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This Item Aspect Approval Policy outlines the different rules that must be followed for any custom aspect submitted by a member for use on a specific prototype item owned by that member. This Item Aspect will be sent to the Regent staff for review and if it does not meet the requirements below, it will be remanded with reference to the specific policy or policies it did not meet.

As an alternative to these policies, members can use the wiki to define specific character history elements as necessary to properly expound their character’s backstory and how it ties into a given item.

Non-Functional Aspects

Whenever an Item Aspect description specifically lists something as non-functional — either cosmetic in nature to alter its appearance or for fictional reasons as noted — it falls under the non-functional aspect policy.

  1. Images: No embedded images, text only. One link to a relevant image may be allowed within the aspect itself. This link should be text based, with a URL that references a full link name that cannot be modified and replaced on the server hosting the image.
  2. Character References: No references can be made to any character intended to be using, wearing, or equipping this item. The aspect should only detail the item itself as if it were sitting in a display case.
  3. Resting State: There cannot be outside forces acting on the item in an aspect. It must be described in a resting state. Limited language can be used to attempt to describe the pliancy of an item, but in a way that doesn’t call into question the effect of outside forces on that item.
  4. Counterfeit Rule: An aspect cannot modify an item such that it is attempting to become a copy of another item. It must be clear after reading the item aspect that the extended description of an item does not attempt to mimic another.
  5. Functionality: As a non-functional aspect, the language can in no way alter the functionality of the item itself.

Functional Aspects

Whenever an Item Aspect description specifically lists something as functional—such as modifying the base qualities in a way that alters the operation of the item as noted—it falls under the functional aspect policy.

  1. Logical Extension: Functional alterations must make sense within the confines of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood system and Star Wars Universe, even if it technically is possible. For example, you could not put an optical scope on a sword or put a bipod on your lightsaber.
  2. Balance: All functional aspects must have a clear benefit and drawback either explicitly listed or clear enough that any reasonable person could understand what’s going on. This can add new functionality to an item, however, the greater an aspect changes an item, the greater the corresponding disadvantage. Only minor adjustments to functionality would result in incremental or minimal downsides. These aspects are not intended as purely upgrade slots, and must still keep an item in balance.
  3. Imageless: Functional aspects cannot contain embedded images, or links to images. Only link-free text.
  4. Non-functional: This aspect should only include language to alter the functionality of an item, and cannot extensively discuss the appearance alterations as a result of the adjustment. This is done in order to prevent conflicts with the non-functional aspects applying to the same time.
  5. Singular: Aspects are limited to an alteration of one single specific key feature of an item. It will not be approved it if appears that multiple functional adjustments are being attempted within a single aspect.
  6. Granted Aspects: Granted aspects are special aspects given to an item on a per-item basis and may grant a special effect with a corresponding downside. A functional aspect cannot modify or suppress the effects of a granted aspect, and granted aspects may not be counterfeited/duplicated by members. (i.e. A member cannot take the Intense Local Magnetic Field aspect from the Praetorian Royal Guard Armor and create a version for the Imperial Stormtrooper Armor)

All Aspects

Any Item Aspect applies the following policies for approval.

  1. Appropriate Language: All aspects must be free of profanity, vulgar language, sexual content, racism, or other potentially offensive subject matters.
  2. Aspect Type Description: All aspects must meet any specific language outlined in the description of the aspect type being requested for approval if present; there can be no conflict. This specific language ensures compliance with the balance of the system.
  3. Prototype Item Logic: All aspect language needs to make sense in the context of the prototype item that it is intended to modify or describe. For example, you would not say that the S-foils were black on a starfighter if it did not have S-foils, nor would you note that a blaster rifle had a finely honed cutting edge.
  4. Length: All aspects must be no longer than 150 words in length.

Credits and Version Information

Currently in version 1.2

  • 1.0 version drafted by Evant Taelyan ahead of possessions open beta - 10/24/2016
  • 1.1 version edited by Evant Taelyan to add Functional Aspect policy Singular - 11/29/2016
  • 1.2 version edited by Atra Ventus to add clarification for image linking and granted aspects, amongst other minor changes - 08/15/2020