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The Item Prototype Approval Policy concerns the methods and requirements members of the Dark Brotherhood may use for submitting their own items for Regent approval and addition to Member Possessions or Unit Possessions.

Please note that existing Canon or Legends items can only be suggested and members are not to completely draft an item for submission. Refer to the "Item Suggestion Box below for these items.


Example of member-created item wiki

It has been the Regent's plan for a long while to allow members the chance to submit their own ideas and personally created items (from this point on referred to as 'item(s)') to be included in the Possessions stores, be they member-specific or unit-specific. This policy exists to allow for that. The lower paragraphs detail the requirements, rules, and ways to send these ideas to the Regent for approval.

Item Suggestion Box

Any existing Canon or Legends item a member wishes to submit to the Regent can be done so through the suggestion box, which can be found here:

Regent's Office: Suggestion Box

Custom Item Submission


Any proposed new item(s) a member wishes to submit to the Regent that isn’t from Star Wars Canon or Legends must contain basic information that the Regent staff can use to verify and research the feasibility of the item(s) in question before approval. This process is non-negotiable and required in with every submission and every item.

The proposal must contain information relevant to the item(s) the member wants. You will find a list of suggestions here:

  • Item name: Self-explanatory.
  • Item category: Armor, pistol, rifle, starship, creature, etc. Leave blank if you are unsure, the Regent will make his own suggestion.
  • Proposed shop: Which shop would you like to see it in? This is particularly important when suggesting Unit or Member specific possessions.
  • Proposed rarity: Suggest the rarity of the item. The Regent may change it for balancing reasons.
  • Item description: Self-explanatory. Make it fairly detailed.
  • Item image: All items must have an image. Suggest one here.


There are several rules members should be aware of before submitting:

  • Two or more members must express an intent to use the proposed item(s)
  • Items submitted in this way must be unique, original items created by members which also fit into the larger Star Wars universe
  • No unique item(s) from Star Wars canon or Legends may be submitted (Darth Vader's helmet, Darth Revan's Lightsaber, Leia Organa's slave outfit, etc.)
  • Every item must have an image. Do not submit your proposal without one
  • Pre-existing Canon or Legends item(s) must be submitted via the suggestion box above


All member submissions will be reviewed by the Regent and discussed with the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master for validity within our system. It is important to understand that each item must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and meeting the above requirements does not guarantee addition. The more information you provide, the better the chance of approval. The approval result (approved or denied) is final and while the staff may provide justification and reasoning they will not entertain appeals on the decision reached.

How to Submit

Send an e-mail to Atra Ventus. It is strongly suggested to include the following in the subject in order to ensure it isn't lost: "[Regent Proposal]".

The Template

All Member-created items submitted and approved by the Regent must have a wiki page with the following template added to the top: Template:PossessionsApproval

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