Armags C'Hiesa

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Armags C'Hiesa
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

1 ABY (age 44)

Physical Description











Glowy Red

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Tundra Hilt with a blue blade

Lightsaber Form(s):

Djem So


SE-14C blaster pistol

Fighting Style(s):

Teras Kasi

Chronology & Political Information

Bounty Hunter


Dinaari AED



Known masters:

Arvalis Raith

Known apprentices:

Kooks, Artorias



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"The fucking what what???."
―Armags C'Hiesa

Armags loves to joke and muck around, but when the time calls for it he can switch to his game face in a heartbeat. While being Chiss is normally meaning he is loyal to his own, due to his childhood Armags couldn't care for other Chiss as they shunned his family and Armags mainly raised himself. it wasn't until Taldryan he found the clan of Taldryan did his fierce Chiss loyalty kick in to this newfound place he calls home. Although for many a year Armags has been content with following orders and having fun, it is only recently he has been inspired to strive and be better, so he has taken up the reins under Rax Von-Klug as Dinaari Aedile.

Character History

Early Life

Childhood (1 ABY - 14 ABY)

Born to a chiss outcast family. Grew up on terminus in outta rims sector. Parents, were Cilona-extract death sticks and Membrosia addicts trying to forget past memories of the banishment from Csilla for reasons unknown. Always running amock stealing speeders and able to evade capture due to lightnig fast relfexes and a sixth sense of knowing where to go (force sensitiveness).

Recruitment (14 ABY - 17 ABY)

Upon a stolen speeder chase from the authorities and managing to evade them for over half a day, ending when an imperial agent named wedge saw his natural talent and convinced Armags to come back with him to Eos and train with the Emperor's Hammer. During basic training it was seen that Armags had a natural espionage skills as he always seemed to be pitting other pilots against each other and once their battle was over he would fly in for the kill. So Armags landed in Infiltrator Wing assigned with infiltrating enemy ranks. Armags flew a few mission but they were all incognito going under the call sign Maverick, and all paper work has been lost so no details can be recovered... A few Higher up were also getting interested in Armags as they could see he was strong with the force and were starting to discuss with themselves aobut what Armags should do. Upon hearing this, Armags' not happy he had no choice in his future with the Emperor's Hammer fled during a mission

Zoning out (17 ABY - 18 ABY)

Armags Cruised around galaxy picking up chick and getting shit faced.... He was getting out of hand getting into drunken bar fights. The latest had turned into an all in brawl and the entire cantina was getting destroyed. A stranger sitting in the corner was observing Armags in the fight, seeing something in him apart from the alcoholic egotistical idiot he had become. During the fight a local gang had come armed with blades of all descriptions. Out numbered and out gunned the stranger signaled to Armags and threw him a weapon, a lightsaber. Armags ignited the saber and even during his completely inebriated state was able to fight off the mob. The stranger introduced himself to Armags, Mordin "Apo" Malchia Taldrya, and brought him to Kr'Tal were he was accepted into the Brotherhood, but specifically Taldryan.

The Brotherhood

1st Coming of Armags (19 ABY - 25 ABY)

Armags had joined at a turbulent time in the DJB's history, the Exodus had just happened unbeknownst to him the DJB had parted from the EH which Armags had just left a few years ago. This thrusted Armags straight into combat in the Fifth Great Jedi War. Armags not being proficient in the way of light saber battle, was thrown into a rigorous regime of training. Not a master allocated to him, Dinaari keeping to their ways, anyone and everyone who had a spare moment during the war help train him to get his saber combat up to Taldryan's standard. This usually involved constant barrages from SwipeR Taldrya, Freshjive Taldrya and Mordin "Apo" Malchia Taldrya himself.

Ready for combat, Armags joined his brethren in the Fifth Great Jedi War going on for roughly half a year. Being fairly new but willing to prove himself he jumped into battle head first and did surprisingly well. Well enough he had helped Taldryan conquer all and rein supreme of the brotherhood. His duty in battle had earned him the rank of Guardian by the time the war was over.

It was about this time Shadow Taldrya grabbed Armags and threw him in a fighter ship, and he discovered very quickly the Armags had some natural ability due to his training with the EH, but it wasn't good enough to be a pilot of Taldryan's high standards. With guidance from Shadow and others from Taldryan, Armags slowly turned into not a great pilot, but enough of one to be called a pilot in Taldryanites eyes.

While being loyal to Taldryan Armags also ventured out into the universe with other members from other clans, and had come friends with a select few. Selket KuroHyo, House Gladius of Tarentum, had started training Armags in the ways of unarmed combat, particularly Teras Kasi. He excelled in this training and it wasn't long before he surpassed his master in the way of unarmed combat and had started leading the the group of DJB members around to different planets searching for new hunts to train their skills

And then the news came. While not ever being close to his parents, his natural Chiss loyalty to his own made the news of his parents murder strike hard at his heart. Feeling it was partially his fault for not being there, Armags quietly packed his bags and slipped out of the great hall. Commandeering a ship he set course for Terminus.

Finding Himself

The Revenge (26ABY - 28ABY)

Physical Description