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The First
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The First was a reconnaissance drone from the extragalactic droid society known as the Silentium. His mission was unknown, but at some point during the Yuuzhan Vong War he arrived in Orian Space. He was captured by agents of the remnants of Domains Amnan and Shai sometime prior to the Invasion of Orian by self-declared Warmaster Varesh Shai in 31 ABY.

The First was taken to the Vong scouts' hidden base in the wreck of Platform Obsidian, which had crashed in the northern polar region of Telos following its destruction during the invasion by the True Brotherhood four years earlier.



The First was a specially constructed droid built by the Silentium, an extragalactic droid race that hailed from the home galaxy of the Yuuzhan Vong, and the root cause of the invaders' technophobia. He was built sometime after the Silentium's arrival in the galaxy, his main purpose being to explore galaxy and learn about other civilisations. But when the Vong invaded, he was reassigned to keep watch on the Silentium's ancient nemeses, and--for unknown reasons--this mission brought him to Orian Space, just off the Hydian Way near Telos.

The First, a reconnaissance drone of the Silentium

Initial sightings

Sightings of an extraterrestrial craft above Seng Karash and Kar Alabrek were initially fiercely denied by the upper echelons of the Dlarit Corporation. True to his race's name, The First did not initiate contact with the Corporation, and actively worked to evade sensor detection to keep his existence secret. Eventually, faced with irrefutable reports from the military radar station at Inos at the tail-end of the Yuuzhan Vong War in 29 ABY, the governors of the Orian system acknowledged the existence of the probe ship. But, unable to identify the craft's origin, all sightings of The First were publicly explained as nothing but military test flights for a new starfighter; however, privately concerns were voiced as to the origin of the ship.

Capture by the Vong

Despite the Directorate's concern that the system was being spied on by an unknown body, the continuing threat by the surviving local Vong remnants kept the Corporation's attention from investigating further. During the Battle of Inos at the end of 29 ABY, Vong infiltrators from Domains Amnan and Shai that were operating in Kar Alabrek hacked the garrison city's defense systems and used them to shoot down and capture The First while the Dlarit Navy and the rest of the Dlarit Defense Forces were distracted by the battle occurring against the rogue Imperial forces at Inos 18.

In addition, the use of the city's surface-to-space defense systems had the unintended consequence of allowing the Cathedral wing of Alabrek Castle to be destroyed. Lord Paladin suspected outside involvement, but his excursion to the polar caps turned up nothing, and the call to arms for the reclamation of Antei soon after meant the Corporation calling off a more in-depth investigation.

Finding The First near impervious to harm, the Vong had secreted the droid off to their hidden hideout in the ruins of the crashed space station Obsidian in the northern polar cap of Tarthos. The First was subsequently subjected to every form of torture the Vong could utilise, from the Embrace of Pain devices they had smuggled into the system, to heretical contraptions they had misappropriated from Kar Alabrek.

Unable to be destroyed by the aliens' meagre attempts, The First remained detained in the ruins of Platform Obsidian, his imprisonment and his very existence unknown to any but his captors. It remains unknown whether The First is friend or foe; but one thing should be certain: should he remain out of contact from his droid masters for too long, sooner or later they will undoubtedly come looking for him...