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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

21 BBY

Physical Description





1.9 / 6'3


68 KG / 150 lbm


Mostly gray, some black stripes


Pale yellow

Personal Information
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Known masters:

Kal Vorrac



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Necal was a Farghul within House Satal Keto of Clan Plagueis, apprenticed to Kal Vorrac. He was slain in an attempt to kill his Master, being thwarted by his soon to be replacement Unus Domus

Character History

Early life

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A New Name

After being the captain of his own smuggling ship for just over eight years, Necal was alerted by his mother to the death of his fater. Coming home, he attended his fathers funeral, during which he invoked a family tradition, in which he voluntarily inherited more than his fathers property; he inherited his debts, duties, and even name.

Necal believed that his father was not in an accident, as he was said to have died, but was rather sabotaged, likely by competition. Necal would spend the next fifteen years of his life placing avenging his father as his goal.

A hunt for vengeance

Killing the killer

After waiting several days after capturing Ventic, Necal finally decided what he was going to do with him.

Having his men hold Ventic down, Necal poured molten silver down his throat and in his eyes, then left him there to writhe in agony till his death.

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More stuff

Joining the brotherhood

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Necal is currently apprenticed to Kal Vorrac. During a mission assigned to him by his master, Necal was abbandoned on Raxus Prime, and was given little instruction on what to do. He managed to retreat to a salvager camp, where he encountered a female Cathar and temporary ally by the name of Alri. During a discussion, the salvager camp was attacked by his masters trap; sixteen YVH droids. He and Alri managed to escape from the droids, and set a ship to auto destruct when the droids entered. Escaping on an old smuggling ship owned by Alri, the two quickly went to Morroth, it being Necal's plan to end Alri's life when they reached Morroth (due to the necessity of fuel, and his lack of credits). Touching down on Naboo, Necal's Master, Kal, stopped the two, though he was in disguise.

After a brief scuffle, Kal implied that he would spare Necal's life if he killed Alri. Deciding he could find another pilot if necessary, Necal killed her. Kal, revealing himself, demanded that his apprentice kneel before him and swear his loyalty. Though it was greatly implied that such swearing had little worth, Necal complied. Demanding that his apprentice hold out his hand, Kal carved an hourglass symbol on his hand, similar to his own. Necal views it as a badge of honor, his masters acceptance of him as his apprentice.


Necal is, for lack of a better word, insane. A pyromaniac, Necal enjoys burning things in his spare time, though he is more than able to suppress the urge when necessary. Necal's personal philosophy about the dark side can be summed up based on his response to his master saying; Hate will bring you power. Necal's response was 'But without control, you turn into little more than a slave of your own emotions. All the power in the universe is useless to a slave.'

Necal has an avid hatred of crowds, which has made him begin to walk quickly in order to get out quicker. This has evolved to almost running being his normal pace. This may reflect his thinking, which goes at an unusual rate. This can, and often does, result in stuttering when he speaks unless he makes a point to think out every sentence. Necal often goes to extreme ends to annoy people he doesn't like, though he is always careful not to anger someone who will kill him unless the reward is greater than the risk.

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Generally slow to actually trust someone, though willing to accept guidance from a superior.

Will sometimes go to unusual lengths to make a point to a superior.

Necal's name was, at first, supposed to be the core name of a Chiss, though the species was changed after a short time.

Necal's original name was She'Sar, a name found by googling 'Farghul Name'.

Necals personal mission is, currently, to pass all Shadow Academy exams offered at the given time. He is aware this will take forever.

Necal makes a point to keep the scar given to him by his master eaisly shown to everyone. When asked, Necal only replies 'it was a gift. I like it.'

Despite being a more or less successful smuggling captain for eight straight years, Necal has only a passing knowledge of flight, and would be useless doing anything but running in a fight.