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Kyra Starfire
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170 cm


61 kg






Entire right arm

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Dulon, Tu'rek

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Major, Aedile



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Kyra Starfire is currently a Dark Jedi Knight and Aedile in House Tridens of Clan Tarentum. A Human who grew up among the Nightsisters of Dathomir, Kyra still posses their knowledge and certain strengths and abilities, even though she has shed most of their ways since her escape. She is a strong and loyal warrior, despite following her instincts and force visions on several occasions, Kyra is now devoted to serving her Clan and House.

Character History

Early Years

1 to 19 ABY

Kyra Starfire was born on Dathomir to Adrianna Starfire a Rebel Alliance intelligence agent who was escaping from imperial imprisonment. Stealing a ship she was pursued by imperial fighters whose persistence caused Adrianna to crash land on Dathomir. Adrianna survived the crash and surprisingly so too did the child she carried. Knowing she was pregnant and about to give birth fueled the daring escape, but now she was stuck on a planet about to be inhabited by the empire. Adrianna walked far from the crash where she stumbled upon a Nightsister clan. The Nightsisters sensed something about this woman and took her in. Kyra was born several months afterward, and because she was a girl the Nightsisters let her live and adopted her into the clan. Her mother, however, died when Kyra was too young to remember.

Now when Kyra was about seven one of the Nightsister’s told her about the circumstances surrounding how her mother came to be with the clan and how her mother was killed in a fight with imperial troops on Dathomir. Even as a child Kyra showed exceptional skills, learning to control Rancors and doing her first Dark force rituals by age of five. The Clan knew she would become a very powerful Nightsister. By the age of twelve Kyra had already began to master weapons skills, which included the art of fighting with daggers, and came out victorious in several duels with other young clan members. As she matured Kyra became immersed with the dark side powers, gaining many victories over both man and beast, including her rites of passage tasks such as controlling a Rancor on her own and using the beast in battle.

After proving herself time and again in battles with outsiders and other Dathomiri witch clans, mastering the control of the Rancors, and with her combat skills; enhanced with the dark force, Kyra Starfire, at seventeen, was initiated as a full fledged Nightsister. During her initiation she was given, through a painful rite, a tattoo across her eyes and along her nose. This became a permanent symbol of her new status within her particular clan. Around this time following the initiation Kyra had begun to have strange visions.

Escape from Dathomir

19 to 21 ABY

It was around the age of nineteen that Kyra had a vision of her mother when she was in the rebellion and of her missions within the empire gathering intelligence. A beautiful and strong woman, with graceful features Adrianna was dedicated to the cause of the rebellion, and Kyra felt this too. She also saw a mysterious clouded figure that maybe was her father. The visions were compounded by a silver pendant, it was her mother's given to her by her father that had a personal dedication inscription with the name Adrianna Starfire. It was also through these experiences and in dreams that her mother’s escape from the empire was shown to her, and then the truth about her death. One of the now elders of the clan had killed Adrianna over possession of the child and because she had opposed her child to learn to wield the powers of the dark side of the force.

Kyra also began to have dreams of the Sith and what they did to the republic, but also dreams that went even further back in history, she saw the dark Jedi and their power. It did not matter to Kyra now as she was consumed by her dark powers, but the way of the Nightsisters no longer would be her way, she was destined to find the Dark Jedi, if they still existed. Kyra was consumed with rage over the death of her mother and sought revenge. Armed with her blade she dueled the Elder Nightsister who killed Adrianna, Kyra mercilessly slaughtered the Clan Elder then ran for fear of her life eventually coming to a shipping port. Hiding among some cargo in one of the cargo ships she fled as a stowaway from Dathomir in search of a new life, and answers to her past.

