plagueis forces and a retreat was called for, leaving with just a handful of refugees. After their defeat at the hands of their enemies, the Jedi once again disappeared—this time for several months, and outside of Brotherhood space.

Homecoming {34 ABY - 34 ABY}

Jo Mizu: "What should we call it?"
A'lora Kituri: "What else would we call home?"
―A'lora Kituri, on naming the new Arca Praxeum

Becoming separated from A'lora Kituri shortly after the battle on Florrum, Clan Odan-Urr made for the Nilgaard System, far from Pravus' stranglehold and outside of his domain. Eventually, his attention wavered and the Jedi were no longer considered a threat—more a nuisance. A'lora Kituri, on the other hand, travelled through Brotherhood space with the Inquisitorious tracking her movements in order to give the Jedi time to leave without drawing attention. With the secret aid of Morgan Sorenn, her tracks were covered and she regrouped with Odan-Urr in the Kiast System.

Empress Kaltani Anasaye had arranged for a meeting with the High Councillor on the capital, extending shelter in exchange for Odan-Urr's assistance in removing the system from all star charts, navigations and routes; a fortress of secrecy and inaccessibility was erected around the system to deter incursions against the Brotherhood or First Order. Formerly allied with the New Republic, the Vatali Empire sought to cut ties after the destruction of Hosnian Prime and turned to Odan-Urr for assistance. As a result, Odan-Urr was given place among the Vatali as citizens.

The Inquisitorius {35 ABY - 35 ABY}

"I won't let you place yourself in danger needlessly, but if I need to follow you to the ends of this galaxy, then so be it."
―V'yr Vorsa
A'lora Kituri, on the run from the Inquisitorious

Looming from the shadows stood the threat of Pravus' Inquisitorius. A'lora, knowing full well that she would be undoubtedly marked for assassination, fled Kiast to wage her own battle against the Brotherhood and to lead them off the scent of the Vatali homeworld. Followed by V'yr Vorsa—who wished to ensure that her companion did not succumb to the dark side of the Force—she found herself traversing Brotherhood Space, breaking Pravus' plans wherever she could, drawing the attention of his most skilled trackers. Eventually, she joined with V'yr Vorsa, who invited her aboard the Tortoise as she eluded the Inquisitorius' assassins.

Eventually, her trackers had been recalled to the Brotherhood's new capital, Arx, following the directive of the Brotherhood's latest Grand Master, Telaris "Mav" Cantor. Those who still believed the former High Councillor to be a danger to the Brotherhood, or retaining loyalties to the disappeared Grand Master Darth Pravus, continued in pursuit, now excommunicated from the Inquisitorius' ranks.

Her hunt continued in earnest for a time, living on as a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse. With the would-be assassins acting of their own accord, the Togruta eluded their efforts all while reversing her role as the hunted. Now the hunter, and with the blessings—or rather, a silent nod—of the Brotherhood's Voice, A'lora dismantled the efforts of her traitorous tails with the assistance of V'yr Vorsa and was freed to pursue her own newfound goals.

Seeker of Lost Knowledge {35 ABY - 35 ABY}


"This place... it is strong in the Living Force. I can feel it."
―V'yr Vorsa

Freed from wandering as a fugitive, A'lora Kituri's lust to see the Brotherhood crumble faded behind a willingness to seek and teach the secrets of Jedi sects long thought lost. Following a newfound belief in rekindling these old teachings in the mentorship of younger generations of Jedi, she re-united herself with her former Councillors of Odan-Urr to take on the responsibilities she had neglected during a tumultuous war against Darth Pravus' New Order. Entrusting her Neti companion, V'yr Vorsa, to the continued monitoring of her emotions, the Togruta struggled at times to let go of past transgressions and to focus instead on what lie ahead.

For a time, the two travelled to locate the ancient temple of a Force-using civilization, whose energies had formed a Nexus of force energies contained in a shallow pool. The knowledge and scriptures found within on the walls formed the basis of an understanding that led to the investigation of the Velestari Temple—a former teaching center on Kiast for those gifted with Force abilities. Shortly thereafter, A'lora began teaching in earnest at the Jedi Praxeum on Kiast and collected a reputation as a harsh instructor with little room for patience.

