The Collective: Capital Enterprises

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Capital Enterprises is a sub-faction of The Collective. They are a large financial conglomerate, similar in nature to the former Trade Federation, though significantly smaller in scale. The organization primarily operates in the Outer Rim and has significant financial investments in that region.


Capital Enterprises is a conglomerate consisting of over one hundred different companies scattered across the Outer Rim. Each of these companies is owned and controlled by a primary holding company, Capital Investments, and a board of directors. To manage the day-to-day running of the company the board has elected Varryn Antillus as the companies chief executive officer, or "Chancellor"

Capital Enterprises structure.

Board of Directors

Capital Enterprises’ board of directors represents the interests of the conglomerate’s shareholders. Each person on the board has been elected by the companies shareholders to represent their interests and are often major investors in their own right. At present the company’s board of directors consists of at least five individuals, but their identities remain a closely guarded secret.

The board of directors does not have much direct influence over the running of the conglomerate, but rather instills that power in the Chancellor. As major investors in the company, the board of directors is primarily interested in maintaining the organizations profitability. Should the board believe that the Chancellor is not operating their interests, they have the power to recall and replace him through a majority vote.


The Chancellor is empowered by the board of directors to oversee the companies running and appoint other officers to act under him. Their power is absolute within the company’s structure and answerable only to the board of directors for their conduct. They are the prime decision maker for all of the conglomerates major business deals and set the corporation’s overall agenda.

Varryn Antillus is the current operating Chancellor of Capital Enterprises and has been for the past six years. He appears to have earned this position entirely on merit, working his way up through the corporate structure of the conglomerate and proving himself an efficient administrator. His personal talent and financial abilities are a significant factor in the corporations success. Despite his continued support of the Collectives military operations, and the formation of his own paramilitary organizations, Varek Antilles has remained Chancellor without challenge from the board of directors.

Capital Investments

Capital Enterprises’ primary holding company is known as Capital Investments. Capital Investments is an investment banking firm which has controlling interests in all of Capital Enterprises subsidiary corporations. The bank is a primarily Muun run organization and one of the largest financial institutions in the Outer Rim. Within the structure of Capital Enterprises, Capital Investments primary function is as an organizational tool. The financial services offered by the bank allow capital enterprises to more easily support their subsidiaries, and serves as a convenient method to centralize the conglomerates assets. It is exceedingly rare that the bank does business with anyone outside of the conglomerate.

Subsidiary Companies

The companies subsidiary to capital enterprises are diverse and varied in their operations. The conglomerate owns a significant number of shipyards, weapons factories, and mining organizations which directly contribute to the collective war effort, but also more innocuous, civilian businesses as well. Each of these companies has their own chief executive officer, operating under the command of Capital Enterprises’ Chancellor. Most prominent among these subsidiary companies are several security firms which serve as the conglomerates private paramilitary force. Using these companies Capital Enterprises outfits a small but elite group of mercenaries and corporate security. These forces are used to guard the companies assets and strike at its enemies.


Capital Enterprises began as a small investment bank called Capital Investments operating along the Inner Rim. At this time, the company was primarily run by a group of Muun, and invested heavily in exploration and colonization efforts, speculating that there was great wealth to be found in the Outer Rim. The company saw some initial success from this, but the sudden outbreak of the Clone Wars caused many of their investments to fail, sending the company into crisis.

Unwilling to take a side in the conflict, the corporation relocated to the Outer Rim to be closer to their few investments that had managed to survive the outbreak of the war. The economic disruption caused by the war proved to be a blessing in disguise for Capital Investments, and they quickly began to acquire companies driven to bankruptcy by the conflict. The bank managed to maintain itself until the fighting ended. This reopened the galaxies financial markets, and commerce began to flow once more.

Using the assets the bank acquired during the war, Capital Investments quickly grew into a small conglomerate of over a dozen corporations. With their business expanding so rapidly, the company decided to formalize the conglomerate and rebrand as Capital Enterprises, leaving the old name of Capital Investments behind as the conglomerates primary holding company. This name change signaled a departure from their previously banking focused business plan, and started an explosive period of growth.

The company quickly grew into one of the largest corporate entities in the outer rim, acquiring business after business. It remained, however, a business institution and relatively uninvolved in politics. It was the appointment of Varek Antilles to the position of Chancellor that caused a sudden shift in Capital Enterprises policy. The conglomerate began investing heavily in military industry, ship building, and mineral production and formed a variety of security companies to serve as its own private army.

The company used these assets to finance the creation and expansion of the Collective, which sought to oppose the control the Force users like the Brotherhood have held on the galaxy. After a long period of military buildup, they eventually became embroiled in a conflict with the brotherhood. The war eventually ended in defeat, but Capital Enterprises retained it’s financial assets and continues to support the collectives efforts.


Capital Enterprises has built their business on aggressive market tactics and risky expansion. As a whole the company tends to favor innovators, mavericks, and strong personalities to lead them. Competence and bold action, above everything else, is what matters to Capital Enterprises.For this reason, Capital Enterprises agents tend to be driven, ambitious, and efficient.


Varryn Antillus

Varryn.JPG Name: Varryn Antillus
Position: Chancellor
Faction: Capital Enterpises
Character Sheet

The reclusive leader of Capital Enterprises is pragmatic and practical to his core. He does not outwardly project the exuberance and excitement in the Collective's mission and purpose, and is usually seen on a holocomm call or his datapad signing off on every operational movement of the Collective's assets. While Rath is a prodigy in naval and military tactics, Oligard still relies heavily on Varryn's abilities to make the Collective work. This level of job security allows Varryn to speak more bluntly and plainly than anyone else in the Collective. While his outlook on operations can sound rather jaded, he does believe in what Rath is trying to accomplish, and knows that his success will allow Antillus to achieve his true goals of financial dominance.

Ghafa Ordam

Ghafaheadshot.JPG Name: Ghafa Ordam
Position: Field Commander
Faction: Capital Enterprises
Character Sheet

As Field Commander, Ghafa is the front-facing leader of Capital Enterprises. She has a professional relationship with Varryn, who trusts her to handle the agents in the field and to coordinate operational assets. A former slave, Ordam has a personal vendetta against the Dark Jedi of the Brotherhood, which helps keep her usually mercenary attitude to stay focused and on task with the Collective's mission.

Sencara A'theri

Sen.JPG Name: Sencara A'theri
Position: Field Agent
Faction: Capital Enterprises
Character Sheet

Sencara is one of Ghafa's most trusted agents. Known simply as "Sen" or "Cara" to her closest friends, she is a respected marksman and sniper for Capital Enterprises. While she has an obnoxious penchant for always wanting to be right, she is a professional and takes her jobs seriously. Pride and ego are important to her, and she often uses her dry but sharp wit and predisposition for sarcasm as a defense mechanism.


Capital Enterprises Agents

Agents are Muun operatives that serve in various roles across Capital Enterprises. They are brokers, spies, and runners that help ensure smooth operational efficiency for the Collective.

Granted Feats

The following feat is granted to all members of Capital Enterprises.

Diamond Cutter
As a members of Capital Enterprises, The character has honed their mind to be sharp and adaptive to the shifting threads of politics, economics, and sociology. Possessing an innate ability to out-think and outmaneuver others, The character gains a heightened Perception, Manipulation and Intellect skills by +1 point.