Ondur Lkaetur

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Ondur Lkaetur
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

18 ABY

Physical Description










  • White sclera and iris
  • Black-violet pupils
Personal Information

Various rivals.

Lightsaber Color(s):

What he needs.

Lightsaber Form(s):




Chronology & Political Information
  • Assassin
  • Spy
  • Reconnaissance
  • Sith Scholar with Language, Artifacts, Culture and History.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Known masters:

Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor



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"Most of my species waste our gifted homeworld of darkness. Exactly how we tend to horde power, unwilling to unleash it for fear of losing it. I have no such weakness. I make full use of my abilities and I have greater claim to Umbara than they admit."
―Ondur Lkaetur


Early Life

Ondur, a mononymic, later adopting a surname was born on Umbara in 18 ABY to a mid-caste family, in a heavily caste-stratified society, of almost one-hundred castes. Though it's important to note that the timing of his birth, and events just a decade before led to great impact on his early years. Umbara has always been famous for the highly effective legendary training Academy for Force sensitives. Known to focus almost solely on developing force sensitive assassins. Almost all were Umbarans or favored individuals trained to serve Emperor Palpatine directly as Force Adepts or Dark Jedi Assassins.

Though this was the height of Umbaran favor on a Galactic scale, they were also famous as training "Sith" Assassins of various kinds throughout history.

However, despite this, the fall of the Emperor sent chaos and fear through the Umbaran species. Large amounts of his species returned to a homeworld where caste and politick alone changed enough of the political landscape. The Galactic power shift brought further blood and guilt in full force to the Umbaran Homeworld.

In short, these events were just settling when Ondur Lkaetur was born. But for Umbara, normal and infighting go hand in hand. It was a few years into his life before he began to learn politick, diplomacy, subterfuge, and his unnatural luck to help further his family in cause and caste. As he grew, he practiced such skills first hand, though early on learned of something far greater that ran sporadic through his family bloodline.

At four years old, a slightly older friend of his, Kylus, made an insult to Ondur's family. Ondur, too young to be aware of his species humour, didn't know how to react. Only that raw emotion and anger came forth in his heart. Ondur was simply unable to hold back his feelings. Despite having no grasp of the implications of who exactly his friend's family happened to be. He seethed while shouting out and pounded his fist at an inner angle. Feeling, entirely in his head, himself slamming his hand forcefully into his supposed friend's lower neck and shoulder.

Though in reality, the child Kylus wrenched at nearly the exact angle and placement with incredible pressure. Blunt force pushing his shoulder and neck harshly down and inward. The crunch of bone and windpipe was heard not just by Ondur but nearby children as well. The death gasps lasted for several minutes while children gathered. Watching Ondur's former friend slowly gasp in vain. This death was not quick while Ondur enjoyed his moment of victory. Not to mention the dead Kylus' painful last moments.

It would be soon after that Ondur learned quite fully about Umbaran society. How its people can twist and shift as fast as his first kill. He would learn hard.. and shortly.

Twist of Fate

Ondur had run through the halls and courtyards nearby. Weaving through alleys and what most other races would consider gloom. As if chased by some of the worst beasts to be found in the jungle-like woods found outside the cities and settled places through Umbara. He didn't run out of fear, but exhilaration. Ondur craved the feeling and wished it wouldn't fade, though it was already dipping into fear. What felt like years of running finally led him home. He was desperate to proclaim victory to his family.

Ondur found his mother first when he arrived at home. "Mother, where are my brothers?" He was breathing heavily but didn't wait for her response. "I won! I beat him! I protected our honour, your honour Mother!". His two brothers came up from stairs that led underground and up onto the ground floor. Their mother turned to Ondur, while waved the two back downstairs. They quickly returned downstairs. She looked at Ondur with a fierce stare, causing him to doubt his actions a moment, despite the fact that she hadn't even heard what he had to say.

"Son, what in hateful-sun's sake did you do?" Ondur sat and bowed onto the entrance carpet, towards her, a gesture of humility. One of the few ceremonial gesticulations he was aware of. He explained everything, including the exact words Rylus used. His mother sighed, furious. Eons seemed to come and go as she gathered her words. "He.. was... complimenting you.. you foolish.. foolish child...". "Your father would be ashamed if he saw you just now. No. He'd be stupid enough to be proud. Which is why he is gone. He could never understand.. Enough now."

Ondur was soon to find himself pushed in, and locked in, the family's punishment room. A room with a ceiling made of lighting-tile familiar to humans. Though he was Umbaran, and it was the equivalent of a human being tortured with ripped eyelids and strapped down to stare into a sun. Even when he closed his eyes the pain was present and had the sensation of his eyes being peeled atom by atom. The small room was a nightmare to his brothers, though he found himself in there far more often than they.

After a full standard day his mother arrived at the other side of the small rooms door. She pushed a button to activate a holo-com. There was a man with his mother. One he recognised as the father of his now late friend Rylus. "Leave us to speak in private. I need to talk to the boy. Alone." Ondur watched his mother follow the command as if it was an order. It was. "You, boy.." said the man, seething. "I took lawful servitude of your brothers. They will serve me. As will you. However.."

