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The Dark Jedi Brotherhood Wiki is a informational and historical repository for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. A rich vein of information on the characters, locations, ships and more of the Brotherhood can be found here. Members new and old alike are welcome to plumb the depths of knowledge contained within.

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The current Dark Brotherhood year is 35 ABY

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May 2017 - Ka Tarvitz


Ka Tarvitz is a Human male and a recent addition to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Sired by Alderaanian survivors, he was raised by the Jensaarai and taught their ways, serving first as an Apprentice and then a Defender. Despite being a devoted believer in their teachings, he proved to be extremely reluctant to draw upon the raw aggression which balanced the Light against Dark, and constantly questioned their insular role within the universe.

Eventually joining several like-minded Defenders, he set out to visit a number of distant worlds to return with word of rumoured galactic events which could threaten them. This, combined with their self-appointed role of recovering lost Jedi relics, eventually brought him to the worlds ruled by the Brotherhood, and into conflict Clan Odan-Urr while investigating New Tython's destruction. Despite their initial hostilities, upon realising the threat which beset the Jedi, Tarvitz quickly pledged himself to their service. Honing his abilities under the guidance of Edgar Drachen, he proved his worth to the Clan and currently stands at the rank of Knight.

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