Krandon Lucian Firebringer

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Krandon Lucian Firebringer
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

11 ABY

Physical Description





6'2(182.8 cm)


200lbs (90.7 kilograms)






Cybernetic hand

Personal Information
  • House Odan-Urr
Chronology & Political Information
  • Redeemed Jedi
Personal Ship:

St. Michael's Sword



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"When you are filled with the Light of the Jedi, people will be drawn to its ambiance."
―Krandon Lucian Firebringer

Krandon Lucian Firebringer is a Jedi Consular Savant and is a member of House Odan-Urr

Character History

Krandon Rowella is a Zabrak born on the planet Iridonia. He lost his parents when he was really young to Jedi renegades who were escaping the Jedi Order and wanted to join the Sith factions. He tried to run but as he was jumping over a fence, one of the Jedi cut off his hand. The Jedi left him for dead on the other side of that very fence. A few days later, a young Krath named Ashia Kagan Keibatsu rescued Krandon and brought him to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Here he was raised to hunt down and destroy Jedi. Skilled in the ways of assassination, Krandon felt obligated to join the Order of the Obelisk where you would learn to hone his skills and to become a better member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

The target that Krandon got his Mandalorian Armor from.

Krandon learned of the Shadow Academy in his later years in the Order. He ended up going to the Shadow Academy; his friends typically found his head stuck in opened books as he began to learn the history of the Jedi and Sith. From this, Krandon received his first Dark Side Degree of History. He felt more like himself when his head was stuck in books and learning about the past. Because of this, he changed his Order from the Obelisk to the Krath. He remembers his assassination techniques, yet he felt more at home with fellow Krath members over those of the Obelisk order. Rowella now serves under his Master, Faeril Munlear who he befriended and trusts with his life. Munlear saw great potential in the young Krath and, along with the House Ludo Kressh summit, agreed to give him the position of Jade Serpents Battle Team Leader. Now, Krandon is working on his Philosophy and Leadership Dark Side Degrees and along with his friends and clanmates hopes that his life will be well lived. During the Ninth Great Jedi War, Krandon developed a callsign. This callsign is known as "Jenkins". His troops had a habit of calling him this because he would just run into battle without help or thinking. Very recently, with hard work and perseverance, Krandon got promoted to the highest Journeymen rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

One, Father

Krandon’s father was the great Imperial Ace Pilot, Commander Gilifreid Maximillion Rowella. He had served in the Emperor’s military since he would let other species besides Clones lead his troops after Order 66. Commander Gilifreid was a good friend and advisor to one Governor Willhuff Tarkin. Commander Gilifreid was devastated when he heard the news that Tarkin had been lost in the destruction of the first Death Star. He carried on, however, and earned his rank of Commander after offering his support to hunt down the remaining Jedi under the teachings of Lord Vader and Emperor Palpatine. He turned on Lord Vader and the Emperor, however, when he refused to kill a young Jedi hopeful, a son of one who had escaped Order 66. To Lord Vader and the Emperor, he was a traitor, but to his troops and comrades, he was known as, Gilifreid, the Merciful. The Emperor ordered Lord Vader too destroy the traitor, but Gilifreid being a pilot ace, escaped in a TIE Interceptor and went to his home planet of Iridonia. There, he found love and started a family. Living in her village, his wife gave birth to twins, Krandon and Maekoe. Maekoe, however, died when he ran away from home as a little boy and got lost. Krandon became his mother and father’s pride and Joy. Gilifreid died in the pillaging of Mor’bathi when Krandon escaped.

A little Town named Mor'Bathi

Krandon’s village was called Mor’bathi which means “Little homestead” in their native tongue. This was a place on knowledge, learning, hunting-gathering with the people living a simple, fulfilled lives. Krandon spent his young days in the fields helping his father and brother bring in the harvest to share with the village. He was harvesting as he usually did, except, when he returned to his village, he had found that a lot of the huts had been burnt. He immediately saw that the town were fighting off unknown beings, unknown beings with Lightsabers.


Krandon had never seen beings that used these types of weapons, but from stories that were past around the village, his first thought was that these were Jedi. But, how? Jedi were the bringers of peace, they help the Galaxy, now hurt it. Krandon could not understand what was happening. He rushed behind one of the huts and watch in horror as the Jedi killed his father, brother and mother. Krandon was alone. He proceeded to watch as the Jedi killed the villagers. Night had fallen and Krandon has to formulate a plan of escape without letting the attackers learn that there was a survivor.

