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Hunter, otherwise known as Aabsdu Dupar or Zanet Xox, is a member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, former Headmaster of the Shadow Academy, former Master at Arms, and current member of Clan Plagueis. He joined 27 May 2005 during the Revenge of the Sith hype and was active until the spring of 2011. He returned to active status in October 2013. For more information, please refer to his dossier or Wiki character article.

Vendetta History


  • The name Aabsdu was created by combining random letters of the alphabet and was made specifically for the DJB. Today, Aabs uses it for most RPG aspects. Dupar is a family name bestowed upon him by his old friend Gaidal Dupar.
  • During Aabsdu's second year in the Brotherhood, he had his only encounter with the Chamber of Justice. At the time, he had a large role in the DBPA acting as webmaster, a position he also held for the Clan Plagueis website. Foolishly, he copied the template of his clan's site and used it for the DBPA without contacting the creator. When the creator discovered the plagiarism, he took the matter to the Justicar. Aabsdu apologized and was awarded a Letter of Reprimand that was removed after six months and the matter ended in mediation.
  • Due to an increase in real-life workload, Aabsdu resigned from his major positions and went AWOL in the spring of 2011. The DJB drifted from his mind as he wondered the galaxy known as college, but a desire to do more creative writing brought back old memories in October 2013. Aabsdu returned to a Brotherhood different yet familiar.