Macz Ceryss

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Macz Ceryss
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11 ABY (age 26)

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Chronology & Political Information
  • Engineering Officer
  • Retribution Engineering Officer
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Macz Ceyrss is the current Engineering Officer of the MJHC Retribution of House Marka Ragnos.

Character History

Macz was born on Cathar only in the year 11 ABY. She wasn’t the most sociable of her race and tended to do a lot of her activities solo. She refused to get involved with the other children and would usually sit brooding away by herself in the corners as her tribesman walked about her. It got to a point they ignored her and she was happy with that, it allowed her to ghost about unseen and do what she wanted without being hassled by the other children of adults looking to get her to do things. She didn’t know why did didn’t want to be around the other Cathar, something about other people just confused her. She attempted to communicate sometimes but the words that escaped her mouth were jumbled and generally made no sense, even to her.

It didn’t really take her long to stop talking completely and to this day she hasn’t uttered a word to anyone but she compensated with active body language and facial expressions. She could hunt and in her own right was a skilled scrapper even as young as ten but she just didn’t belong. There was something there always in the back of her head telling her she needs to be doing other things, she needs to be away from these people and be by herself. She was afraid of them. She was afraid of herself. She saw herself in the reflections of the pools and even though by Cathar standards she was cute, for a child, she disliked what she saw and yet could never bring herself to speak to explain her feelings. Not that anyone would understand.

The Cathar were proud and any sign of weakness would hardly be tolerated, so she kept her silence and she began to fear for herself. One year, when she was twelve a trader passed through town and noticed the curious girl. He asked about her and it took the natives a few moments to figure out who he spoke about before remembering the quiet ghost girl who hid in the corner. The trader was curious and undeterred went with Macz back to her home and spoke to her parents who explained their daughters issues and how they were unable to deal with it or truly had no idea what was causing it. The Elders had given up and so she was left to her own devices. It was then they heard the strangest thing coming from outside.

As they left the hut they saw the traders R4 unit beeping and whistling as he chased Macz around and she was laughing. She hadn’t made a sound in years but here she was blissfully happy and playing like any other youngster would or should be doing. They stared at her as she hugged the little unit and muttered a single word, friend. Something had clicked in the young girl, perhaps the droid didn’t scare her because it looked nothing like her no one was entirely sure. With some encouragement, the trader offered to help Macz and said he would teach her how to work with the droids. Her parents were unsure but agreed to terms that as long as she was well cared for and could return of her own will then they would agree to let her go with him. The terms were accepted and so Macz new journey began.

The trader lived on Tattooine, near the city of Mos Eisley and made his money by fixing machines, trading droids and at times running cargo to other outer rim planets. He enjoyed his live and Macz began to flourish. She would get odd stares of course even in a place like Mos Eisley Cathar were rare and few between, especially ones of her age but she shrugged everything off completely and blissfully unaware of the hell hole she had found herself in. She began tinkering with small machines, broken things no one wanted and that wouldn’t sell. She became quite good at repairing them. Over the months she began tinkering with bigger objects and though she was nowhere as good as her teacher she began making serious headway. Soon a droid came into the shop, a little R2 unit that was severely damaged and no one had any interest in attempting to repair with the market upgrading to better models all the time. She felt sorry for the little thing and began spending hours, days and even weeks attempting to fix it. The trader began to worry for her as she rarely ate and she barely slept. She had just become so focused on fixing her new friend that he feared she would run herself to exhaustion and that could lead to her death.

It happened one night she was working away and suddenly a blink of lights and then nothing, followed by a whirring of a motor and nothing again. She became frustrated and kicked the unit only for it to beep into life with a whir of motion and run itself straight into workshops wall. She sighed and moved to help the little unit, wheeling him back until he was out of harm's way. She moved onto fixing the units optics and before she knew it the tiny unit was running around as happy as could be. She named it R2-T9, Tinker, and from then on out they were inseparable.

When the trader passed away when she hit her twenty-first birthday she took over everything and ran the store as he once did. Something was missing though and regardless of her friends on the planet she didn’t quite feel a part of anything anymore. So selling the business she took her ship and simply left the system. She traveled for a while, fixing things here and there, working on processing plants, down mines with machinery, grand hotel steam rooms even a few times on other ships. She enjoyed that the most she found and selling her own ship she booked passage on a cargo freighter offering to fix any and all problems for free if it would simply take her where she was going. She did this a few times in all experiencing the different crews, different ships and became proficient at fixing up any issues she may come across.

Tinker got a few upgrades as she went it has to be said, since she spent so much time on ships these days some kind captains and engineers downloaded plans into the little droid so she would have reference material to work from if she got stuck. They trusted her and amongst the local coalition of freighters she built up a solid reputation as a worker. But her limit was reached working on the same type of ships with the same people and so she took chance. She was warned not to approach the strange man with the curious ship. he wore a uniform she hadn’t seen before in the area and a symbol that was as alien to her as she probably was to him.

He agreed to take her on board but warned she may not like the destination. She shrugged and along with Tinker got aboard and Macz soon discovered exactly what the man meant. They arrived in the Orion system, home to Clan Naga Sadow and she simply stared out the viewport in awe as she took in the majesty of the Warhost from Orbit. Their ships glistened in the darkness and she ached to be aboard one working on it. The man explained she could do if she applied at the Naval Academy and offered to escort her there himself. She took him up on the offer and when they arrived she overheard him mentioning what a skilled technician she was and how she would ace the exams. Regardless of the fact she was a Cathar they should sign her up immediately and get her training done.

Something must have worked because she found herself in the Naval Academy for the next couple of years. Turned out the man who’s ship she got on was more than a soldier and was her courses commanding officer. He helped her through and her first assignment was to the MJHC Retribution. Whilst there she kept her head down and worked away quietly learning everything she possibly could about the ship. Tinker scooted about her as she worked and after a while, ensuring she wasn’t a spy her Commanding officer granted her the plans for the ship's machinery and that's when things really took off.

She studied the plans on her breaks and soon was able to repair problems almost before they occurred. Her skills improved and with them her rank and position did also. She heard about some destruction of planets and a system but she didn’t care, she rarely did. With crew reassignments happening onboard the ship she soon found herself leading a team of new engineers. When she questioned as to why this was she was simply informed that she was the new Chief Engineer and that she would know this if she dragged herself away from her work once in awhile. She looked up from her work into the face of a young female Twi’lek who introduced herself as the Aedile of House Marka Ragnos. She explained this ship was of some import to its commander and they would need it in top shape and they wanted the best working on it.

After that she simply turned and walked away, leaving the Cathar with more questions and more paperwork than she had ever had to do in her life. She slumped over her new desk and logged into her comm terminal groaning as hundreds of messages and work orders flooded her inbox. Well, at least things needed to be fixed she muttered as she rose from her desk and headed down into the engine room, Tinker trundling behind her.

Positions Held

  • Retribution Engineering Officer