Teacher of Lost Knowledge {35 ABY - Current}


As Arx fell under siege, A'lora Kituri found herself on an LAAT/i gunship to the planet's surface. What was once a symbol of the Dark Council's iron will and control over its denizens now became littered with the scars of battle. Wandering the smoldering wreckage of the Brotherhood's crown jewel, A'lora found herself on her own path to settle old scores. Encountering the remaining vestiges of Darth Pravus' rogue inquisitors, A'lora had come across another relic of another time — the last remaining colonies of New Tython, settled on Arx as civillian refugees. For how long these people have lived under the Brotherhood's rule, she hadn't known; nor was she aware of the nature of their arrival. As it turned out, these refugees were of a varied background — while some were indeed refugees, smuggled on-world, others were indeed citizens of Arx with their own families. With a newfound understanding, A'lora led those who wished to flee the battle to an awaiting hoversled, which brought these final refugees to the safety of the Odan-Urr fleet above Arx. After the battle was ended, it was left to the denizens of Arx to decide whether to be taken to Kiast and reunited with their people, or to live their lives on Arx, where many had established their lives and families.

Among those rescued and returned to Kiast was a teenaged Mirialan girl, who at one time might have been considered too old to be trained as a Jedi Knight. However, possessing little attachments following the bombardment of New Tython and left without family, A'lora Kituri took on the girl as her own Padawan. Oriana was the girl's name, and so A'lora began teaching the Padawan in the ways of the Jedi of old — teachings dating back to the High Republic. In her training alongside the other Padawans, Oriana formed few friendships, given that she was delinquent with little respect for instructions. Indeed, most considered the young Mirialan unsuitable for training as a Jedi Knight and she tested her master's patience and short temper more often than not. It wasn't until she began to attend training with A'lora's longtime friend and mentor V'yr Vorsa that she grew closer with one of her fellow students in a sibling-like manner; a Miralukan Padawan by the name of Larun — younger than Oriana and shy, but the Mirialan grew a fondness for the Neti's Padawan. Perhaps, their bond was due to their own distinct status as the "outliers" in the Praxuem, or rather their lack of friends. Whatever the case might have been, Oriana watched over the Miraluka as if an older sister to the younger Padawan.

Physical Appearance

A'lora Kituri, on Kiast

On the surface, A'lora Kituri is as ferocious as she is beautiful. Encased in pure white flesh, the hollow protrusions of her montrals, are shorter than average for her species. Framing fierce - yet attractive - features, her lekku are decorated in a mesmerizing pattern of blue stripes which extend to her montrals, forming dark cerulean caps at their summit. Lavender-skinned with white markings, her skin takes on an exotic shade for her species and serves as camoflage in certain environments.

Maintaining a lithe but muscular figure lends to her boundless athletic talent. Well-toned and muscular, she is able-bodied with a curvacious figure that could easily be mistaken for that of a dancer than a warrior. Standing at a slightly less than average height for her species, her montrals still make her taller than the females of most other species and thus make her less able to blend into a crowd of other near-Humans.

Her savage nature is most evident in her darkened face. Prominient upper cheekbones and angular brows contribute towards a fierce and almost intimidating appearance, hinting at a lifetime bent on survival. Deep-set amber eyes provide a stark contrast to otherwise striking features, being constantly shadowed within their sockets. Stained several shades darker than her skin, her thin lips are a deep shade of violet than the rest of her face. Combined with a natural pattern of white markings covering most of her face, her devotion to the life of a warrior-seer is unmistakable, even to the most unpracticed gaze.


Sharing a deep connection with her surroundings has made A'lora Kituri forego the traditional Jedi robes in favour of lighter and less restrictive attire than traditional Jedi clothing. Handcrafted, her preferences are towards garments tooled from raw, natural cloth, oftentimes minimalist in form and function and sometimes considered "immodest." These articles are tight-fitting as to not become a hindrance while performing acrobatic maneuvers. As a result, her usual attire is far more revealing than standard tunics and are best suited towards lush, forested terrain. Alterations can conform her wardrobe to her surroundings, adding furs, leathers, ivory, and even bronze to the ensemble.

