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The Dark Jedi Brotherhood Wiki is a informational and historical repository for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. A rich vein of information on the characters, locations, ships and more of the Brotherhood can be found here. Members new and old alike are welcome to plumb the depths of knowledge contained within.

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The current Dark Brotherhood year is 35 ABY

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November 2017 - Nancora


Nancora Prime is a barren, terrestrial planet located in the Nancora system on the eastern edge of the Outer Rim. It is a small industrial planet with a surface scorched by a dying red star. Today it is one of the bases of the The Collective.

Nancora, once a powerful industrial world, has turned barren over the last several millennia as its sun slowly shifted into its red giant phase. Once, during the time of the Old Republic, it was a world full known for its natural resources. A world of industrial complexes, huge cities, soaring skyscrapers and a booming population. However, as the centuries went on its sun had expanded rapidly, pushing the habitable zone with it and vaporizing what little surface water there remained on the planet. Plant and animal life crumbled and civilization eventually with it, its cities left abandoned and crumbling. Warm breeze turned to dust storms and pleasant sunshine into unbearable heat. Once filled with beautiful cities, the surface turned into a wasteland, forcing those survivors that could to leave while others built shelters underground.

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