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If anyone has any additional facts, feel free to add them. I'm just working off memory so things are only as good as I can remember. Equally, I doubt the GJW actually had that much of a plot, most competitions didn't seem to back then, so there's a liberal amount of retconning in most of these articles to fit them into the overall storyline.--Xanos 16:00, 13 March 2007 (MDT)

According to the old Holocron: Started October 1, 2000 and ended (well, rewards were posted on October 30, 2000) Taldryan won the Victory-class Star Destroyer Renascence. Clan scores:

FIRST placing is Clan Taldryan, with 555.5 points and 68 entries . . . SECOND placing is Clan Naga Sadow with 241.7 points and 34 entries . . . THIRD placing is Arcona with 143.2 points and 15 entries . . . FOURTH placing is Clan Scholae Palatinae with 119.6 points and 27 entries . . . FIFTH placing is Clan Satal Keto with 84 points and 21 entries . . . SIXTH placing is Clan Tarentum with 52 points and 26 entries . . . SEVENTH placing is Clan Alvaak with 4 points and 3 entries.