This plan was foiled however when he ran into the back on one, being dark, Krandon did not see him. The Rogue Jedi and two of the other attackers began to chase Krandon. The young Zabrak ran and ran, until he could not fun anymore. He felt as if a mystical field was growing around him, giving him energy and speed. Later, Krandon would learn that he is Force Sensitive and able to learn the ways of the Force. Krandon kept running until he came to a fence. Instinctively, Krandon leaped on the fence and proceeded to climb over it. When he was almost over the top, he heard the snap-hiss of one of the attacker’s lightsabers igniting. With a quick slash, Krandon’s hand was gone. He had never felt such pain. It was even more pain than that time he got attacked by a Kath hound. Krandon dropped on the other side of the fence and proceeded to look at the attackers with evil eyes. The attackers ran away, for reasons Krandon did not know. He ripped off a piece of his shirt to wrap up what was once where his hand was. He then found a cave, created a fire and lived there for a total of 4 days. On the morning of the fourth day, he was awakened by young girl. A girl he would later find out is Ashia Kagan Keibatsu. Krandon was still in so much pain that he let the young girl take his to her ship.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood

When brought to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood by Ashia Kagan Keibatsu, Krandon was taken to the hospital wing and given a cybernetic hand, to go in the spot where his hand had been cut off. After he had healed, he was almost thrown into the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood immediately. Starting out at the rank of Initiate, Krandon worked his way up the rank and is now a Guardian. Going up that road, however, is a whole story in itself. Krandon found friendship in the Obelisk Order. There he was trained as an assassin for the Brotherhood, but also did some bounty hunting for his own pleasure, and to strengthen and master his skills. This was not enough for Krandon; he wanted more from the Brotherhood. As he was walking down the halls of the Shadow Academy, he ran into the library. This room was huge and almost four stories high. Here, Krandon found his true calling in the history books of the Sith, Obelisk, and Krath, and of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Krandon made it a habit of going to library once a day and have read at least three books in a week. This paid off for Krandon when he received his first Dark Maven from the Shadow Academy, a Dark Maven for History.

Because of this achievement, Krandon felt that he was obligated to change orders. He joined the Krath order. Here he found friendship in Muz Keibatsu, Shikyo Keibatsu, as well as his continued friendship with Ashia and many others. When Krandon joined the Krath order, he also felt obligated that he needed to be taught the ways of the Dark Jedi and gain rank within the Brotherhood. He found his Master, Faeril Munlear. Krandon and Faeril have worked together and have developed a great friendship along the way. Still using his assassin techniques, and his knowledge, Faeril saw great potential in the young Krath, and with the permission and approvement of the summit, made Krandon the Krath Tetarch of the Jade Serpents. Today, Krandon is focusing on building the quality and quantity of the Jade Serpents, and hopes that it will be an epic Battle Team, with help from his Sith Flight Leaders, Dismal Ryokou-Amor, and Devani Kiriana, as well as the counsel of Ashia Keibatsu. Moving on in the geat world of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Krandon left Faeril, as her apprentice, and found friendship with Xander Anderson, the Left Hand of Justice. Krandon eventually became Xander's Apprentice who took him to the rank of Jedi Hunter. Xander, however, betrayed House Ludo Kressh by leaving the House, and therefore, leaving his apprentice, Krandon. Krandon, however, pushed on and now finds himself under the wing of Pontifex Shin'ichi Keibatsu, the brother of the Grand Master, Muz Ashen.

The Ninth Great Jedi War

Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way

Krandon did not even realize that his datapad was buzzing until he had entered his office.

Krandon looked at his datapad screen. A man sitting a desk wearing a standard uniform was staring back at him.

“Guardian Rowella”, the man said, “The Jade Serpents have been instructed by Lord Astronicus to do a recon of the area. Be sure to being back any information about anything you discover, understood?”

Krandon walked over to his desk and punched in some numbers. Two holographic figures were standing there.

“Dismal, Devani, you guys heard the announcement right?” Krandon asked.

Krandon fighting a Jedi in the Hall of Immortals.

“Yes Krandon, I did”, Dismal replied.

“I did to Sir,” Devani said after.

“So you know then that this is not a drill”.

“Yes, sir”, they both said in unison.

“The Jade Serpents have been asked, by Lord Astronicus, to do a reconnaissance run around the surrounding area, and to report what we find”, Krandon said, looking for a reaction out of at least one of two Flight Leaders. There was none. “Rally the Jades in the hanger, and will be there in a minute. I just need to grab some things, understood?” Krandon ordered.

“Yes, sir,” Both holographic figures said in unison. The two figures disappeared.

Krandon went to his sleeping quarters and got a necklace. This necklace had belonged to his wife, Xia Rowella. She was now deceased and this was all Krandon had left of her. He put in around his neck and tucked it under his Mandalorian armor.

Alright...let’s do this.

Antei: The Battleground for the Ninth Great Jedi War.

