Debric Santhe d'Tana

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Debric Santhe d'Tana
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

20 BBY

Physical Description





1.83 Meters






Ice Blue

Personal Information
Fighting Style(s):

Shadow Fist/Klarin Chi

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Clan Arcona, House Qel-Droma, Dark Inquisitors



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Character History

Early life

Debric was born on Alderaan to Philip and Jarael Santhe. As son of Santhe/Sienar's largest shareholder, Debric lived a life of luxury. Unlike most wealthy heirs, however, Debric never became an uptight snob. In fact, this is probably why he had few friends at his private school. He hated his peers because they lived in such a sheltered life. Debric would constantly see the crime and suffering that went on in the galaxy, and decided to do something about it.

The Empire

At age eighteen, Debric left home on an appointment to the Imperial Academy. His father, furious with the decision, removed Debric from his will.

Still, Debric went on and graduated in the top five of his class at the Academy, and was immediately recruited by Imperial Intelligence’s Internal Organization after graduation.

Alderaan was destroyed when Santhe was twenty years old. Now a lieutenant in Imperial Intelligence, Debric knew the truth behind the destruction of Alderaan. He defected to the Alliance two weeks before the attack on Hoth.


Debric was in the command center of Echo Base when the Imperials launched an assault. He was coordinating the evacuation efforts when snowtroopers broke into the command center. Debric barely escaped with his life. He was taken off Hoth on one of the last transports, and was taken to the Rebel Rendezvous Point.

Santhe was then approached by Admiral Hiram Drayson and was asked to join Alpha Blue, a section of Rebel Intelligence.

Santhe served in Alpha Blue until Endor. There, Debric worked on a frigate as an analyst.

After Endor, the formation of the New Republic led to Debric's departure from the Alliance. His work there was done.


It was at that point that Debric received a message from his family. His father had just died of heart failure. Debric just couldn't bring himself to feel pain over the death of his father, mainly due to the problems that had befallen the two of them years earlier.

Debric was approached during the funeral by his younger brother, Kashan, who was the sole beneficiary of the Santhe/Sienar shares. Kashan had been secretly funding the Alliance using money given to him by his father, and had played his own father so that he would not be cut out of the will like his older brother.

Since eighty percent of the shares were held by Kashan, Debric's younger brother was now the largest shareholder of what was now known as Sienar Fleet Systems.

Although "officially" owned by Debric's grandmother, Kashan was able to give Debric a position on the Board of Directors for the newest subsidiary, Sienar Army Systems. This would give Kashan a stronger voice in the SAS Board of Directors’ decisions.. By making weapons for other entities than the Empire, the company would be helping planets earn their independence. Debric went to Balmorra to negotiate a deal with Governor Beltane. Operating without the Empire’s knowledge, Debric was able to give Balmorra enough weapons for an army, as well as war droids. Debric was still living on Balmorra when the Balmorrans fought for their independence. Although his home on Balmorra was destroyed, Santhe survived.

Alpha Blue

After Balmorra declared its independence, Debric was contacted by Admiral Hiram Drayson, who was still director of Alpha Blue. Debric returned to active service as a Colonel, although his family and company had no idea. At a board meeting for Sienar Army Systems, Debric announced that he was going on an extended business trip to the Lyarna System in order to create a trade alliance with the Bounty Hunters Guild and the other organizations that had taken root in the system. With the blessing of his brother, Debric left for the Lyarna System.

Bounty Hunters Guild

His real mission, however, was to infiltrate the true power in the Lyarna System: The Bounty Hunter’s Guild. Santhe’s job was to become a bounty hunter and keep the New Republic up to date on the Guild. The New Republic was content to let the Guild have the Lyarna System, but it was afraid the Guild would try to expand to other regions. Debric was to try to get into a position of power within the Guild, and notify Alpha Blue if the Guild was planning on anything that would threaten the New Republic.

Debric spent years in the Guild, eventually earning the title of Baron.

Eventually, due to internal struggles, the Bounty Hunters Guild collapsed. With nowhere else to go, Debric began traveling the galaxy.

Joining the Brotherhood

An agent of Clan Arcona of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood discovered Debric during one of the traveler's stops on the Outer Rim. This agent was none other than Koskian d'Tana, who convinced Debric to join the Brotherhood as a member of Clan Arcona.

Debric worked hard at his studies, and eventually earned an Archivist Droid from the leaders of House Galeres.

Because of the leadership and political skill Debric had gained during his years in the Guild, he was sought out to help form the new government of the Dajorra System. Debric readily agreed.

Cabal Cronal

Apparently, he did a great job because he was approached by the leaders of House Galeres and Clan Arcona and asked to become a pivotal member of the new Arconan Intelligence Service. This group would be named Cabal Cronal. With all of his training from the Empire and his experience in the Guild, his skills had become suited to political and intelligence work. Debric happily joined the Cabal, and also continued his studies of the force.


After a significant time had passed and sufficient ability was noticed, Clan Arcona's Proconsul, Timeros Entar, thought it was time to knight Debric. Debric built his lightsaber following his knighting ceremony, which he shared with fellow Cabal member Rho d'Tana. With his glowing yellow blade, Debric put all of his time not working on Cabal projects to mastering the lightsaber form of Makashi.


After working with and becoming close friends with many members of the d'Tana Family, Debric was invited to join the family.

Eighth Great Jedi War

Arcona was hit hard during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of Antei. Debric acted as a tactical officer for various ships within the fleet, but was severely wounded when Clan Scholae Palatinae took advantage of the situation and fired on the Arconan flagship, Eye of the Abyss. Debric was knocked unconscious by a falling piece of the ship's internal hull. He woke up in an escape pod with a half dozen other survivors. During the rest of the war, Debric was unable to fight, but found himself a job as an intelligence analyst.

Arconan Reconstruction

After the Eighth Great Jedi War, Arcona began to rebuild. Mejas Doto replaced the missing Timeros Entar as Consul and re-opened House Qel-Droma under the leadership of Debric's old friend from both the Imperial Navy as well as the Bounty Hunters Guild: Xander Drax. Debric joined House Qel-Droma as a member of the Dark Inquisitors Battleteam.