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Selika (Slagar)
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April 22, 1982(1982-04 -22 ) (age 36 )


Palo Alto, CA


Santa Rosa, CA

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6' 2"





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Speech & debate coach

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This is for the RL person behind Selika Roh. For the character, see Selika Roh.

Selika (also known as Slagar) is the current Wiki Tribune.


Selika Roh - Active character. Krath sorcerer that includes many personality elements modeled after Alfred Bester from Babylon 5, especially in how she values Force users compared to the rest of the population.

Solus Gar - Trying to pull off somebody that's a Mando and not do it stupid. He went active in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in 30 ABY, following the retirement of another character.

Xander Drax - A former Imperial Admiral, this fellow was a relic of the Emperor's Hammer days and the Tie Corps. After being used for a good long time, he was finally retired from use via character death as the new year tolled in 30 ABY. He was a fun character, but his time had come as he had too much baggage back story wise. He has since been used as a recurring antagonist in Clan Plagueis stories.

RL Stuff

Selika is a long standing member of the Dark Brotherhood, though not one who's spent most of that time actually active in the Brotherhood. Originally joining back in 1998, he stayed active through sometime prior to the existence of the Database and then went off to the Rogues. Following the Database's creation, he rejoined the Brotherhood as part of Clan Taldryan, and stayed active there until the Exodus. Having never been terribly active within the Brotherhood community specifically, and being very active in several other subgroups (Bounty Hunter's Guild, Imperial Senate, Tie Corps, etc), he chose to stay with the Emperor's Hammer.

Following the continuing deterioration of the Hammer, Solus eventually rejoined the Brotherhood in fits and starts. His activity was never huge, but following his expulsion from the Hammer he picked up some what. Following a time spent focusing on online Role Playing sims, he eventually returned and devoted his full attention to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in 2008.

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