Viqi Yzalli

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Viqi Yzalli

"Fiula Muyel"

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8 ABY (age 27) , Junction

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Klatooinian with Yuuzhan Vong personality



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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Viqi Yzalli (later known as Fiula Muyel) was a female Klatooinian born on the Outer Rim trade planet Junction. Her parents were members of the Klatooinian Trade Guild, which was in truth a front of the Hutts, and they were practically slaves due to their indentured service contracts. As such, Viqi grew up in a world of smuggling and slavery. The first chance she got to escape this life when approached by an envoy of the Brotherhood she took, leaving her parents behind and eagerly accepting the "no questions asked" one way trip to Antei; and, she hoped, a new life.

Viqi was only fourteen when she began her training at the Shadow Academy, and only nineteen when the planet was invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong. Though she had completed her Trials, she was no match for the extragalactic invaders, not managing to reach the evacuation shuttles in time and so being left behind on Lyspair. Viqi endured nearly two years of pain at the hands of her new slave masters, discovering first hand the suffering she had helped subject others to when she was younger.

It was not until late in 29 ABY, when the Vong hierarchy started unravelling following the death of their Supreme Overlord, that anything changed. But in Viqi's case, change was not for the better; had she only held out a few months longer she may have been liberated by the plague set upon the Vong by the Jedi Crusaders of Omancor Crask, but instead she was taken alive by agents of a rogue faction secretly operating out of deep space. There she met Eckla Muyel and Niiriit Phaath. Already near to accepting her fate, it did not take long on the Embrace of Pain before she surrendered to the will of the "True Gods". Experimented upon by Niiriit, and tortured by Eckla, the broken Dark Jedi and former slaver embraced her death. Now a nearly half-Vong "hybrid", her body altered by numerous biots, she became Fiula Muyel, swearing total submission to Eckla as one of her Jeedai slaves.

Fiula was dispatched to the Orian system to make contact with one of their Peace Brigade allies there: the former mayor of Seng Karash himself, Sylus Vega. The mayor had been discredited when he threw his hand in with the failed True Brotherhood coup that had coincided with the invasion of Antei. Fiula was assigned to assist the now-president of "Vega Incorporated" with setting in place the necessary pieces for the coming strike by the local Vong remnants who sought to regain favor with the gods by taking revenge on the Dark Jeedai who had shamed them.