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Production information


Technical specifications
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser

Clan Scholae Palatinae

Known owner(s):

Clan Scholae Palatinae

Known commander(s):
  • Leilani Kroan

22 ABY

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The heavy cruiser Renown was the lead heavy cruiser for the House Scholae Palatinae Fleet, acting as a bodyguard unit for the larger Warspite.



The Renown and her sister ships, the Relentless and the Repulse all were captured along with the Excidium II from the Republic Engineering Corporation shipyards in the Mon Calamari system by the 27th Special Operations Platoon of Charlie Company from the 17th Legion during the events of Operation: Reclamation. Shortly after it was stolen, it rendezvoused with its' new crew and made it safely to Clan space, reinforcing the two Star Destroyers present, the Indomitable and the Warspite.

Service to the Palpatines

The ship was commanded by Captain Leilani Kroan, previous helm officer of the Excidium. She was given the daunting task of training a virtually scratch crew up to the high expectations of the Clan Fleet Admiral's training regimen. She performed her task well, and her crew's performance had lead it to be assigned as the bodyguard ship for the Indomitable.


During periods of large-scale combat, the Renown served as the bodyguard of the Indomitable, with standing orders to place itself between the larger vessel and any danger that could take down the ship. Due to its' bodyguard status, and due to the missions of the Indomitable, it saw much activity, gaining valuable crew experience. However, with constant crew rotations amongst the other ships in the Clan fleet, the ship's crew had a Green rating.

It was assigned to Second Flotilla, along with the Warspite, the Subjugator, Daring and the Defiant.