Sphere of Influence

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Sphere of Influence
Conflict: Run On
Location: Cadinth, Lethra City

Clan Plagueis successfully infiltrated and effectively took over a wealthy ship manufacturing company.


Clan Plagueis

Hyperdyne Manufacturing

  • Corvin Zexx

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Taking Aim at Hyperdyne

During and following the conflict with the One Sith, Clan Plagueis sought to solidify itself as a strong, independent unit of the Dark Brotherhood. To do so they would need more financial power and an influence spread across the galaxy in a shadow empire of sorts.

Aabsdu Dupar, at the time the Dread Lord of House Plagueis, scheduled a meeting with the President of Hyperdyne Manufacturing, President Corvin Zexx. He did not travel in person, appearing as a hologram from The Anchorage and masking his face to hide his true identity. Dupar’s meeting was simple: an offer of a majority stake in Hyperdyne Manufacturing and continuing cooperation with his well-paying “group”, in this case Clan Plagueis, with President Zexx remaining in control of his company. The information regarding the Clan was unknown to Zexx, who knew Dupar only as a “Hooded Figure” and the well-paying account of which they had with Hyperdyne. No other sensitive information was revealed about the Clan to Zexx. The meeting was a failure, with Zexx standing fast and refusing the partnership. The failure, however, was a predictable outcome for Dupar, who began to set another plot in motion.

Dupar contacted a loyal Hyperdyne employee, Teek Amavia. Dupar used a mind-trick to force Amavia into finding and providing him with blueprints to the Hyperdyne offices and manufacturing plants. However in return, Dupar offered a promise of the company presidency to Amavia, manipulating him further and guaranteeing his compliance.

Back on The Anchorage, Dupar held a meeting with the Quaestor’s Teylas Ramar and Kz'set. Here, Dupar explained his plot to take control of Hyperdyne Manufacturing and its vast resources for Clan Plagueis. He ordered Ramar and Kz’set to send an advanced team, under the guise of Alliance safety inspectors, to the location of a recent accident with the boiler systems. At the same time this meeting was taking place, an explosion rocked a Hyperdyne manufacturing facility on Cadinth, perpetrated by a Bothan under the influence of Clan Plagueis.

The initial mission was a success, and the physical infiltration of Hyperdyne continued. Dupar also ordered some of his best troops off the frontlines and back to the Ascendant Fleet sitting a system away from Cadinth, ready and in waiting for the critical phase of the takeover.

Infiltrating Hyperdyne

The take-over of Hyperdyne began with analysis of all possible intelligence that could be collected from inside and outside of the company. The Clan leadership had determined they wanted the company intact, and so had to found an individual with which they could remove in order to place the loyal Amavia in the upper echelons of the company. Lorainne Korn was eliminated, and Teek Amavia was moved into position. However, Koth Rai'Hakk realized that someone at the highest levels was needed for the Plagueis cause, as Amavia, though invaluable, was not enough.

Around this time in the Fondor system, Arden Karn and a Bothan known as Knor held a covert meeting. With Knor passing intelligence to Karn’s about his enemy, Xander Drax, Knor asked Arden about a missing Galactic Federation task force in return Karn told Knor that the Task Force was located somewhere in the Tion Sector, specifically Hyperdyne Industries, though the ships were originally stolen from Ord Pardron. This was a revelation to the Bothan spy, who would undoubtedly return to his chain of command with this information. Furthermore, the Bothan returned with infected datacards which introduced a virus into the Alliance computer systems, looking for any indication the Alliance knew about Clan Plagueis.

Following these events, Clan Plagueis launched multiple raids against Hyperdyne Industries, causing President Zexx to become increasingly paranoid of the situation. The company stepped up security, attempting to turn back the attackers of an unknown origin. Plagueis not only attacked directly, but hacked into Hyperdyne mainframes. Of special importance to Zexx was the assassination of Lorainne Korn. Finally, in response to missing intelligence teams from the company, Zexx ordered his Chief of Security, Jevin Zan, to send a tactical team to find their missing people and hopefully expose the origins of their attackers.

Arrival of the Alliance

Some of the leaders of Clan Plagueis, comprising Quaestor Kz’set, Aedile Callus Bo’Amar, Battle Leader Brimstone, and Dark Adept Braecen Kaeth, were holding a meeting at their staging area outside of the capital on Cadinth, Lethra City. Their meeting was interrupted when it was reported an Alliance task force under the command of Admiral Toss Agram arrived in orbit. Unbeknownst to the the Clan, the Admiral was following a tip from Alliance intelligence.

