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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Unus Per A Novus Domus
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Date of Death:

36 ABY (age 38)

Physical Description





181 cm


192 lbs


Dark Brown




Right Hand

Personal Information
Lightsaber Form(s):


Chronology & Political Information


  • Directorate General
  • Ambassador to the Myresi


Known masters:

Kal Vorrac



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Unus Per A Novus Domus was a Weequay Dark Jedi Knight in service to House Plagueis. Unus was a distinct cross between a manipulator and a server; while he was more than willing to send his allies, Force Users and Force Blind alike, to their doom, he felt a distinct kinship with them and was willing to die for them. He was killed in 36 ABY during the Horizons Crisis when the planet Kapsina was subjected to a biological plague and destroyed.

Character History

Early Life

Unus was born in the Saloqa clan on Sriluur, named for its founder. His clan had never risen to greatness, but was one of the older ones, as it managed to avoid confrontation with practically everyone (Three clan wars, twenty small skirmishes, and one final fight against the Vong in nearly four thousand years). Till he was seven, Unus was treated as all children in his clan; he practiced with weapons, medical skills, and survival skills. This training, though based on Sriluurs biosphere, remains with him and can help him survive for quite some time by himself.

Upon his seventh birthday, Unus was deemed capable and instructed to benefit the clan in some way or go hungry. He chose to work as a runner for the Black Sun till he was eligible to become a hunter, taking the name Servus for use among outsiders. When he was fifteen, his boss gave him a slugthrower to use in a raid against an opposing boss. Servus was wounded in the firefight, but managed to kill three enemies. Impressed, his boss had him work as an enforcer. Weequay contacts were very careful around him, knowing that the teenager would be willing to torture and kill on demand. Traders were not so careful, though a slug in an unimportant body part usually stopped it.

Several times, Servus was offered a more permanent position in the Black Sun due to his effectiveness and loyalty, but he refused each time due to loyalty to his Clan.


On his nineteenth birthday, Servus was considered an adult and permitted to select a career within the Clan. He chose to become a Hunter, and was entered into two years of specialized training. When offered the choice, he often chose either a slugthrower, Blaster Pistol, or his own hands for a weapon. While this earned him more respect and more opportunities, it earned him several wounds as well; he has a variety of scars, though one stands out in particular; three lines caused from the paw of a Dark wolf he attempted to tame. He was also stung, but was healed in time.

When he became a full fledged hunter, Servus led a hunting party of ten against a Bandigo nest, which was believed to be a small one but one that would still make a good addition to the food. Instead, it turned out that there were nearly a hundred of the beasts. Unus considered his options; if he and his hunters died (none of which were recognized as spectacular hunters), then the clan would have ten less mouths to feed. If he was successful, they would have enough food to feed the clan from this alone for quite some time. He asked his fellows, and all agreed; an attack was the best option.

Servus laid several traps, and organized a raid; with slugthrowers going off to scare the Bandigos, Servus' hunting party charged the Bandigos into thirteen traps, taking off several each time. When the Bandigos finally got their sense back, they were down to seven. Slugthrowers and spears ended them. A runner was sent back to the Clan; Servus was granted an honorary position as Elder, to be increased to an actual if he survived to fifty years old (a rarity, even in Servus' clan). In addition to this reward, Servus was deemed to be capable of making good decisions and of being a proper member of the clan; he was given permission to marry.

In two months, Servus had a wife. Opposed to tradition, she was a fellow hunter; it was generally considered good practice to avoid same career marriages to avoid the emergence of castes, but there was no law against it.

When the Peace Brigade came to Sriluur, Servus managed to convince his Clan to keep up arms and oppose them, knowing full well that conquerors have never come in peace. Due to the non confrontational nature of the Clan, there has never been a true standing army, and the many Hunters were used as Soldier. Till the Vong landed, Servus' clan planned, and Servus drew upon the Black Sun contacts he had to get mercenaries.

Despite their planning, the rest of Sriluur was low tech enough that the entire planet fell. Servus was assigned on a covert mission to slaughter some landing Vong, as well as several other hunters save for a Militia kept with the Clan. After his mission was complete, Servus headed back to his Clan; he was not able to see anyone that was not slaughtered, though the large presence of Vong corpses showed that they did not go down without a fight. As far as he knows, he is the last of his Clan.

Servus did the only thing he could; he ran, stole a ship, and escaped. He ran to a close system, and considered his actions; he wanted to hurt the Vong, but he wouldn't do much damage alone. After a bit of thinking, Servus headed to the Jusadih System and enlisted in the private army of a Noble. He put down his name as Unus Per A Novus Domus, to indicate his status.


Unus didn't serve in the Noble's Army for long; once the Invasion was over, he enlisted in the Jusadih Armed Forces. Due to his previous experience and strong will to fight and serve, Unus ended up being promoted to Sergeant rather quickly. Unfortunately, his first assignment had a 90 Blunder for his Officer In Charge, resulting in Unus often taking the reins for his unit. He tended to keep comrades at arms distance, though showed extreme willingness to assist others. Unus participated in several raids against the Jusadih Independence Corps.

Unus' service as a Soldier culminated in a mission to Morroth in which he ended up executing the Jedi Hunter Necal. The then QUA of House Satal Keto, Kal Vorrac named him his apprentice and transferred him into the Dark Brotherhood. Officially, Unus was moved from his unit with the only record being 'rerouted to Special Unit'. He did go to Antei for standard training, but a short bit of work from Kal made him breeze through


Truth Of A Sith

In 33 ABY, Unus' Master, Kal Vorrac devised a final trial for his apprentice before reaching Knighthood. Kal summoned his apprentice to the bridge of the NSD Ascendancy, and destroyed the Hunter's Armory Saber. While doing this, he explained that he found the Brotherhood in error, and that he was going to reveal to the Galactic Alliance of the Brotherhoods location while he started his own order in line with Bane's teachings. He then pulled a Q4 Quickfire and shot himself in the stomach, throwing the blaster to his apprentice and screaming 'Assassin'. What the guards thought was rather obvious. Whether in a moment of fear, surprise, hatred, or confusion, Unus did not shoot his master; Instead, he escaped to Kapsina.