The ship belonged to a spacer named Dak Orden who found Kyra in his cargo bay, not angry with the Dathomiri he allowed her to travel after she told him her story. Dak was slightly older than Kyra originating from Coruscant, his history is uneventful but found a career as a pilot of cargo ships for various corporations. He knew a great deal about the Jedi and there new republic as well as the past imperial reign. He did not fear Kyra for what she was, which in Kyra's eyes Dak did not bother her. By this moment Kyra was now hating the Nightsisters for what they have done and felt a strange comfort in Dak, strange for she spent her young life killing men and never once was embraced by any male. Kyra Starfire was allowed to tag along as Dak had finished unloading his cargo on various core worlds, it was after he had dropped off his last shipment they had decided to leave the core worlds for the far off regions of the galaxy, in search of answers and a new life. During those short months Kyra and Dak began to fall in love.


21 to 27 ABY

As the years past Dak and Kyra grew closer in their relationship. Their travels took them to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, and saw many things and met many different cultures and species. Kyra honed her weapons skills and learned new fighting techniques from various beings. They also had to fight many battles as well, as now the two had found new ways of earning a living, mostly from the sell of trinkets and artifacts found on different worlds. Occasionally they had resorted to smuggling and once bounty hunting, but that was short lived.

Kyra’s life changed forever when one day she finally met with a Dark Jedi. Dak and Kyra had decided it was time to settle down and maybe raise a family, but on a particular trading mission to Ord Mantell, when a Dark Jedi happened to also come to the planet at the same time. He was quite interested in Kyra, sensing her abilities, and apparently had been following her for sometime. This mysterious hooded figure came over to the young female. The Dark Jedi began to persuade Kyra to leave with him, saying he could show her true power. Kyra not yet realizing he was the Dark Jedi she sought many years ago defended her position to stay with Dak. She tried to fight the hooded Miralukan male first using hand-to-hand, then attacked using her daggers, which stood no chance with a lightsaber. Then out of rage Kyra conjured up her dark powers using Nightsister ways and threw down the dark Jedi. Looking over at Kyra, Dak was stunned. Rising up the Miraluka launched his attack throwing Kyra aside with the force and as he went for the kill Dak suddenly stepped in, and in that instance watched by Kyra, Dak was stabbed with a red saber blade. In her rage, Kyra found her dark power again, and lashed out with the force strangling the Dark Jedi and pushing him against a building, at this time she grabed his lightsaber, but before Kyra stabbed him the Miralukan Dark Jedi whispered in Kyra’s ear telling her where to find other Dark Jedi like him. Still overcome by Dak’s death she proceeded to kill the Dark Jedi and flee the scene before anyone, especially Jedi could capture her. Following the words of the mysterious Miraluka she found her way to the Shadow Academy of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and passed into the ranks of the Dark Jedi.

DJB History

Apprentice to Guardian

27 ABY

Kyra Starfire was now an apprentice of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and a member of House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis. When first joining the Brotherhood, a task was set, to identify herself with one of the three orders. Kyra with her love of battle and warrior training joined the obelisk order in hopes of mastering the art of war and the many new fighting skills waiting to be learned. Power was gained and quickly went up the ranks to Protector. She was proving to be a great asset to her clan and proving herself worthy of becoming a full-fledged Dark Jedi Knight. Soon things would change. Visions began to plague the young protector once again. This time of a shadowy figure beckoning her. This figure, a Human male, was somehow known to Kyra though they never met. She kept training and doing tasks set before her by her superiors. Once promoted to Guardian, her strength in the Dark powers grew and her visions got harder to live with. In order to silence this interference to further learning the ways of the Dark Jedi, Kyra decided to take a hiatus from the Brotherhood and seek out her visions once again.


27 to 29 ABY

Taking the cargo ship she came in, Kyra exited the Jusadih System and headed toward the unknown, lead only by her visions, the force, and the power of the strange robed figure. On a planet, not to be named, the young Dark Jedi landed greeted by the robed man. The man stared at her, while Kyra examined him, and saw a lightsaber under his robes. He did not fight her; instead uncovered his face, and the features, very much like Kyra, frightened the Dathomiri. Alarmed at this the man introduced himself as her father, a former pilot of the Rebel Alliance, turned Jedi after the civil war when his force ability became known. He left the order after he began to experience dreams of Kyra and her dark path. The power that he drew from his daughter corrupted him and he left the New Order. Kyra now understood her past visions and dreams; they were memories and experiences from her father.