Both Clan Plagueis’s leadership and President Zexx had not expected the arrival of the Alliance or the landing of a small intelligence team on Cadinth’s surface. Zexx’s reaction was to hide the current state of affairs from the Alliance, keeping their woes under-the-surface so it wouldn’t become knowledge that could threaten the company. In contrast, and in order to continue their plans, Proconsul Koth Rai’Hakk and the Dread Lord Dupar had a simple goal: takeover Hyperdyne Industries, and do it without the Alliance knowing. The Dread Lord told the Proconsul that he left it to the Houses to deal with the matter, with Rai overseeing the work.

A meeting between Quaestor Teylas Ramar and Dread Lord Aabadu Dupar solidified the Quaestor’s oversight of the final few weeks of the plan, and in turn its eventual implementation. Ramar also remarked to the Dread Lord that improvements to the Anchorage were on-going and improving, to the pleasure of the Dread Lord. With this final communication, Ramar left to personally oversee the final stages of the plan on Cadinth.

Execution of the Hyperdyne Takeover

Before anything could be done to take over the company, Clan Plagueis had to remove the Alliance presence from its close proximity to the developing situation right under their noses. Two captured Alliance operatives, Tyree Ostransder and the Bothan Knor, were being interrogated by Dark Adept Braecen Kaeth, who was joined by Proconsul Rai’Hakk, Aedile Callus Bo’Amar and Quaestor Kz’set. Though the Bothan had provided worthless information to Kaeth, Kaeth had been feeding false information about the criminal organization known as Crimson Tide to the Bothan. It was hoped the Bothan would provide this information to Alliance forces to lead them away from Cadinth in search of an organization that no longer existed. Rai also took an interest in the Klatooinian, Tyree Ostrander, the other Alliance prisoner. His mental defenses were considerable, making him curious as to what he was hiding.

With the Bothan returned to Admiral Agram, Plagueis’s plan succeeded. Placing false information, Agram traveled to Utapau, thinking he was hunting the Crimson Tide, though he left two of his vessels in distant orbit of Cadinth to watch over Hyperdyne.

Everything was clear for Clan Plagueis. Immediately after the departure of Admiral Agram, Quaestor Teylas Ramar initiated the takeover of Hyperdyne. It was a multi-pronged plan, involving Ramar and Furios confronting President Zexx himself with the help of Famosus Ascipio, Kythar Jakan and Kul’tak Drol as distractions to allow them to access the elevator. Elsewhere in the building, Ophelia Delacroix, with the aid of Ra’gnar and Zuser Whuloc, operated the elevator that would bring Teylas and Furios to President Zexx’s underground office. Finally, Qormus Aquila held the lobby that was now empty, tasked to hold the elevator against anyone who may wish to interfere with their plans.

Ramar and Furios confronted Zexx moments later, revealing themselves as representatives of the organization who wanted to take over the company. Pulling out a holocommunicator, Dupar hidden by a mask and cloak spoke directly to President Zexx and presenting him with his unconditional offer to relinquish the company from his control and put it into their hands. However, the first attempt at armed blackmail was for naught, as security droids distracted Ramar and Furious as President Zexx, along with Danye Sukat and and Zan escaped through a secret passage and elevator, headed for the roof.

Ramar had planned for this outcome as well, positioning Selika Roh one hundred stories above in waiting for Zexx if he escaped the initial confrontation. Selika managed to intimidate Zexx, holding Zexx’s friend and companion Sukat in a Force grip. Ramar and Furios emerged moments later, reactivating a holocommunicator that allowed Dupar to continue speaking directly to Zexx. It was at this time the second traitor in Zexx’s ranks was revealed to be Jevin Zan, who pointed his blaster directly at Zexx. In the end, the intimidation worked and Ramar and Furios forced Zexx to sign over the company under Teek Amavia, the new President of Hyperdyne Industries. Selika Roh killed Danye Sukat, while Jevin Zan shot President Zexx, ending the operation and beginning the consolidation of Hyperdyne Industries for Clan Plagueis.

In the aftermath of the successful operation, Arden Karn met with the Dread Lord himself. Explaining to the Dread Lord that the infected datacard he had given to the Bothan Alliance contact had only turned up some data, he concluded that the Alliance had little to no solid information on Clan Plagueis itself. It was a completely successful operation, and completely unknown to the Alliance.