There, he managed to fight off an attack force consisting of several Dark Jedi and forty mercenaries. He took an energy cell and two sabers; a long straight one, and a smaller curved one (which he keeps as a trophy to this day). Before he took off to the Dark Tower, he sent a message to Corran Force about what was happening so that the DJB could enter damage control. He used the longer saber, which was more suited to his fighting style, and managed to fight through to his Master. Catching Kal in a saber lock, he thrust the energy cell into the sabers. The resulting explosion damaged both fighters, and melded Unus' right hand to the saber.

Perhaps impressed with Unus' resolve, Kal revealed his purpose; this was his final trial for Knighthood. The revelation threw Unus into a rage, as he had killed Jusadaian Soldiers to get to Kal. Unus charged him once more; Kal responded by using the Force to knock him down and used his saber to remove the Weequay's hand. The entire event has resulted in Unus having a very strained relationship with his Master, though he is the first to acknowledge that, even if he doesn't need Kal, Kal is highly useful to him.

The final death

Shortly after becoming a Knight, Unus began to take on missions dealing with investigation, a likely precursor to his becoming Directorate General later on. One of his investigations led to him infiltrating a group of black market smugglers. The group was led by a female Weequay that Unus recognized as being from his Clan. After an attempt to determine if anyone else survived, the answer being none according to the smuggler, Unus felt a pull between loyalties. Hardening his resolve, he chose Plaguies, and killed the Weequay from his clan, along with the rest of the smugglers. Once again, Unus was, as far as he knew, the last of his Clan.

A period of chaos

One of his earlier assignments as a Knight was to be made Directorate General for Jusadih's Intelligence Directorate. In this position, he helped set several precedents, and even refocused the Directorate in such a way that it would be easy for it to run largely autonomously, something that he found rather important when, after a period of Chaos, Unus founded Primus Pilus with several other Plaguians to help bring order to the Jusadih system and preserve the House. During a short and bloody crusade, Unus found himself personally responsible for a wide variety of murders and terrorist attacks, killing treasonous officers when possible, simply destroying bases when necessary.

After being captured by Jusadih officials with the rest of Primus Pilus, Unus maintained that his actions were necessary given the situation. When called to the Quaestor's office for personal sentencing, Unus fully expected death at his Quaestor's hands. He was not expecting to have Primus Pilus founded as a legitimate organization and as Plagueis' official battleteam.

RM and leaving Pilus

When Braecen Kaeth had to leave the position of Rollmaster, Unus was quick to offer his services to fill in for the position. When word came about his former Master returning reached him, Unus contacted his Master and made a request; take over as Pilus Commander. He knew very well that Kal would make a much better commander than himself, especially considering the far more feral way he held himself, not to mention his much more notable political and personal power. Thus, for the very same reason that he founded Primus Pilus, he left it in the hands of someone who he, for lack of a better word, despised.


As part of a plan to gain control of the second Adegan vein on Kapsina, Unus began to act as an ambassador to the Myressi, a group of Humans whose ancestors had crash landed on Kapsina several thousand years ago. While it would have been possible to simply subjugate the natives, they were very skilled guerilla warriors, and the investment of troops and resources would be far too great. A minor acoylte of the local gods, Ka'Hava'Ve, was assigned to Unus for the purpose of being a guide and a source of information about the local culture.

Extra Stuff

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Death (TBE)

Unus died during the destruction of Kapsina when it was burned during Horizons. Ka'Hava'Ve chose to leave him behind as a way of getting revenge.


Unus is far from a typical Dark Jedi, and even further from a typical Sith. His status as Dark Jedi only comes about from his being a Force user and using the Dark Side of the Force. Though he is ruthless, he is never needlessly cruel. When he must be cruel, it is cold and calculated to give morale to his allies and strike fear into his enemies. He is also far to devoted and careful for the usually chaotic Dark Jedi. He distinctly disagrees with the Sith doctrine to obtain power at any reasonable cost, holding his loyalty far higher on his list of priorities.

When in most conversation, Unus speaks with careful, short, and clipped speech. It is only when having an intellectual or philosophical discussion that he expands on his speaking.

Physical Description

Unus is nearly six feet tall, and accordingly well muscled with his previous training. He is agile and capable of taking a hit as well. This extends to the point where he far prefers to use melee combat against his opponents. He fully acknowledges that this mentality is due to the fact that he hates Vong and direct application of the Force is useless against them.

Unlike most Weequay, Unus lets his hair grow freely. Still, Weequay hair does not naturally let itself to freedom, and to keep it from being in a very distracting style, Unus has pulled it back into a rudimentray ponytail. The top of his head, however, remains bald due to his Weequay physiology. He prefers to keep his Peacekeeper robes on , but is more than willing to switch clothes at the drop of a hat for one of many different reasons, though usually for a mission.


First individual to be Etched To The Blade in Primus Pilus.

DJB Facts

First (and only) Directorate General

First Primus Pilus Commander


Unus Per A Novus Domus means One With A New Home, refering to his allegiances switching from his Weequay clan to Plagueis.

A Scar-Hand.

Positions Held

BTL of Intelligence Directorate

BTL of Primus Pilus

RM of House Plagueis

Webmaster of House Plagueis