Two years passed and that life, including new training, family stories, history, and experiences will be forever kept secret by Kyra, but she will use new wisdom throughout her future training, as she might bring forth past skills possessed by Dathomir Nightsisters. Then the Yuuzhan Vong attacked, she was very much in contact with the rest of the galaxy, just not the Brotherhood or her former Clan, though she watched that section. Kyra was about to leave to return to her Clan, when the Vong found they’re little hide-away. Kyra’s father knew the desires of his daughter, and used all his strength and force knowledge to fight off the Vong, long enough for Kyra to take his ship and leave. Though she can not remember leaving at that moment, she did remember wanting to help her father and then his death as his lightsaber and the force were no match for the Yuuzhan Vong. her memory was lost, because after the incident and several months later Kyra found her self adrift in space seated in her father's X-wing. What had happened to her memories may never be known, but she felt bitterness and cold, an inner darkness was brewing just ready to explode to the surface. She knew one place answers maybe found, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and that is where the former Guardian headed.

The Return and a New Clan

29 ABY

As she approached the Yridia system, again a call from the force, Kyra received a message from Yridia II. After her initial encounter with Clan Tarentum, she joined their ranks, as a Guardian, and found a new home in House Tridens. Soon after her arrival Kyra became the apprentice to Warrior Odin Vaaj and enthusiastically began her tutelage under his guidance. It did not take long for her master and clan to grant her the rank of Jedi Hunter, from her unwavering loyalty to the clan,through training and skill, and honored by appointments to various positions throughout the Brotherhood.

When officer positions opened up for the newly restructured Tarentum Army, Kyra jumped to the opportunity to show her clan that she was a capable military leader and warrior. After successfully completing the tasks Kyra was granted the position of Major of the 1st battalion 12th armor regiment, within the first Brigade led by Lt. Colonel Frey Gallandro and under the leadership of the 1st Division commander Lt. General Korras of the Clan Tarentum I Corp. Kyra continues to gain prominence within her new Clan, proving herself time and again, training herself to be a leader and always working toward her knighthood.

On returning Kyra was given a real lightsaber, basic in form but functional, the Guardian did not know why journeymen were granted such an honor, it was only reserved for Dark Jedi Knights and above. She accepted it without question and used in her first clan mission though it did not help fight an enemy that bought down her stronger superiors.


As her first mission with Clan Tarentum and as Jedi Hunter, Kyra Starfire volunteered with other clan members to check out the derelict MC80 ship the Renegade. Aboard the ship a variety of spirits began to torment the Dark Jedi, as part of a team with her master Odin Vaaj and Guardian Cypha, they explored the ship. A Duros spirit called Casorrs possessed Cypha giving the Guardian unnatural ability, with a lightsaber he attacked Odin. Kyra came to her master's aid fighting the guardian with her lightsaber. In an attempt to free Cypha of the spirit she slashed him across the back with her blade. This angered Casorrs who against the will of Cypha took his lightsaber and cut off most of the Jedi hunter's right arm. Even through the possession of her master and the others who she encountered later Kyra would not give up, she tried to fight the crystal of tears spirits anyway that she was capable of doing. When everyone was gathered together in the morgue of the ship, she used her powers to assist the others in a link that weakened the crystal of tears spirits long enough to allow her superiors to use their necromantic powers and the aid of the Keepers to drive the spirits out of the ship. Once the nightmare of the Renegade had pass and the clan back in Yirdia, Kyra was given a cybernetic replacement for her arm, it would take sometime to recover but she was changed from that experience. There appeared to be little animosity between her and Cypha, she does not blame him for what happen, even so, she is still angered by the experience. Deep inside she could feel the darkness within growing stronger, and past pains coming up to the surface.