This was Krandon's first taste of war; The Ninth Great Jedi War. Krandon and his Jade Serpents had a job to do here, being a Battle Team for Clan Naga Sadow, and they did their job, even if they were split up most of the time. Early into the war, Krandon did not see much battle until he was called to the field to help his friends, Demonic and Ekeia, strap explosives to incoming Hailfire Droids. From there, the battle only got bigger. He went from that to saving a Garrison at FOB Spear, where he was also taken under KP Alexander Anderson's wing as an Apprentice, too stopping an attack at the Hall of Immortals by sabotaging the incoming droids. He was also caputured and saved multiple times. Because of Krandon's skills, knowledge, courage and disciple, he was awarded a Steel Cross, the second highest Merit Award, and a Gold and Silver Novae. This was Krandon's first taste of battle and he loved every minute of it.


―Robert Sadow

It was a dark, cold night when Krandon's Master, Alexander Anderson, came to him.

"Follow me", Xander said to him a stern voice. Krandon followed him and found himself in front of the Consul's office. Xander knocked three times, than heard a voice say, "Enter", from the other side of the door. They both walked into the grand office of the Consul, the office of Kharon Daragon.

"I just received a letter from the Master at Arms, Jedi Hunter Krandon", Robert said as the two were still walking towards his desk. As Krandon approached the desk, he could smell the liquid inside the open Bottle of Sadow on the Consul's desk. Krandon looked back and saw that Xander had not entered the room with him.

"My Master brought me here, not telling me what was going on", Krandon explained nervously.

"Did he now? Well, than he listened to me", Robert answered with a slight chuckle. "As I said, I have a letter from the Office of the Master at Arms, would you like to know what it says?"

"Please", Krandon said quickly. The Consul began to read the letter starting reason why he should be promoted from fellow clan members.

In light of the above, and his accomplishments up to and including his current rank, it is my pleasure to recommend Krandon Rowella for his Knighthood. Signed, Archpriest Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow.

I highly recommend Krandon Rowella to be promoted to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight with all rights and privileges. Signed, Warrior Faeril Munlear.

Also furthermore, he has always worked hard as an apprentice to complete any tasks I have set for him. It is for these reasons than I recommend Krandon to be promoted to Dark Jedi Knight. Signed, Priest Alexander Anderson.

Krandon was overwhelmed with what was happening. Especially that Xander wrote what he wrote. Robert took his lightsaber from his belt and ignited it with a recognizable *snap-hiss*.

"Kneel", Robert said, looking the zabrak in the eyes. Krandon knelt.

Robert, putting the crimson blade of his lightsaber over Krandon's right shoulder, went on to say, "Krandon Rowella, you fought bravely in the Great Jedi War and have been decorated greatly because of it. You have made your services known in your House, your clan and your Brotherhood. You have exceeded what is needed for Knighthood. Because of these admirable tasks you have done, I am pleased to bestow this honor upon you. Rise, Knight of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and get out of my office."

Krandon rose, turned and walked out of the Consul's office. Xander was leaning against the wall waiting for Krandon to finish up in the office.

Xander put his head up, looked at me and said, "How did that go?"

"You totally knew what was happening, didn't you", Krandon said, smiling.

"I'm your Master, of course I knew what was going down", Xander replied, laughing. Krandon walked with his master down the corridor. Than the new Knight spoke up,

"I couldn't help but notice, you said some nice things in your recommendation"

"Shad up", Xander said, putting him in a headlock.

Redeemed Jedi

"Put the past behind you! There is still a chance for redemption!"
― Jedi in the Hall of Immortals

Those were the last words that this certain Jedi said, before Krandon impaled him through the stomach with his lightsaber. At this time, Krandon did not know that these words would haunt him throughout his Dark Jedi Brotherhood career. Rowella continued on within the brotherhood doing, what seemed to him, meaningless tasks, never feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Put the past behind you! There is still a chance for redemption!

What did this mean? Krandon didn’t know, but he wanted too. He took a leave of absence and went on a mission, a quest, to find out the meaning behind that the Jedi had said. For these to be his last words before he died, they must have meant something. Krandon reached out, using the Force, and found himself looking at a planet. Little did Krandon know that this was New Tython and would become Krandon’s new home. Krandon was first viewed as a threat, being a Sith coming planet composed of a Jedi presence. However, the Council of Urr seemed it odd that a single Sith would be coming to this planet. They opened their doors and welcomed Krandon. Right away, the zabrak felt a sense of relief. He knew that this is where the Force wanted him; where he wanted to be. It felt right, being in this new area, new people, well...some new, others he had seen before. The zabrak was almost overwhelmed with the knowledge of the Light Side of the Force. Growing, from an early age, as a Sith, Krandon has no knowledge of the Light Side. He knew it existed, but that's it. Through meditation and constantly visiting the temple's Library, Krandon now views himself as a Redeemed Jedi. The Council of Urr recognized that Krandon with a Redeemed Jedi which means there are still traces of the Dark Side within Krandon, however, Krandon wishes to rid himself of the Dark Side once and for all. The council has seen potential in the, now, Jedi Knight and elevated him to the position of Rollmaster of House Odan-Urr.

