Omega Kira

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Omega Kira dressed in battle armor.
Omega Kira
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1 BBY (age 47)

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Black and White Interlaced

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Dark Jedi


Head Chef at Howlander's Pub

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Known apprentices:
  • BigWhaleCale
  • DarkHuntress - Failed
  • Rouge_13 - Failed


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"Not much is known of his past. Those who did know him are long gone, and those who recognize him, it is but a mere blink in the eye of a faded memory."

Omega was born on Coruscant in the year 1 BBY. He grew up in a well established family, who prided themselves on tradition. Attending the finest schools, Omega was a below average student. Constantly being pushed by his father for perfection, he left his family at the age of 18. Struggling to find his place in the universe, Omega joined the Emperor's Hammer at age 24. He became an exceptional pilot and was noticed by the Dark Brotherhood a year later. Unlike at the universities he attended, Omega excelled with his training within the EH and DB. Succeeding from both to form the New Imperium, Omega was lost to them after several years. He managed to make his way back to the DJB, and is currently on the fast track back to where he left off.

Character History


Omega Kira is a human, from Coruscant. Much of his past is unknown. On a recent trip to Yavin IV, his body was found in a comatose state. He was obviously a Jedi... his sabre at his side; he was adorned with New Imperium insignia. Something about him seemed familiar, but Telaris Cantor couldn't put his finger on it. He was brought back to the Brotherhood for medical treatment. Upon awakening, he spoke in an odd language that no one knew. The power of the force was evident, lashing out to the people and objects in the room. He had to be restrained. Weeks went by, with little to no sign of improvement. He was awake; functioning, but his eyes.... his eyes told a different story. A man who had seen battle; a man who had risen to power; a man lost...

Emperor's Hammer and Dark Brotherhood Career (13 ABY - 15 ABY)

TIE Pilot

Omega joined the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps, and excelled as a pilot. It was discovered he was force sensitive and sent to training with the Dark Brotherhood. Placed into House Ar'Kell, he shown aptitudes for both Sith and Obelisk orders. Eventually he was placed into the house leadership, after excelling in leadership with the TIE Corps and within his own house battle team. He went on to lead his own house as AED of House Arora, under the guidance of Xar "Sauron" Kerensky aka Xar "Sauron" Runis. He was also promoted to Rear Admiral of a VSD within the Emperor's Hammer fleet.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Reinstatement (38 ABY)

Omega furthered his studies in the force through the New Imperium. There he was an essential member of the founding fathers of that group. He excelled in leadership.. He was lost in battle, and found by Telaris Cantor on Yavin IV. At the suggestion of his Master Howlader; Omega took leave and headed off for the planet Frigg. A planet known as the home base of the rebels of the New Imperium. The palace of Ravenspyre laid in ruins, yet it felt like home to him. Something awoke in Omega, when he reached the ruins of the palace, and his memory flooded back to him. There was very little left in the rubble of the destroyed palace. Omega found a single holocron, containing brief information of his past. He knew where his loyalties lie. The NI had left him to die; and the DJB had brought him back.

New Beginings

Without any record of his past existing in the official database, Omega decided the best option would be to start at the beginning. Complete each rank and task set forth by his Master Howlader. He has progressed through the ranks rather quickly, which is not surprising. Omega completed the requirements for Dark Jedi Knight in 64 days, one day longer than the absolute minimum. He was able to achieve 16 out of the minimum 11 requirements for DJK before his Time In Grade requirement was met. He was allowed to take on an apprentice prior to becoming a DJK.

During the Great Jedi War 11, Omega received a field promotion to Sith Warrior for his efforts in the war and was ushered into the Equite group. He was issued his own chair in the Clan Taldryan chat room on Undernet. Thus no longer needing to steal Dru's chair.

For his efforts with House Dinaari Omega was promoted to Sith Battlemaster. Event 140051

He currently is a chef/part owner at Howlader's upcoming bar.

Physical Appearance

Omega is of average height for a human. He has brown hair though it is rare he is without "cover". His eyes are gray/green, though many have sworn they change colour. He typically wears his facial hair in a short beard trimmed just below jaw line. Omega pride's himself in being stronger than he appears.

Personality and Traits

Omega is generally a calm human. He is tactile when he talks. He generally believes that everything is a game of skill and tact. It's probably what makes him ideal for leadership. He has a tendency to attack full on when presented a challenge. For him it's either 100% or it's not done. He has a strong devotion to others. He is generous to a fault, caring more about other's progression than his own. Coffee, by far is his biggest motivator. If you want on his good side; bring him a strong black cup of it.

Powers and Abilities

The powers with the force are undeniable, driven even higher when he is upset or angry. His piloting skills are superb, even if he prefers not to fly himself.

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
none Chef/Part Owner of Howlander's New Bar
38 ABY
Rax QUA of Dinaari
38 ABY
Aiden Lee
Armags BTL of Harbingers
38 ABY


  • First in his class; class of one.
  • Coffee is an excellent bribe.
  • Was given a Walmart Lightsaber and had his "Armory Lightsaber" taken away by Howlader (Currently retired in display in the main hall of Clan Taldryan)
  • Completed DJK in 64 days; +1 over the minimum of 63.
  • Utilizes a Ninja Turtle Green Crayon to sign all official documents.

People Omega has killed non cannon:

  • Killed Armags with his "Walmart Lightsaber"
  • Killed Rian Aslar and gained his powers as Consul, stating there could be only one.