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Resources and Documentation

Created by the Voice Staff, the following page will cover all of the relevant resources and documentation pertaining to the various fiction departments that make up the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Here you will find links to policies, guidelines, and other information pertaining to Fictions, Run-Ons, the ACC, and the Character Sheet System.

Voice Staff Guidlines

Grading Rubrics

  • Fiction Rubric 2.0 - The official rubric used for grading fiction in Brotherhood competitions.
  • Fiction Rubric (Make A Copy) - For making use of the grading tab when marking up and providing feedback on entries. Please make sure to go to File -> "Make A Copy" and then rename as needed.
  • Run-On Rubric -The official rubric used for grading Run-Ons in Brotherhood competitions.

Character Sheet System

Writers Resources

The following links should be useful resources when writing in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Dark Brotherhood Canon

Star Wars Terminology

The following articles give a brief outline of terminology used in the Star Wars universe. Each article also features a link to relevant wookiepedia articles for further reading.

Canon Character Guidelines

  • The Canon Character Guidelines were created to demonstrate where popular characters in the Star Wars universe fall within the scope of the DJB's Character Sheet system.

Voice Reports

VOICE Marick Tyris


  • Report #1 - Species Approval Policy, Cluster of Ice Updates, Fiction Chat Questions, more.
  • Report #2 - Species again, DB Canon defined, Telegram updates, Fiction poll/results, New Fiction rubric.
  • Report #3 - Rogue One events, new run-on rubric, Dark Council fictional roles, new species added.
  • Report #4 - Fiction archives announced, possessions loadouts and information regarding the Character Sheets, Character Sheet: Chirrut Imwe, Aspect title updates.
  • Report #5 - DB Canon codex article created, voice task force team, project updates, fiction chat highlight.
  • Report #6 - Fiction center announced, Grandfathered CS's, project updates.
  • Report #7 - May the 4th Fiction results, New Run-On Studies exam, NPC Slots, 'Thrawn: quick book review', new species added, project updates.
  • Report #8 - GJWXII ACC Phase I - Updates, short #AskTheVoice section.
  • Report #10 - CS Approval Guidelines: Physical Descriptions, project updates, CS snapshots.


  • Update #2 - Help wanted: Magistrate position open. Fiction Policy Update (open prompts), CS Approval Guidelines updated.
  • Update #4 - Run-On tips for Rogue One competition, extension.
  • Update #8 - Updates to Voice Competition Approval Guidelines and Character Sheet approval guidelines. DJB Wide fiction competition update, Sephi Species feat updated.
  • Update #9 - NPC Slot's introduced and explained.
  • Update #13 - New Exam: Fiction Studies, New Species: Shistavanen.

Antei Combat Center

For resources pertaining the Antei Combat Center, you can head over to the ACC website. You can also check out the ACC Guide.

Combat Master Reports And FAQS

Below is a link as well as a recap of past Combat Master reports. Within these reports, you can find information and educational knowledge relating to the ACC and Character Sheet System.

CM Marick Tyris

  • Report #12 - New Non-Force User Disciplines, Clan ACC Events
  • Report #11 - New Martial Arts Forms, Q&A: NFU’s wielding lightsabers, NFU vs Jedi tips
  • Report #10 - Q&A: Force usage/toll, endurance, stamina.
  • Report #9 - Q&A: Telekinesis Feats explained/detailed. Handedness/Dual Wielding explained.
  • Report #7 - Q&A: Barrier and Deflection explained/detailed. Weapons, Poison Weapons.
  • Report #4 - CS 2.0 Launch thread, you should read this if you’re a returning member.

CM Atra Ventus

  • Report #13 - Change log for Feats, Powers, and Skills
  • Report #12 - Discuss ongoing projects and some tips for approaching other characters
  • Report #11 - Changes to judge feedback on posts and some anti-procrastination tips
  • Report #10 - GJWXII ACC event results and takeaways
  • Report #9 - Minor Feat change, clarifications, GJWXII ACC event tips and info
  • Report #8 - Snapshot/CS discrepancies, Venue template, ACC tips for Venue use and Aspects
  • Report #7 - Outline of the Venue Review and ACC Realism tips
  • Report #5 - Changes to Force Powers (Deflection) and Skills with the addition of new Feats
  • Report #4 - Changes to the ACC Halls, introduction of Cooperative Hall, updates on 2017 major project: Creative Writing Workshop
  • Report #3 - Changes to Force Powers (Sense, Illusion, Telepathy), Lightning vs. Powered Weapons, timed out matches only opened in emergency, and results of November 2016 ACC event.
  • Report #2 - Qualification tips, how to avoid timing out, and introduction to November 2016 ACC event.
  • Report #1 - ACC Prospectus, outlining plans for the upcoming year of 2016/2017.

Combat Writing Exams

  • Lightsaber Forms Exam - Learn about the Lightsaber Forms available to members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.
  • Martial Arts Forms Exam - Learn about the Martial Arts forms available to members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood
  • Combat Studies Exam - Learn how to read an ACC match and answer multiple choice questions to show your ability to understand character sheet mechanics in motion.
  • ACC Qualification Exam - Prove yourself to become qualified to participate in ACC matches while learning about the rules and regulations.

CI Competition Exams

  • Run-On Exam - Learn how to run, organize and grade a run-on competition.
  • Fiction Studies Exam - Learn how to run, organize, grade and participate in fiction competitions.

Fiction Center

Curious about what has been going on, fiction wise, for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood? Head on over to the Fiction Center for timelines, story recaps, summaries and reference sheets!

Star Wars Digest Articles

DB Fiction Chat

The following links pertain to the Dark Jedi Brotherhoods Fiction Chat on Telegram.

  • Join the discussion here! We ask daily questions to help explore your character, and also talk about other fictional topics pertaining to the Brotherhood!
  • You can submit questions using the following Google Form!
  • You can view previously asked questions here!