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Production information

Heavy cruiser

Technical specifications
  • turbolasers
  • ion cannons
  • laser cannons
  • concussion missile tubes
  • tractor beam projectors


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The Corsair was a heavy cruiser that served as the lead ship of the line in Task Force Piranha, and was the third vessel in Tarentum's service to bear the name. The ship was acquired by Clan Tarentum in 29 ABY when it reorganized its Navy by order of Quaestor Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae. The reacquired ships were based on an earlier Task Force that served specific purposes for Tarentum, which the House returned to in 29 ABY. The Corsair served as the lead ship of the line in formation, engaging and pounding enemy cruisers from extreme range as the other ships of the Task Force closed in. This is the third ship in Tarentum's Navy to carry the name Corsair. The first ship was the Victory-class Star Destroyer Corsair, while the second was another cruiser destroyed approximately one year before the acquisition of the third iteration.