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Ona "Wyla Sarn" Amnan
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Ona Amnan was a female Yuuzhan Vong spy of the Intedant caste; she held the rank of executor at the close of the Yuuzhan Vong War. She later assumed the false identity of Wyla Sarn, supposedly a Saraii police officer, to infiltrate the Dlarit Police in Seng Karash with the help of Sylus Vega.

After the disastrous Battle of Telos during 28 ABY in which her domain's worldship was crippled, Ona fled with the other now-shamed survivors of Domain Amnan under the de facto leadership of Commander Tolok Amnan. Without a clear warleader to lead them, the Vong outcasts struggled for survival amidst the unfolding genocide across the Outer Rim as, with Shimrra dead and the Vong Empire in tatters, the Galactic Alliance worked to mop up any remaining Vong holdouts. Into this stepped Warmaster Varesh Shai, self-appointed leader of the Vong Remnants who rallied the survivors of Domain Amnan to his banner and sought to strike back at the infidels and redeem the Children of Yun-Yuuzhan in the eyes of the gods.

Striking from the lifeless husk of Amnan's worldship which now hung idle in deep space, the remnants of Domains Amnan and Shai plotted to take their revenge by striking against the Dlarit Corporation and its Dark Jeedai. Ona was dispatched with her fellow infiltrators under the command of Hunter Bur'lorr Amnan to the Orian system to infiltrate the military chain of command. While Bur'lorr set up the Vong agents' main base in the wreckage of Platform Obsidian in the polar region of Tarthos, Ona inserted into the ranks of the Dlarit Police in the mining city of Seng Karash. The pair coordinated their work with their inside agent, Sylus Vega, the shamed former mayor-turned-Peace Brigader who had helped mastermind the coming invasion under the guise of "Vega Incorporated" from an abandoned mine in the forests of Aeotheran.

Hidden beneath her ooglith masquer, Ona used Sylus's former contacts in the local government to carry out her work under the false identity of "Wyla Sarn" and sow the seeds for the coming invasion by Varesh and his forces.


Ona will feature in an upcoming Clan Naga Sadow competition later in Summer 2009.