Story Arc: RoS: Meridian

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"The Collective called it 'Meridian', a space station, a prison, and a research facility. One of our top agents in the Shadow Academy Society, Vance Kordall, was captured and taken to this place. This action, while not the sole catalyst for Brotherhood action, did indeed help spark the discovery of this outpost. It will be up to the Clans, united if only temporarily against a common foe, to take the station and strike a decisive blow to the Collective. "
Ness'arin Ohnaka, Director of the Inquisitorius 36 ABY

[RoS: Meridian] Prologue: The Search for Meridian

"It all leads into the Wild..."
―Headmaster, 36ABY

In an attempt to stop the Brotherhood from finding out about Meridian, the Collective launched an assaulted on an Inquisitorius listener ship, the Psi Termina I. The ship’s Captain, Dalla Fenn, transmitted the data Just before the ship was destroyed by suicide bombers, resulting in the sacrifice of not just her life but also the lives of all those on board the ship. Vance Kordall, an agent for the Shadow Academy Society, was captured by the Collective while on a mission on Ulmatra to track down an artifact on unknown interest to the Collective. Following the events on Ulmatra, Deputy Grand Master Morgan B. Sorenn summoned the Consuls of each Clan in the Brotherhood in an attempt to rally them once again to combat the Collective threat.

United once again—even if only temporarily—the Brotherhood enters into another uneasy alliance as they prepares to battle the Collective.

[RoS: Meridian] Chapter 1: Edges of Wild Space

"A prison break, my how intriguing..."
―Headmaster, 36ABY

An unnerved Evant Taelyan calls a meeting between the consuls on behalf of the the Deputy Grand Master, whom is away coordinating the Shroud Syndicate in an attempt to aid the Dark Brotherhood tackle the Collective. Tempers flared between two of the Consuls but are quickly ignored as the importance of Meridian took precedence. They are told many things about Meridian, but many already had that information due to their own intelligence units. What does gather their attention is the fact the the station serves many important roles for the Collective, most of all as a prison holding many soldiers of the Iron Legion and of the Clans. The leaders make a plan to save their comrades and also take the fight to the enemy once again. Other notes detailed during the meeting are the destruction of the dreadnaught Akan and the death of its captain, as well as the successful rescue of Vance Kordall. After the meeting, Evant returns to his duties; now slightly more angry at Morgan.

[RoS: Merdiain] Chapter 2: Decisive Blow

The Clan leaders meet once again, but are briefed by acting Director of the Inquisitorius, Ness’arin Ohnaka, on the progress of their assault on the Meridian station. The operation is detailed to be a success as video feeds show both Iron Legion and various clan forces engaging Collective units throughout the station. Ohnaka remembers the shortcoming of the Inquisitorius and the destruction caused by the Collective.

Meanwhile, on Meridian, Daggo Mouk has accessed a case containing an artifact that he has been searching for quite some time. Mouk is disheartened by the deaths of his experiments, but finds solace in the thought of the Brotherhood forces having to deal with their unpredictability. He contacts Gwendolyn, his apprentice, and instructs her to destroy the facility. Mouk is angry on goes on a rant about the Brotherhood’s reasons and Capital Enterprise’s place with the Collective.

Finally he secures a shuttle and instructs Gwendolyn to detonate the explosives on the station once cleared.

[RoS: Meridian] Epilogue: Pillar Broken