Selen Training Corps

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The Selen Training Corps are a Battleteam within Clan Arcona, currently led by Zuza Lottson. Affliated with only the Clan itself, the Battleteam operates to train the newest members. Upon reaching Journeyman 4, their knighting, recruits are graduated into one of Arcona's Houses, Qel-Droma or Galeres.

Selen Training Corps
General information

Zuza Lottson


Zuza Lottson



Historical information
Formed from:

40 ABY

Other information
Notable members:

Clan Arcona


New Order era

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Formed in 41ABY, the Selen Training Corps was an iniative headed by Zuza Lottson to create a training program for new recruits to Clan Arcona. Instead of being funneled into either of the Houses, recruits would instead spend their early days until their knighting at the Citadel in Estle City.


Primarily focussed on the initiation, socialisation and combat training of new recruits, the STC uses their position on Selen in the heart of Arcona's systems operate. Missions are a mixture of mercantile hits and military style engagements, although due to the nature of the members these are often cherry picked to be low risk situations to ensure survival.

Training days are more common place than missions however, recruits being introduced to a full variety of circumstances, styles and weapons to use. The aim is not only to ensure recruits have the oppurtunity to progress on their already existing skills, but to have the chance to explore other skills as well, ensuring the recruits are well rounded when they

Selen Training Corp Leadership
Battleteam Leader Service Dates MM/YY
Zuza Lottson 01/23 - Current