Ragath Bain

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Ragath Bain
"Shok Muyel"
Biographical Information

Barab I

Date of Birth:

3 BBY (age 51) , Barab I

Physical Description

Barabel with Yuuzhan Vong personality



Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Ragath Bain was a male Barabel born on Barab I. Like many young Barabels, he was eager to escape his homeworld and pursue a life among the stars; but, again like many Barabels, his temperament limited his long term prospects. Unable to get himself accepted by so-called "civilised society", Ragath instead turned to the fringes and a life of crime, joining the criminal syndicate Black Sun as a low level enforcer. Come 24 ABY, when the New Republic got hold of the codes needed to track down thousands of Black Sun agents across the galaxy, Ragath managed unconsciously to use his "special talents" to evade arrest.

When the Yuuzhan Vong struck the following year, Ragath thought his salvation had come with the Republic too distracted to continue tracking him. However, when the extragalactic invaders began to enslave whole worlds, he began to realize life was going to get a whole lot worse. That was when he ran into Omancor Crask. The self-styled Jedi Lord and General recognized Ragath's skills for what they were--the Force-- and offered him a place alongside him as one of his Jedi Crusaders. Ragath became a Jedi Knight and fought alongside the other crusaders against the Vong, at the same time all too aware of the true battle Crask was preparing them for. Until that time, though, Ragath toured the Outer Rim in search of further apprentices to recruit.

It is difficult to say whether Ragath would have been better had he returned to Antei earlier and died in the war against the Sith, but that was not to be. Instead, towards the end of 29 ABY, while returning to the Crusaders' staging post in the Metal Green Sector just off the Hydian Way, Ragath's shuttle was captured by remnant forces from the now fallen Yuuzhan Vong Empire. The Jedi was taken to the Voice of Agony, where he was greeted by the two Vong conspirators Eckla Muyel and Niiriit Phaath. He was strung up on an Embrace of Pain and subjected to all manner of sadistic torture, the Master Shaper "reshaping" his body with a host of alien biots.

Ragath resisted the endless mutilations far longer than most of the other Jeedai captives who had been brought aboard the vessel. However, in the end, even the stubborn Barabel ultimately yielded, pledging himself to the "True Gods" and swearing allegiance to Eckla as her private guard. His will broken, the new bodyguard took the name Shok Muyel, having forgotten all about his former life.