Her lost memories began to surface along with an insatiable hunger for pain and revenge, and a new Kyra Starfire was emerging, one she herself is only beginning to understand.

Ascension to Knighthood

31 ABY

Kyra Starfire was committed to proving herself worthy of becoming a Dark Jedi Knight and spent her days training with her master and doing her house leaders bidding. It was at the end of her time as a Jedi Hunter that her leaders took notice of Kyra’s dedication and skills and decided her ready to watch over the training of the lower ranking Journeymen of House Tridens as Obelisk Sergeant for the Battle Team Tridens Journeymen.

Before ascending to knighthood her master accompanied her to Ilum in search of a lightsaber crystal. Afterwards she spent several weeks back on Yridia II constructing, fine-tuning and assembling her lightsaber in isolation. The lightsaber Kyra constructed is a short one-handed lightsaber, a shoto, as she relies more on her agility and speed in battle than strength. A short lightsaber also gives her the ability to use her skills as a dagger combatant in battle.

When the day arrived her master and leaders were present as she ascended to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and was presented with her lightsaber. As she arose a new Knight Kyra pledged to continue serving Tridens and Tarentum as she focused on becoming an even more powerful Dark Jedi and Obelisk assassin. She also vowed to pass on her knowledge to other journeymen and as such she took on her own apprentice, Jedi Hunter Cypha. Cypha and Kyra had been through a lot together, despite her past with Cypha and wounds; she felt a strong bound with the Jedi Hunter. As his Master that bond is beginning to grow even deeper.

Character Info

Physical Appearance

Kyra Starfire may not look much like a soldier or Dark Jedi from her pale, soft, and delicate features her expressions and demeanor do say as much. Her facial expressions have become more rigid, cold, and reserved and she can be found most of the time practicing her weapons skills. A permanent reminder of her past growing up on Dathomir is a black tattoo running across her nose and her eyes and ending just in the middle of both temples. Her dark brown hair is cropped short. Kyra stands at above average height and though has lean muscles she is more of a medium build, even so she is very flexible and takes advantage of her agility and speed in battle. One of the most prominent features of Kyra besides her tattoo is her cybernetic right arm. Where her flesh ends just below the shoulder joint her metallic robotic arm begins, this is only hidden when she wears her cloak, in battle the mechanical arm is displayed.

She is a warrior and as such prefers attire reflective of a military style. Always black, and now as an obelisk she will show that by wearing a blue sash under her weapons belt, a belt she has had for a very long time and is always seen with a sheathed dagger, nothing fancy, it is a weapon of personal value but still a deadly weapon nonetheless. The belt also holds her shoto lightsaber, a short saber to reflect her training and skill with daggers. Kyra wears in battle a skin tight jump suit, with combat boots. She also wears armor consisting of light chest armor, a gauntlet on her left arm, and shin guards. In training and often times just on her spare time she would be seen with black military trousers, combat boots, and tunic. In meditation, for important occasions, or on her off time a simple Dark Jedi robe with the obelisk blue sash, belt with saber is worn.


Her personality can change quickly, from cold and emotionless with the look of a killer, to a warm and inviting demeanor when with friends and allies. Though she can and sometimes is ruthless, as a test of her Dark Jedi training, Kyra tries to hide her true nature behind a reserved mask of warrior and mental discipline, focused on her duties and responsibilities. In battle, however, Kyra is both a fanatic soldier and inspires to be a leader of men, she never hesitates to go deep into the heart of battle looking to spill the blood of her enemies for victory and wanting to motivate and put passion for the fight into her troops. Her wish is to be a great military leader, however, sometimes her feisty nature and quick acting without judgement needs to be overcome first, but in time and with more battles under her belt she will succeed.

Fighting Style

Kyra tends to be a minimalist in the force and has relied heavily on weapons skills, and is now dedicated to honing her lightsaber techniques as she begins to master the art of Soresu. Her weapons of choice are her yellow-bladed shoto saber and a dagger, though she will not hesitate to switch to hand-to-hand combat when the need arises.

Positions Held