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Exodus era.New Order era.
Production information

Heavy cruiser

Technical specifications
  • Turbolasers
  • Ion cannons
  • Laser cannon
  • Concussion missile tubes
  • Tractor beam projectors
  • Marka Ragnos Flagship
  • Defence Force
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Retribution was a heavy cruiser commissioned after the Horizons Vendetta. It served as the flagship for the Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos, within Clan Naga Sadow’s Warhost Navy.


Role in the Warhost

The Retribution served the Sadowan navy in many capacities. As a versatile and well-equipped heavy cruiser, it was capable of acting alone, as the main ship of a task force, or as as support for one of the Clan's star destroyers. As such, the Retribution had always been used wherever the Clan needed it. It was often preferred over larger ships when primarily space engagements are expected. The Retribution was also classified as one of the four primary fleet carriers of the Warhost. Finally, it carried a small group of troops and supporting vehicles, allowing for ground incursions if absolutely necessary.


The Retribution has been an integral part of the Warhost Navy, after being first introduced into the fleet after Horizons. Phase 1 of Fading Light saw the Retribution getting between the Iron Thrones fleet and the extraction point of the Consul’s group on Bosthirda. This move prevented the fleet from commencing an orbital bombardment of Xlopora City, giving the Consul’s group time to board a gunship and escape the coming destruction. During GJW XI, the Retribution was engaged in a three way melee over Korriban. Suffering heavy damage she limped home behind the rest of the fleet. Because of the lack a shipyard or repair site big enough to repair her quickly, she was slowly repaired by the Verpine in Sadowan employ.

During the events of the military operation entitled Ashes Fall, the Retribution fought alongside the Damnation, the Harbinger and the Covenant against three enemy Star Destroyers that had entered the blockaded Orian System. These ships, controlled by the Dominion, were routed due to the timely intervention of the Damnation, destroying two and leaving the third one to escape.