Philosophies and Beliefs

Force Beliefs

Once a student under the tutelage of Shaak Ti's teachings, as recorded in stories, tales and legends, A'lora Kituri formed a fragmented understanding of the Jedi Order and its teachings. Without a true Jedi instructor, her reliance on oral legends left out several of the Jedi Order's most basic values. Of her deviations from the Jedi Code, the most recognizable shows when she is engaged in battle and a primal ferociousness guides her actions. While the techniques she had learned from these stories allow for little physical manipulations in her environment such as through telekinesis, the coherent ones have allowed her the ability to create intricate illusions designed to fool the most observant individuals. Although a rare talent, A'lora Kituri has mastered the gift of farsight to see and act on the distant future. Believing these visions to be the Will of the Force, as she understand it, she holds an unshakable devotion to following their messages.

Togruta Beliefs

A'lora Kituri has a strong sense of unity and togetherness, a quality inherited from her homeworld, Shili. On her native homeworld of Shili, the pack relied on each other and would band together to take a stand against the massive monsters that hunted them, staving away Akul attacks as well as any predators that would occasionally wander too close to their territory. A'lora is known within House Odan-Urr for her habit of not wearing shoes when in lush environments, believing that the land was spiritually connected to the Togruta, and wearing shoes severed the bond between herself and the land. In addition to her beliefs, A'lora often thinks of her House as a pack. In Togruta custom, within a pack every able Togruta was expected to contribute his or her own share, to the betterment of the pack, where each individual is treated equally. Togruta were also known for their belief that those who could not keep up should be left to fend for themselves, because that is nature's way. This belief was abandoned when she became involved with Master Shaak Ti's teachings, and replaced with a devotion towards helping the helpless.


V'yr Vorsa


Councillor V'yr Vorsa has remained the Togruta's greatest companion throughout her time within Odan-Urr. The Neti's presence in the Living Force has linked itself to A'lora through a deep connection shared in their similar environments. As attuned to nature as the Shili-born Togruta, this common ground formed the basis of a long friendship between the two Jedi. Both were rooted within the Living Force as beings connected to everything around them; A'lora's tribal upbringing and Vorsa's plant-like appearance cemented their awareness to nature. While at first, Vorsa seen the young warrior-seer as little more than a child, she has grown closer to the Togruta, seeing her fellow Jedi as a sister. As a general, Vorsa has proven herself with a talent for resolving issues of command and a staunch combatant when called upon to aid A'lora in matters of leadership. Over time, these bonds have strengthened to the point of the two being completely synchronized on the battlefield, their movements and complicated maneuvers intertwined without so much as a transferred thought.

Despite these similarities and connections, the two have shared disagreements on multiple occasions. Headstrong in her devotion to the Force's will, A'lora had been known to follow her visions with little regard towards the Neti's advice on matters that have been foreseen. Ultimately, this led to the two being separated on two sides of the same conflict during the Eleventh Great Jedi War, where A'lora Kituri sided with Esoteric and Vorsa with Jac Cotelin.

Turel Sorenn


Turel Sorenn took V'yr Vorsa's place at A'lora's side as Proconsul after the Neti left as the Grand Master's Herald. While she understands Turel's strengths and her need to have his guidance in Vorsa's stead, the Jedi has become something of a nuisance in her leadership. Possessing the innate talent of stripping her of all patience, he remains one of the few to have ever drawn the Togruta's full wrath more than once—often in the form of blackened and bruised features. She despises his presence whenever a sarcastic comment leaves his mouth, but values his valour on the field of battle and devotion to his Clan.

Atyiru Caesura Entar


Atyiru Caesura Entar, now deceased, was one of A'lora's most trusted friends outside of Clan Odan-Urr. Having been introduced to the Ashla and Bogan-worshipping Miraluka through Turel Sorenn, the two formed a friendship from a written bond—the Dajorra-Yhi Concordat. Building off this alliance, the two had grown to trust one another, having faith in each other's motives and abilities. Since their first time meeting aboard the NSD Invicta for the negotiations of the alliance, A'lora has gravitated ever closer to following certain Arconan values. She has learned much from Atyiru that has aided in making Odan-Urr a formidable opponent against the Brotherhood's might, returning the favour with her own advice.

However, as professional as their friendship might seem, A'lora cannot see past the Consul's unwavering smile, even when hard-pressed into the worst circumstances. As a result, a lot of the Arconan's mischievous tendencies confuse A'lora, seeming as little more than nonsensical outbursts of joy. While this can wear on the Togruta's patience in a formal setting, it has never sparked an outward show of annoyance.