Sundowner Wing

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Sundowner Wing is an element of the Silver Kings Division of the Scholae Palatinae Corps.

Wing History

This fighter element was renamed during the wide-sweeping changes under the guidance of Thran Occasus - High Admiral of Scholae Palatinae Corps - and innovative thoughts of Consul Emeritus, Dakari.

The Sundowner Wing is assigned to the Silver Kings Division in the Scholae Palatinae Corps. During missions outside the Cocytus System, this unit is used, primarily, to engage Enemy Fighters.

The most recent, prominent actions of this Wing were seen in the Rite of Supremacy: Second Darkness, when the unit was stocked with Dark Jedi from the Clan Scholae Palatinae and used to execute order "Fighter Screen" to flank the enemy forces of Arcona in conjunction with an Ackbar Slash. Additionally, this unit was a secondary factor in the Battle Plan simulation against the Enemy Forces of Naga Sadow in the second phase of the Rite of Supremacy - utilizing their superior speed and agility against Enemy Fighters.

During the 8th Great Jedi War and the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong, the Scholae Palatinae Corps incurred terrible losses. On the front lines of the invasion, many of the Clan’s veteran enlisted pilots went MIA or were KIA helping the Clan to defend their home and place Second Overall in the GJW. In lieu of the Fleet’s reconstruction under Operation: Strike Back, the TIE Corps also saw a wave of upgrades and repairs. With new fighters, Sundowner Wing stands poised to protect Clan and home once again…


Colonel Ietsuma Jururi

  • Species: Kel Dor
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 6 Foot, 4 Inches
  • Weight: 182 Pounds
  • Hair Color: White Hair (Short)
  • Eye Color: Yellow

Ietsuma is the Commanding Officer of the Sundowner Wing. The experienced pilot is prone to cursing in fluent Mandalorian; however, no one can tie his history, or lineage, to the planet in the Stennes Node.


Sundowner Wing is composed of five (5) squadrons of TIE-Interceptors at a total count of sixty (60) starfighters. The Wing has room for an additional squadron.