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Exodus era.New Order era.
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2/6/6 ABY

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2.06 meters


124.74 kg




Red and Yellow

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  • Red
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Clan Vizsla



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Character History

Another descendant from the Keibatsu line, a deposed family from the backwater feudal planet of Kyataru. Shimura grew up on the planet of Iridonia, the homeworld of Zabraks. He grew up by the name of Xhedias, all traces of him being part of the Keibatsu had been unknown to him. He was tremendously skilled with blades at the young age of five, his moderate connection with the force made him a prime target for many of the Empire's Dark Adepts looking to eradicate him.

Unrevealed Child

Meishu Keibatsu, brother to Shinmen, he was in love with the half Zabrak girl next door, Melena. Not only was his reason for staying home from the war of weak lungs, but because he could not bear to leave his love behind. Their love for each other remained a secret because of the disapproval of interracial love. Meishu had fathered his child Daijo without knowledge, his untimely death to his brother's hands would only be two weeks later.

Once Melena had learned of her lover's death she felt such sorrow, grief and remorse. No longer able to stand the place she was once happy, she left Kyataru to live with her mother on Iridonia. She gave birth to her son, Daijo, months later, living the remainder of her life mothering her son on Iridonia.

Daijo was a tall and incredibly strong Zabrak, most of his life he had trained ritually to attain his goal since he had been a child, to be someone, to become the chief of their clan. His mother did not like the idea of it but she let him be his own person, she knew how bad he wanted it so thus she stepped aside. During his late twenties he had shown many things to the current but venerable chief, he had proven leadership, cunning, strength, compassion and malevolence.

It was the eve of the chieftain ritual when his clan was viciously attacked because the Empire ambushed the attacking clan, covering it up to look like Daijo had led the party. Not long before the attack Sya began to have contractions and their baby boy was on the way. His son, like Daijo would never know his father. The would be chieftain would be cut down after dispatching a score of attackers. Sya died in birth due to complications after bringing a healthy boy into the galaxy. The boy is born an orphan, due to be raised and cared for by the chief, he would be called, Xhedias.

The Acquisition

Xhedias was nothing more than a mere child, creamy skin and nubbed horns, he did not yet bear the facial tattoos. While being cared for by the chief he heard many stories of his father, from his grandmother, chief and other people alike. The stories inspired the boy to be like his father, whatever the cost may be. He understood what athleticism he had, the same thing he wanted, but what he didn't know was how in tune to the world around him his father was, this portion of his training he had no focus on. He did whatever it took to be like his father, he idolized a local legend.

A dark figure drifted through the tribe, drawn to a power that was immense for its size. This cloaked figure pushed guards out of his way with an outstretched and open hand. The figure walked into an erected hut where the boy stood, practicing stance and movement with his pike. For his age, the boy moved with a degree of dexterity that would put any other child of his age to shame, but what stood out, was his connection to the force, it was the possibility of a wildfire if he choose to use it. The cloaked figure, known as Waza Sunrider scooped the boy up and left for the Satal Keto system.

Newly Initiated

Wanted Poster of Shimrah, Circa 38 ABY

The young Zabrak stood for the first time upon the halls of Clan Satal Keto. Next to him stood the his captor, and future master, Waza Sunrider. He stood forth before his Consul, Gord Darkonian and Proconsul, Selket. He stood as if he were under a trance, looked forward as if he were under a spell. The two echoed a series of cryptic words in unison that made the child's skin crawl. The sound of the chanting caused his eyes to well up and wish he were back home with his grandmother, but he remembered what he had been taught and stood in the face of this intriguing trio. He paid no attention to what they said but instead he paid attention in the constant rhythm they held. Finally it ended, and all three of the cloaked figures looked to him, the only response he could think to do would be to nod his head. So it had begun, he was an Dark Jedi, an Apprentice, a learner.

Introduction to Power

Xhedias had completed the normal curriculum and thus had been promoted through the ranks from Apprentice to Jedi Hunter. Xhedias' skills had increased considerably to the point that he was a very influential Journeyman within Satal Keto. A friendly rival he had met, by the name of Warhunter, it was not uncommon for one to receive a promotion or award shortly after the other. His Master, Waza, had departed from him, abandoned to survive the Knight trials on his own. It wasn't long after the abandonment that Enahropes had noticed his competence and named him Tetrarch of the Phyle, Slaves of Darkness.

His abilities attracted the attention of an Obelisk by the name of Silent. He took Xhedias under his wing and guided him through the Knight Trials, handing over to him his very own lightsaber. With a new lightsaber on his belt, it was not long before he was appointed to Aedile of House Aleema. It would be two short weeks later that he would be appointed to Quaestor of House Aleema, his counterpart, Warhunter, was promoted to Quaestor of the rival House Kirleta upon the same day. These two would consistently battle back and forth to see who was the smartest and strongest of the two.

Xhedias had fought his way through the 5th Great Jedi War with ferocity and cunning, gaining and immense amount of knowledge in such a short time that he would now be called a Sith Warrior. Xhedias would leave Clan Satal Keto under bitter tidings due to irreconcilable differences with his Proconsul. He would pack his bags and head to Naga Sadow, his new home.

A New Start

Xhedias was well accepted into Naga Sadow. The clan grew to like him as he made some very serious relationships with Nekura Manji and Muz Ashen. After leaving Satal Keto, he demonstrated once more what a capable leader he was. Quickly he was appointed Commander of the Night Falcons Squadron. He would show the Clan Summit that he was serious about his stay at Naga Sadow and would later be appointed to Roll Master of the clan. During his tenor as Roll Master he would receive various awards for his dedication to his position and the Master Student Program. Months later he would be appointed to HLK Aedile. His stay as Aedile of HLK was short lived when he voluntarily left the Clan to chase a new sense of family on Kyataru.

Hidden Roots

During his time spent in Naga Sadow, his family roots would be revealed to him. A rope necklace, adorned with beads and a medallion with his supposed family crest would give everything away. One night, while sitting with his friends Muz and Manji, they would accost him and ask him about the origin of the necklace. Xhedias confesses that it was left for him from his dying mother. With Manji and Muz puzzled and curious, they send him back to his tribe lands on Iridonia. With a holo recorder in one hand, and a lightsaber in the other, Xhedias finds the remains of his tribe. Scorched long ago by an opposing force, there is no evidence whether it was the Empire or a rival tribe. Upon discovering where his old room use to be, a Force Spirit began to communicate with him. The father figure he knew, the Chief, told him about his family's origin, the Keibatsu, live on.

Schism and Exodus

In 38 ABY, Shimrah sought new knowledge and power, eager to to cut his teeth into further leadership, Clan Plagueis tapped him to become the new Quaestor of House Tyranus. During his short tenure, his greatest achievement would be the construction of Helot Maximum Security Prison. The Keibatsu would see his promotion much differently, they would see his departure of Naga Sadow as a deliberate affront to the family and shun him for his perceived disloyalty. Shimrah, with little allies left, dodged assassination attempts from within and without. When it became to much, he fled Brotherhood space and with the help of Tuuka Vurr, faked his death.

The Great Hunt VI: First Blood

With the introduction of Clan Fero in 41 ABY and their attempt at a hostile takeover of Clan Vizsla, another plot revealed itself. Tuuka had been working as an agent for a Sith, specifically Shimrah. It was revealed that Shimrah, with the help of Tuuka, had faked his death and used Tuuka as a plant to gain access to leadership and power within another one of the clan's of the Brotherhood. When nobody challenged his usurpation, Shimrah became the new Aedile of House Deathwatch while Tuuka remained within the house as a paid mercenary.