The door opened, automatically shutting the light-tiles down. Ondur was shaking in fear. The man was robed and had an unfamiliar cylinder attached to his waist. One end opened into a small chamber of sorts, while the other side had a button of some kind, terminating the cylinder with triangular shapes attached to a rounded end. As Ondur tried to speak, he felt a firm but light push that kept his mouth shut.

"I have much to tell you." The man pulled to unveil his hood and continued to come closer to the child.

"You have a dark future ahead of you, should you succeed. I am Head Overseer of a special school for you. You begin tomorrow. Your mother will live with me but will not be punished. You will see your brothers working as servants until you finish school. You will be a a special student among a few others your age, they are special too." He paused, mocked a smile and choosing his words carefully,

"I adopt you as my own child. In place of my late son, I will take you. You have your mother to thank. Matron Lkaetur had fought to convince me in allowing you to live. At the cost of your family's comfort. Fortunately they are not slaves, or dead. Yet they will rely on your success."

Confusion, anger, exhilaration, fear, a tempest of raw emotions poured into Ondur. Shaking, he stared at the item attached to the Overseer's waist. The attachment cracked, the cylinder fell and flung against the wall, vibrating as it shook against it. Between the unfamiliar object and wall, was the button Ondur noticed. The constant force pushing it to the corner finally pushed it fully inward.

It activated as a beam of deep red light hissed outward as a longer cylinder. The blazing red light sizzled and smoked against the wall, scoring it, then disengaging as the invisible force seemed to end. Ondur spoke, "I.. okay. I will succeed." Soon he would face years of intense training in the darkness.

Training Summary At Academy

  • It is important to note that this was before joining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.
    • Due to concerns, most Umbaran Force related Academies were private and effort were made to distance previous connections to the former Galactic Empire.

In short, the Overseer Lkaetus formed a private training for Umbaran Force-sensitives. All force training was customised to the individual, only fully emphasised at the final years of training. The skill training was rigorous and rigid taking place every single day with staggered days off for every student. Washouts were almost non-existent because it was invite only and privately owned by Lkaetus. His ability in Force and skill was known only to few.

Ondur's training [from mid four years old] began immediately on athletic and strength. This was right alongside training, from day one, in the Broken Gate martial art. While his Force was developed slowly to his strengths there were greater concerns on training Ondur to be a weapon unto himself even if he were to totally be separated from the Force.

He underwent almost total focus Force wise on Telekinetic and Force Cloaking ability. It was considered complementary as related above. The rest came as needed. The Dark Jedi Brotherhood provided formal training with the Lightsaber and his other Force powers which came much later in his life.

The very last year and ending to his training and life on Umbara is covered in another section.

In closing, here are the numbers at a glance for his training. It is not exhaustive.

  • His training with a Lightsaber, Athletics, Endurance, and developing Telekinesis began immediately at four years old. He also learned Sith and Ryl respectively.
    • Being born at 18 ABY, this leads to a current number of training the above for ~26 years.
      • The training was done in various ways and adapted with age and circumstances.

This is a simple summary. Not an exhaustive syllabus. Training was not non-stop, in fact after adulthood it was further trained in application. Various wetwork, research and missions were undertaken by dividing students into teams for various cartels. He also traveled to ancient Sith sites for excavation, some for profit and sale, the main ones for transport to Umbara.

Physical Description

Ondur is fairly taller than average than the rest of his species. He is also noticeably more pale and has violet blood vessels scattered along his body. These vessels are most apparent along his neck, arms and face. His gaunt form with his tallness and skin attributes combine for an unusual and rare appearance even among his people. Aside from this, he is hairless, has an almost Marble appearance and "stone" like skin. Though it is for all intents normal Umbaran flesh.

His body is well toned and strongly veined by necessity.

Raiments and Armor

Ondur keeps medium armor formed from materials he can best access.

  • He requires that he can keep movement unhindered, and focusing protection on his torso and neck.
      • When possible he wears minimal armor, if any, and prefers cloth and offensive-defense.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ondur is especially gifted and focused on stealth, both through mundane skill and Force abilities.
    • He prizes his abilities of Telekinesis. This is likely due to his first experience using it.
      • He is focused on keeping his body in best form through strength and athletic ability, leaving as little as possible as reliance to Force or fortune.
  • Ondur has focused training on athletics and endurance, to allow better serve a combination of his roles.
  • Ondur prefers to push his advantages while thinking ahead. His main Lightsaber form demonstrate this.
  • His force powers further push his advantages in skills, and isn't afraid to combine several of all to assassinate or finish an opponent.
    • He is not so foolish as to face an enemy openly unless he is aware he can win fairly quickly. Especially when multiple opponents are involved. His ability to talk frankly has saved him many times.
  • He is a specialist in Korriban's history and culture, ancient Sith language, Empire, and history. Ryl is a language he picked up an interest due to having multiple cultural angles and uses.
    • Due to this, he often makes himself available within the Brotherhood as scholar and expert where needed.


Ondur spoke the words that became The Harbingers, his Battle Team's, motto: "Our message is carried by the wailing of sorrow", while speaking with Decimo Inferni, The Harbingers leader at the time.