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Eli Denan
Biographical Information

New Tython

Date of Birth:


Physical Description





5 '10









Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):
  • Imperial Martial Arts Sytem
  • Shadow Step
Chronology & Political Information
  • Smuggler
  • Mercenary



Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



Personal Ship:

The Epsilon

Known masters:


Known apprentices:




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Eli Denan; Denan, or simply Eli is a human male from the planet New Tython. Known through many sectors as a career scoundrel, smuggler, and general trickster by trade, Eli has carved a living through his opportunistic personality and well-honed drive.

Eli Denan Case History


A native of New Tython, Eli Denan grew up in a farming commune located southwest about 20 kilometers outside of Menat Ombo. His parents, Joren and Delia Denan were both former fighters and pilots in the rebellion against the Empire of Palpatine. They like many others became disenfranchised with the war and both sought along with many others to make a peaceful life out in the universe away from the wars. They settled on New Tython and established a homestead along with a few other families.

In the years thereafter they became successful farmers and traders earning a reputation as honest and good-willed people among the settlers and Harakoan natives alike. Together, Joren and Delia had three children, Mathis, Eli, and Anya. Mathis, the eldest was stern and orderly valuing the high road and hard work whereas Eli was brazen and a bit more of a rogue. Anya however was not as polarized and was a judicial balance between her older siblings.

Not much is known of the Denans lives nor the children's upbringing in those years at this point as information from surviving Tythonians is scant. It is known however in the public records from Menat Ombo that during one of the many skirmishes between the Harakoans and the settlers Delia Denan is listed as having lost her life during the razing of the commune along with twelve others. Other records show that the family soon after moved to Menat Ombo where Joren became a technician for the municipality.

The family pops up again twice in the aftermath of the establishment of The People's New Dawn revolution; the first being when Mathis Denan, the eldest of he three childen had enlisted into the armed forces of the New Dawn. Further records indicate him as being AWOL sometime before the establishment of Purity Rock. The second instance comes in much the same manner having Eli enlisted the same day into the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force.

Eli's military record lists him as a Commander in the infantry near the beginning of the Horizons Crisis after which he transitions to a special forces unit shortly before the Dark Crusades. Eli is shown to have an adept knowledge of firearms equal to his cunning as a combat and light vessel pilot, and a high degree of conditioning and athleticism, all skills being used during the wars. The remainder of his military record is redacted save for concluding with being declared Killed In Action following the Battle of Khar Delba and being posthumously elevated to Lieutenant-Colonel.

Theories however abounded that Eli had in fact not gone missing nor perished in battle but was likely either recalled on a mission involving the newly created Purity Rock (which had been established concurrently in the Jedi's absence from New Tython); or a more unlikely story a few years later involving two escaped prisoners (one human and the other an unidentified Jedi) during a riot on a distant spice mined asteroid prison.

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Present Day

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Physical Description

A 26 year old human from New Tython, Eli is both handsome of appearance and character standing at five feet and ten inches, he weighs in at around around one hundred and seventy pounds. A healthy diet augmented by grueling regimental exercises and advanced training have awarded him a lean athletic build capable of formidable strength, endurance, and heightened dexterity. Eli also possesses a penetrating gaze of hazel eyes while his jawline and chin both run strong and firm and alternates between various standard facial hair types. Eli sports shoulder length hair that he usually keeps in a tight knot prouced from two braids along the sides of his profile.

As for attire Eli is most comfortable in a standard outfit consisting of a military style jacket and shirt with a more contoured fit as well as pants and boots with a slung holster about the waist.



  • Modified BlasTech X-8 Night Sniper- Eli's primary sidearm, this battered weapon is rigged with cooling vents to facilitate a faster rate of fire and reduces overheating.
  • Modified BlasTech EE-3 Blaster Carbine- Serving as his rifle during longer range combat situations, though a relic, this weapon still finds its edge in the hands of the smuggler which has been modified likewise to make its function relevant to modern day standards of combat.

Vessel & Craft

  • The Epsilon- A battleworn VCX-100 light freighter outfitted with an Ion Afterburner. The vessel serves as Eli's primary transport.
  • 74-Z Speeder Bike- Used mainly when his freighter is unnecessary, this speeder is blacked out and features speed boosters as well as having been guttred out to make the craft lighter, more nimble and much faster than stock varieties.


  • As a non-traditional variant approach to the primary character concept in the DB, Eli is as such a non-force sensitive human.
  • Created following the decision to shelve the character Drodik Va'lence al'Tor, Eli's backstory will function as a parallel to the former.