Subjugator (Ton-Falk-class)

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Production information

Escort Carrier Carrier

Technical specifications

500 meters

Max acceleration:


Max speed (atmosphere):


Hyperdrive rating:

Class 1 (Backup Class 12)


1600 SBD





-25 missiles in magazine

72 Starfighters 6 Shuttles

  • Crew (3,845)
  • Gunners (20)


Cargo capacity:

5000 metric tons


One Year

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Vessel Info

An offshoot of the Super Transport series, manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards, the Escort Carrier was designed for the rapid deployment of the TIE Series starfighters. Carrying a compliment of 6 full squadrons, the Escort Carrier mends the flaws in the Imperial Fleet philosophy. Protecting larger Imperial vessels with a veil of starfighters protected larger vessels, such as the Imperial Star Destroyer, prevented the so-called “Trench Run Syndrome”.

Lightly armed, the Escort Carrier was designed to operate with other capital ships near at hand. Its swarms of TIE fighters required little armament on the vessel itself, relying upon an interior or rear position in a fleet to keep the carrier safe from assault from heavily armed vessels.



After the reclamation of the Antei system in 25 ABY, all of the Clans of the Dark Brotherhood were given an allowance as a show of gratitude for showing their faith to the Grandmaster. Purchased through the Brotherhood’s many contacts within the corporate world, the Escort Carrier Subjugator was purchased along a sister ship named Monarch. According to then Consul, Thran Occasus, the acquisition of Escort Carriers was a “necessity for the survival of the Royal Imperial Fleet.”

Service to the Palpatines

The Subjugator patrolled the Cocytus System with the vessel it escorts, the Star Destroyer Indomitable, several times without incident.


Commanding Officer

Torn Bekar was born in 24 BBY on Fondor. Originally a fighter pilot in his youth, as he grew older and his reactions began to slow, Bekar turned to the life of an Officer. He was assigned as a Navigational Officer, a role that he never enjoyed. The first chance he got, Bekar jumped ship by stowing away aboard a freighter. The freighter was bound for Antenora where he joined the Scholae Palatinae Navy as a Gunner First-Class. His skill was noted during the Unification Campaign and he was offered the position of Commanding Officer of the ESC Subjugator, an opportunity that he jumped at.

Executive Officer

Strak Felnix, a Human from Dela, was born in 7 BBY to a wealthy family. His parents intended him to take over their multi-million credit business, but the appeal was not present in Strak. Fleeing Dela, Felnix became what some would refer to as a “scoundrel”. He would take odd jobs to make ends meet, then wind up gambling his earnings or ‘investing’ in a few bottles at a cantina. One of the jobs that he accepted took him into the Mid-Rim Hutt Space to a planet he had never heard of: Judecca. Upon landing, Felnix was ‘convinced’ to join the Navy. His superiors never trusted him and were always watching him, which suited Strak as he could show them he was born to be an officer. Eventually, after years of proving his worth, Strak was assigned as the Executive Officer of the Subjugator under the direct command of Torn Bekar.


Assigned to Second Flotilla, along with the Warspite, the Renown, the Daring and the Defiant.