VT-49 Avenger

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Production information

VT-49 Assault Transport

Possession Item:


Technical specifications

38 meters

Max speed (atmosphere):

850 km/h

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class 2
  • Backup Class 12


  • 2 quad laser turrets
  • 2 missile launchers
  • 4 bridge crew
  • 2 gunners

Up to 20 troops

Cargo capacity:

80 tons


2 months

Other systems:

2 escape pods



Known owner(s):

Andan Taldrya Marshall


34 ABY

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Vessel Info

The VT-49 Decimator is most correctly classified as an Assault ship. It is heavily armed and armored, and built to carry light to medium loads into dangerous places. Its form follows its function, and its shape offers a relatively small target with no large fins or wings as seen in some of the less combat-oriented craft of the Empire, such as the Lambda-class Shuttle. Armor and deflector shielding is particularly heavy, and the weapons load-out is fearsome and includes turrets capable of engaging any target fast enough to out-maneuver the VT49. As a ship built to out-fight anything it can outrun, and outrun anything it can’t outfight, the Empire uses the Decimator as a multi-role craft and will outfit it to suit the current need.

A number of special modifications were made to the ship before it was delivered. First, the ship has been equipped with an electronic stealth system. While the system is running, the ship is practically invisible to scanners. The downside to this impressive system is that its power requirements are so large that when it is running the ship can only run life support systems and can only travel with greatly reduced engine output. It is an effective method of staying hidden, but the ship is unable to engage in combat or quick movement with it activated. In order to prevent visual identification of the ship while the electronic stealth system is active, the entire ship has been painted black. In addition, the ship has been fitted with an extensive electronic warfare suite which includes encrypted holonet access, signal interceptors, high power jammers, and computers tasked only with decrypting intercepted transmissions. This equipment has been installed on the starboard side of the bridge.

The Avenger's standard layout has also been slightly altered to fit Andan Taldrya Marshall's specific and unique needs. The fore half of the lower deck has been converted to Andan Taldrya Marshall's personal quarters. In addition to the expected sleeping and refreshing facilities, this space contains a stripped down communications array which allows for private, secure communication, as well as space for meditation facing the large forward viewport. Aft of Andan Taldrya Marshall's quarters on the port side are the galley, refresher station, and crew quarters. On the starboard side are the medical bay and secure storage. The ship's probe droid is stored in this secure storage area and is loaded in a launcher which is able to deploy the droid in either atmosphere or space via a command from the bridge. This storage area is also used to secure valuable cargo and weapons that are being transported. Immediately aft of the crew quarter and secure storage is the main cargo hold. This area can be used for a number of purposes depending on need. The bulkheads are lined with jump seats for troop transport, and the ship is able to carry up to 80 tons of cargo. A ladder in the back on the cargo bay goes up to the bridge and down to engineering and the engine bay.

The entire upper deck is dedicated to the bridge. Coming up the ladder from the cargo bay, one is in the navigation section. Here a single officer handles sensor, hyperspace navigation, and communications duties. Forward of this is the command deck. This section houses the and pilot and co-pilot stations, a station for weapons control, and the captain's station. Next to the two piloting stations, there is a place for an astromech droid to interface with the ship. Also on this bridge are a small weapons locker and a refresher station. The large forward and overhead viewports give the bridge crew an exceptional view of the space around the ship and allow the ship to quickly identify and respond to threats.


The Avenger was purchased by Andan Taldrya Marshall as a replacement for the One Armed Scissor, his personal ship that was destroyed during the Attack on Karufr. The ship was named for his first posting on the Super Star Destroyer Avenger. The ship is still very new and, as such, does not yet have much history to speak of. The ship has served as Andan Taldrya Marshall's home and base of operation since the Attack on Karufr, and will continue to do so until Clan Taldryan finds a new home.

Complement & Assignment

The Avenger is Andan Taldrya Marshall's personal ship and not strictly a part of Clan Taldryan's navy. However, Andan Taldrya Marshall's status as a Son of Taldryan allows him significant liberties not available to the average member of the clan. The crew for the Avenger has been drawn from Taldryan's naval forces, although they are attached to Andan Taldrya Marshall. The crew are loaned to Andan Taldrya Marshall with the understanding that the ship will be called up for active duty if needed.

Andan Taldrya Marshall also keeps a compliment of droids on board. These include an MK-series Maintenance droid nicknamed Fixer, an FX-7 medical droid nicknamed Patch, a DRK-1 Probe Droid nicknamed Seeker, and a KX series Security droid, nicknamed Sparky, that Andan Taldrya Marshall will occasionally take with him on missions when he feels the need for fire support. Other times, Sparky remains with the ship to ensure that no uninvited guests make it on board.