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The Dark Jedi Brotherhood is a Star Wars fanclub with a diverse membership that includes minors. Although the Covenant grants members the right of free speech, it also cautions that exercise of the right must be tempered by respect for the rights and protection of members under 18. The Covenant further clarifies that the public image of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood is a matter of concern for the club as a whole.

Therefore, the Dark Council reserves the right to deny, remand, edit, or remove content from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood website that it determines is inappropriate for the Star Wars setting and/or for the consumption of our minor members. This policy is intended to be read and applied narrowly, with a preference for permitting members to revise affected content.

Members affected by a determination that their content will be removed from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood website pursuant to this policy will be notified of the action taken and the reason for it. Objections to the application of this policy may be made to the Grand Master.

Nothing in this policy limits or otherwise restricts members from creating content that is not hosted on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood website.

For purposes of this policy, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood website includes all subdomains and services hosted on the darkjedibrotherhood.com domain.