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White Fur


Purple (solid)

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Purple (formerly white)

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Scholar, Sorcerer


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dark Brotherhood

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TIE Phantom "Scourge"



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A Dark Side Scholar, a Cathar who thinks in the old ways (before the Exodus).

Character History

The Past

Born on Loki to a single mother who died in childbirth, StarLion spent most of his formative years on the ice-ball. Quickly discovered to have the gift of the Force, the priests of the Krath cathedral, calling themselves the Disciples of Ragnos, took him in and raised him. He remained with the Cathedral, spending a good deal of his time within the Cathedral's library. Years passed, the boy grew, and the universe changed.

The cathedral had fallen to ill-use. Most of the building was degrading due to lack of support - it was hard enough to maintain a cathedral when there was funding for it, but to do so on an empty ice-world was nigh impossible. Many of the scholars had left, seeking warmer climes for their studies, or gone off to seek revenge for the news of the Emperor's death at the Battle of Yavin, muttering something about the spirit of Marka Ragnos himself. StarLion remained within the walls of the cathedral, studying all that he could about his gifts, and the powers that drew him in. Time, unfortunately, would not stop to wait.

Before the cathedral's inner walls fell, their answer came to them. Quite literally. Tron Dlarit, the (at the time unknown) Heir of Naga Sadow, led his house into the Phare system, and with it came the Dark Jedi from many different places. Several of them settled on Loki, seeking out the center of Dark Side energy that they had sensed on their arrival. With the ancient cathedral repaired, the Disciples remaining within acknowledged the presence of the Dark Brotherhood, and came to be known as House Marka Ragnos, under the newly formed Clan Naga Sadow.

Though he was of age, StarLion would not join the Brotherhood officially for another year; until then, he would remain as a student in the library, observing these newcomers and their interesting ways.

The Emperor's Hammer

Soon after his acceptance to the Brotherhood, the Emperor's Hammer recruited StarLion for the TIE Fighter Corps. This of course required him to leave Loki for long periods of time, to serve aboard the Sovereign class Super Star Destroyer Sovereign. StarLion did well, despite nearly being too large to fit into the cockpits of the TIE craft designed for smaller beings.

In time, his tactical and logical mind saw him made first assistant, then promoted to the full office of the Combat Operations Officer of the Emperor's Hammer. After serving as COO, StarLion's knack for tactics made him a prime candidate to join the Tactical Office. He served that office both as Command Attache, and as Tactical Officer itself, earning the rank of Fleet Admiral before his retirement from the Corps and his return to Loki. His record remains on file as Fleet Admiral StarLion of the Reserves, and he is granted authority to retain his personal craft, the TIE Phantom Scourge

Da'ruthan, the staff StarLion carries

"The Incident"

Under the guidance of Quaestor J'Rai Sadow, House Marka Ragnos remained on Loki contentedly. The wars fought, territory defended. Word came down from J'Rai that the members of the Clan were to undertake a mission to gather several artifacts from neighboring worlds; the items were unknown, but their power could be felt. Based on the feelings and visions of key members of the Clan, the group set off.

It turned out that the items in question were a pair of swords, and a staff. As with most artifacts of the Dark Side, these did not come without strings - the two who claimed the swords were brought to the brink of destroying each other. It was StarLion who claimed the staff, sensing within it a focus for his power. The consequence was to create a shadow of the Force - a being that negated and warped the Force around itself. The shadow, drawn to the staff, attacked the scholar, ripping his presence from his body, leaving him watching from within another space, as the House fought the creature, their abilities negated by its nature.

The House defeated the shadow, and in doing so, restored StarLion to his corporeal form. The incident left him with purple irises where once had been blue - a mark of what was to come.

The Time of the Exodus

Three weeks after the House abandoned it's Cathedral on Loki, StarLion returned. Most of the Cathedral was rubble, the remaining items strewn about Loki's ice-fields. Utilizing the ship given to him at his retirement from the EH as a supply-vessel, home, and site of warmth, StarLion continued to live at the Cathedral site, only coming out to gather supplies or debris he found useful. The business of the Brotherhood and the Emperor's Hammer splitting was none of his own; and so he kept out of it. Gathering the documents that he could find left behind by the House, he continued his studies.

Years passed, and his use of the staff to focus his powers drew further upon him. Almost 3 years to the day that he received the staff, it drew from him the last of his normal eyesight. His eyes now took on the look of pupiless, purple spheres. Through the Force, he is able to see, but that too draws upon the staff, and furthers it's significance in his existence.

For a brief period of time, StarLion journeyed to the Orian system, in search of the remnants of the split Brotherhood. Little did he know that things had changed greatly.

Strife, and a departing

After the Exodus, the decision was made to remove the Order affiliation of the House. The decision was a dividing factor in the house: there were many, StarLion included, who believed the House should remain of the Krath Order, while others insisted that the multi-order system would be the future. In the end, the Quaestor held firm, and the House was made multi-order. The decision forced StarLion to resign his position as House Rollmaster and depart the Orian System once more. He returned to Loki, not caring for who laid claim to it.

Positions Held

Preceded by:

Position Empty

Rollmaster of House Marka Ragnos

19 ABY

Succeeded by:

Unknown, eventually Korras

Preceded by:


Rollmaster of House Marka Ragnos

21 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Aries Taral Kyi Vorak

Commander of Sapphire Squadron

28 ABY

Succeeded by:

Kharon Daragon

StarLion also held the position of Acting Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos for two months.

In the EH, StarLion held the rank of Fleet Admiral, and served as Tactical Officer.