Khyron-class Star Destroyer

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Khyron-class Star Destroyer
Production information

Kuat Drive Yards

Product line:

Star Destroyer





Technical specifications

1,600 meters

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class One
  • Backup: Class Fourteen
Navigation system:

Verpine Navigator SPS

  • Heavy dual turbolasers (54: 12 fore, 12 aft, 15 port, 15 starboard)
  • Turbolasers (54: 12 fore, 12 aft, 15 port, 15 starboard)
  • Ion cannons (30: 6 fore, 6 aft, 9 port, 9 starboard)
  • Proton torpedo tubes (8 turrets)
    • 20 missiles each
  • Tractor beam projectors (8: 3 fore, 2 port, 2 starboard, 1 aft)
  • 19,000 crew
  • 352 gunners
Minimum crew:



5,000 troops

Cargo capacity:

25,000 metric tons


Ten months

  • Destroyer
  • Carrier

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Known Vessels:
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The Khyron-class Star Destroyer was one of the five classes of warships gained by the Dark Brotherhood through Operation Tempest Bravo in 27 ABY. The newest and most technologically advanced design used by the Brotherhood, the Khyron-class is based on a heavily modified version of the New Republic Rejuvenator-class Star Destroyer design.



The bridge of a Khyron-class destroyer.

The Khryon-class measures 1,600 meters stem to stern, putting it in the same size class as the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. It lacks the prominent dorsal command tower unlike the older Imperial design, instead sharing design features with the smaller Nebula-class design. Like other Kuat Drive Yards designs, the Khyron incorporates a large ventral hangar deck to support auxiliary craft operations.

Crew Requirements

KDY was able to cut the required crew for the Khyron in half when compared to an Imperial-class destroyer. Much of this comes from higher levels of automation and computer control, but it is also a result of simpler subsystem design. The bulky and complex I-a2b solar ionization reactor around which the Imperial-class was designed was replaced with four smaller units designed in house at KDY. This allowed for the engineering crew requirements to be massively reduced, accounting for nearly half of the crew savings.

Offensive and Defensive Systems

Like the Rejuvenator upon which it is based, the Khyron-class sports a heavy complement of weapon systems. Designed to be able to engage enemy capital starships at close range for extended periods, the main armament of the vessel is concentrated along the port and starboard flanks. The most significant departure of armament the Khyron makes from the Rejuvenator is her proton torpedo turrets. The Brotherhood designers that adapted the Rejuvenator design substituted the larger torpedo systems for the 12 assault concussion missile turrets that were standard. This decision was made late in the construction phase of the first Khyron-class vessel, the Arcanum, and was in response to the use of shadow bombs by the Jedi against the Yuzzhan Vong. The Brotherhood chose to adapt these weapons for use by their starfighter forces as well, and thought that their capital starship classes could benefit from this innovation. As the Brotherhood, like the Jedi, would be converting standard proton torpedoes for this purpose, the modification of the Khyron-class design was made.

The Khyron-class was built to thrive in the face of short range, long duration engagements and as such has defensive systems that are second to none. Her shields are rated at a 30% greater power output then those of the latest production Imperial-IIs, and additionally incorporate multiple redundant backup systems much as Mon Calamari designs do. The armor plating was also rated better then other capital vessels, with the plates themselves being fabricated as larger, single pieces to reduce the number of possible failure points where two plates were joined together.


The Khryon-class carries a standard complement of 72 starfighters, a full Imperial wing. Like many late model Star Destroyer designs, the Khyron is equally suited to operate TIE style or New Republic style fighters. The Khyron is also capable of operating a large group of shuttle and transport craft to support her embarked troop complement.

Able to field a respectable ground force of 5,000 men, the Khyron is well suited to support ground campaigns. Unlike the Brotherhood’s Cotelin-class Star Destroyer, the Khyron is also capable of transporting full sized armor and equipment along with the infantry units without any sacrifice of starfighter capacity.



The Arcanum mid-way through construction.

Kuat Drive Yards had been producing upgraded versions of their venerable Imperial II-class Star Destroyer for many years, culminating in the Rejuvenator. The shipbuilder had not, however, secured a design contract for a new heavy New Republic capital starship in some time. With firms like Rendili StarDrive and Republic Engineering Corporation being awarded what designs were not being given to the Mon Calamari, KDY felt that they needed to procure a new contract in order to remain competitive in the market.

Given their large construction capacity, KDY had been producing Nebula-class Star Destroyers under license for Republic Engineering Corporation. Using what they had learned from their experience with the Nebula program, coupled with their design enhancements made to the Rejuvenator, KDY began work on a new Star Destroyer design. Work accelerated in 25 ABY following the Second Battle of Helska and the destruction of the Rejuvenator and her task force. With much of the design work already completed, the newly christened Rejuvenator-class made swift progress from design to prototype.

It was at this time that the Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood, already working with KDY as part of Operation Tempest Bravo, discovered the Rejuvenator project. Seeing the new ship class as the perfect complement to the already building Brotherhood-class Nightfall, they secured a contract from KDY to construct a modified version of the Rejuvenator-class to be known as the Khyron-class in honor of the former Grand Master.


The initially ordered ship, herself christened the Arcanum, would be the only vessel of the type constructed as part of the expansion program. Given the late start of construction, the Arcanum was the last vessel delivered from the Xa Fel yards where the Brotherhood ships were being constructed. As a result, she transferred to Roche for final fitting out by the Verpine after the other vessels of the fleet had already been completed.

Once the Brotherhood took final delivery of the vessel, she was assigned to the Headmaster to serve as a mobile Shadow Academy since the former academy had been abandoned during the Evacuation of Lyspair. Many at the time questioned the assignment of the second most powerful warship in the Brotherhood to the Headmaster and the instructors of the Shadow Academy, feeling it was a waste of resources. Sarin, the Grand Master at the time, countered the arguments saying that the combined knowledge of the Brotherhood and the arcane artifacts under the Headmaster’s care constituted the most important resource the Brotherhood possessed and should be protected as such.

The vessel would serve the Shadow Academy until the Brotherhood returned to Antei in 30 ABY. In battle with the space forces loyal to the Jedi Omancor Crask, the Arcanum was destroyed when, after taking heavy damage, she executed a hyperspace jump directly into Crask’s flagship. Following the destruction of the Arcanum, no vessels of the class would be built for nearly another decade. Following the Horizons conflict and opening battles of the Dark Crusade, both Plagueis and Taldryan were awarded one of two Khyron-class destroyers in 37 ABY. Commissioned by the Grand Master, the vessels were given to the two units along with their return to the status of Clan. Additionally, Clan Naga Sadow commissioned a Khyron destroyer into their fleet the following year in 38 ABY.