Krandon's un-modified DC-15s pistol.

Physical Appearance

"You're a six foot tall Zabrak?"
―Ashia Kagan Keibatsu

Krandon isn’t like every other Zabrak, being that he is 6’2. Most Zabraks only dream of reaching even 6’. People in the Brotherhood look at Krandon oddly when he tells his stories of being an assassin, because of his height. Krandon also has very distinct tattoos. Being a Zabrak, tattoos come natural...but not yellow and black tattoos. Krandon believes that his life experiences have something to do with his tattoos being such odd colors. During his escape from the rogue Jedi that attacked his village on Iridonia, Krandon lost his hand. It was replaced in the Brotherhood’s labs with a cybernetic hand which he covers up with his flying gloves.

Commander Gilifreid Maximillion Rowella's uniform, now in the hands of Krandon.

Krandon has 4 outfits that he wears. His Mandalorian armor, Dark Jedi Brotherhood robes, flight armor and his father’s uniform. He only wears his father’s uniform on special occasions though, like the day that he died. Along with this, Krandon has a necklace that was given to him by his ex-wife, Xia Rowella. It once contained a picture of her, but now it is blank. Krandon’s Mandalorian armor is green with a grey flight jacket and black flight suit. He doesn’t wear his helmet unless on special assignment. His left Mandalorian bracer is also fitted with a state-of-the-art GPS and potion detector. His robes are Gladiator robes. Krandon’s father was a pilot ace for the Emperor back in the days of the Empire. Krandon’s father died when Mor’bathi was invaded. Krandon went back later on and found His father’s, Gilifreid’s, uniform.

The Lost Shall Be Found

Krandon’s DC-15s blaster pistol is the only remnants of his family he has. It was given to his father when he was a boy from a Clone Trooper when they came to Iridonia at the early stages of the Clone Wars. Krandon had thought the pistol had been lost when the rogue Jedi came to his village and killed his family, however when Krandon went back to his village many years later, he found the gun, intact, in the secret compartment that his father had put it in inside their hut. Scavengers had stolen almost everything from the village, except this, this most prized possession of Krandon. Rowella now uses this pistol as his side arm now serving as the Battle Team Leader of the Jade Serpents. Because of Krandon being an assassin, he has modified this pistol quite extensively. These modifications include a silencer as well as an extended clip.


Padawan Robes

When Ashia Kagan Keibatsu found Krandon in a cave, he only had the clothes on his back. However, when he joined the brotherhood, he was given clothing. His first set of clothing was a set of Padawan robes. Krandon, being a six foot tall Zabrak, had to get his robes specially made by the tailors. He didn`t have these robes for long; he wore them out during the Ninth Great Jedi War.

Jade Serpent's Marine Battle Armor

The Jades Serpents are given a set of custom fitted armor upon joining the Jade Serpents. The set is green to go with the whole “Jade” Serpents theme. Even though the set came with a helmet, Krandon never wore it. He found it uncomfortable while he was flying. Krandon only wore his armor on the recon mission that Lord Astronicus Aurelius Sadow gave the Jades at the beginning of the Ninth Great Jedi War. After that first mission, he put it down and donned his Padawan Robes. These robes, however did not last long. As Krandon reached the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, he went through a slew of robes.

Mandalorian Shock Trooper Armor

This set of armor is very ceremonial to Krandon. Because of this, it is his primary set of armor when going into battle. He got this armor from an assassination target that, supposedly, was the person who killed his father. Krandon got his revenge and killed the man, who he later found out was the leader of the group that attacked Mor’Bathi. This armor is green with yellow shoulder plates. After Krandon became the Leader of the Jade Serpents, he donned a kama, the skirt that Mandalorian commandos and the Elite ARC troopers wore. The kama is a sign of leadership, bravery and rank.

Gladiator Robes

These are the current robes of Jedi Knight Krandon Rowella. Krandon started wearing these robes when he became the Rollmaster of House Odan-Urr. They are made of a strong synthetic material to defend against blaster fire. Krandon also wears a holster on his side for his DC-15s blaster pistol.

Positions Held

Outstanding Achievements

  • Earned a Dark Maven for Leadership
  • Earned a Dark Maven for General History
  • Earned a Dark Maven for Philosophy
  • Has participated in the Clan Naga Sadow house Feuds
  • Battle Team Leader of the Jade Serpents
  • Sith Flight Leader of the Jade Serpents
  • Student of History and Mythology
  • Was Faeril Munlear's apprentice
  • Was Alexander Anderson's apprentice
  • Apprentice to Shin'ichi Keibatsu
  • Earned a Steel Cross, Gold Nova and Silver Nova from the Ninth Great Jedi War