Dark Paladin (Former CSP Ship)

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Dark Paladin
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Scholae Palatinae Flagship


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The Star Destroyer Dark Paladin was a part of the Fleet of Scholae Palatinae and served as Clan Scholae Palatinae's flagship and base of command when away from the Cocytus System, and traveled with the rest of the First Flotilla as escort.


Service to the Palpatines

Phoenix Palpatine and Lucien Kaeth surveying the bridge.

The ship was commanded by Admiral Ail'en Sommetra, previous Commander of the original Excidium. She had proven her worth as an outstanding and loyal officer, capable of handling her ship and crew to high levels of efficiency. She also served as the day-to-day commanding officer of the entire Clan fleet as well as when the Fleet Commander was unavailable.

Under the former name of Excidium II, the flagship of the Clan was sent into battle during the Eleventh Great Jedi War where is saw heavy battle above the planet of Korriban for weeks. The ship sustained heavy damage structurally, losing nearly 75% of its weapons placements and half the crew holding position along with the rest of the fleet. Immediately following the war, it limped back to the Cocytus System where it spent considerable time undergoing repairs. As the former House Scholae Palatinae was once again elevated to Clan, one of the two new Houses was named as Excidium. After being completely rebuilt, the flagship was relaunched as the Dark Paladin to serve the reborn Clan.


During periods of large-scale combat, the Dark Paladin served as the Clan's flagship. When not engaged in active battle, the ship usually guarded the Imperial Palace, the main Clan Headquarters on Judecca.

In battle it was normally not used in a command capacity, since the Warspite fulfilled this role where the Second and Third Flotillas operated along with the Expeditionary Forces. As per standard Clan philosophy, the ship was almost never used without a full understanding of the threats that faced her in combat, so she only engaged when the course of action was clear and understood.