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Caleb Sal
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12 ABY

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1.93 meters


78.8 kilogams





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Birth and Early Years

Core name 'Caleb Sal' was born on Serenno and given the Chiss name 'Cal'ebsal'othon'. Caleb was mostly brought up by his mother and his appointed tutor who was also a Chiss. Calebs life was very secluded, he spent most of his free time alone outside sitting and watching the wildlife to the displeasure of his father. His father was a wealthy man, however it never occurred to Caleb to ask where his money came from as the credits did not seem to come from any obvious work he was doing. Caleb spent his years trying to please his father but to Calebs frustration the only interest his father had in him was that of his education path.

At the age of 8 Caleb stopped trying to gain his fathers attention and instead spent his time talking with his tutor who had become his father figure. His tutor taught him many things and would often take him out of his home so he could see the world for what it was. Often making him focus on listening to the world as it was.

Force Sensitive

Calebs first sign of Force sensitivity was at the age of 10 and it was his tutor that noticed it. During one of his educational excursions Caleb was taken to a military range to see the use of Blasters. Persuading his tutor to let him try a blaster on the range Caleb hit every target and knocked it down with deadly accuracy except the last one which to everyones surprise managed to hit the floor without even being touched by blaster fire. Upon realising what had happened his tutor swiftly took him home and then disappeared on business. Caleb was left alone for months with only his mother for company, naturally his father was furious when he found out the tutor was missing as it would cost him a large amount of money to find another Chiss who would want to tutor a boy such a Caleb.

After many months his tutor returned with a friend, a hooded figure who called himself Jedi. The Jedi wanted to take Caleb away to train him, Caleb responded with eagerness But his family did not to Calebs surprise his father would not allow it often referring to the Jedi as "scum". This went on for weeks The Jedi stayed nearby until one day Caleb decided that he would not have his hand forced by his father who had shown no interest in him for years, So he wrote a note to his mother expressing his love for her and explaining why he was running away, with the promise of return. Then he left and found the Jedi telling him that he wanted to be a Jedi and swearing his families consent. After much deliberation Caleb was taken by the Jedi and they left.

Death of a Jedi

On their journey to begin Calebs training however their transport was hailed by a Sith who had been tracking the Jedi, with the Jedis prolonged stay on Serenno it was all too easy to find him. The Sith offered the Jedi his life aslong as he would trade Caleb for himself. The Jedi refused causing their transport to come under attack, resulting in the tragic death of the Jedi. Now lost and alone Caleb began in his journey to find someone who would train him to become a Jedi...

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