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9/24/1988 (age 32)


Toronto, ON, Canada

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Student, Retail

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Born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, this writer for Severus L'eonheart has been involved in Star Wars for most of his life; ranging from short stories to full-out roleplays about the Star Wars universe.

Severus and the L'eonheart family were spawned in the Star Wars: Strands of Fate timeline, a "What-if?" storyline where the Yuuzhan Vong were stopped before their advance into the remainder of the galaxy. The current timeline of the Strands of Fate galaxy lies about 186 ABY resulting in many alterations and adaptations of the Severus character into the existing timeline.

If you'd like to know more information, please check my dossier and email me from there.

Recent Contributions (Naga Sadow)

  • Dlarit Corporation Ranks and Titles
    • An amalgamation of all the Dlarit Corporation's Ranks or Titles existing within Naga Sadow. Most of the individual ranks or titles, such as Commissar or Chief of Staff, were each individual stub articles; to save time and space, these were all crafted into a singular article.
  • Dlarit Corporation
    • An updated article to reflect the Corporation itself as opposed to the Ranks/Titles document it previously appeared to be. The new article was primarily a historical rewrite and a shift towards the more corporate appearance than a military one; major changes include a detailed Subsidiary section which amalgamates the former Hydroponics, Mining, Productions, Shipping and Kaldrex Transport articles (most of which were stubs) into a single cohesive article.
  • Dlarit Special Operations Group
  • Dlarit Armed Forces
    • In addition to the changes of the Special Operations Group, unified all "Armed Forces" of Naga Sadow under a single article to eliminate all the "stub" articles clogging our categories; a "one-stop shop" ideal (Consolidated: Dlarit Army, Dlarit Commandos, Dlarit Marines, Dlarit Special Operations Group Troopers)
  • Dlarit Naval Command
    • Just like the Armed Forces article, this one was to unify the Naga Sadow Naval possessions under one article instead of a few individual ones no longer needed. (Consolidated: Dlarit Starfighter Corps, Dlarit Navy, Dlarit Special Operations Group Troopers)

Future Updates
Planned updates include:

  • Dlarit Security Force
    • Unifying all "civilian" military assets in a single article; removing Army, Marines, Navy and Starfighter Corps influence, focusing on Police and Troopers
  • Naga Sadow, Marka Ragnos
    • These articles need major historical updates dating back to nearly Disorder
  • Miscellaneous Other