Sol Dalen

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Sol Dalen

"Khalee Muyel"

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5 BBY (age 40) , Alderaan

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Caamasi with Yuuzhan Vong personality.



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Sol Dalen (later known as Khalee Muyel) was a male Caamasi Jedi Knight originally from Alderaan, his parents having been refugees from the Caamasi Remnant who migrated to Alderaan. Like many of his kin, he joined up with Rebel Alliance in the wake of his homeworld's destruction; his people having now lost two homeworlds in just as many decades. Later on, his latent Force-sensitivity was discovered and he became an apprentice at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4, being knighted during the Conclave on Zonama Sekot at the close of the Yuuzhan Vong War for his actions.

Following the official surrender of the Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster, Nas Choka, Sol returned to the front lines in the Outer Rim territories, continuing to lend his aid to the Galliance Alliance Navy as the last enemy holdouts along the Hydian Way were cleaned out. The task force he was assigned to was sent to help the now twice-unfortunate world of Telos which, much like his own people's, had been devastated for the second time in its history. But while helping to clean out the remaining Vong stragglers, Sol was set upon by masked infiltrators and captured.

The Jedi Knight was taken back to the renegades' command ship, the Voice of Agony, where he was met by Eckla Muyel and Niiriit Phaath. Eckla proceeded to subject Sol to days of torture, permanently strapped to an Embrace of Pain. While the pain gradually ate away at his resolve, the Shaper, Niiriit, extracted blood samples and performed numerous experiments, removing one of his eyes to replace it with a plaeryin bol, along with grafting various other biots to his body. Eventually, when the torture became too much to resist any longer, Sol finally yielded, surrendering his fate to the will of the "True Gods". Beaten, as well as "shaped" into the form of a twisted half-Vong "hybrid", he became Khalee Muyel and pledged to serve Eckla to the death, coming to see the Vong as a force for "unification", rather than the conquering barbarians they truly were--a cruel fate for one from such a usually pacifistic and twice devastated species.

Khalee was sent by Eckla to the Orian system, working alongside Bur'lorr Amnan, one of the elite Hunters, to help infiltrate the Dlarit Corporation. Khalee served as a point of contact for their inside agent, Sylus Vega, the former mayor of Seng Karash, who had grown disillusioned with his employers and thrown his hand in with the Peace Brigade towards the end of the war. With Sylus's help, Khalee and Bur'lorr established an outpost in the crashed wreckage of Platform Obsidian in the northern polar region of Tarthos. Khalee subsequently helped Bur'lorr sow the seeds for the coming attack by the rest of the local Vong remnant.