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Alaki Xemo
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15 BBY (Age: 47)

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  • Navigation Officer
  • Retribution Navigation Officer
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Alaki Xemo is the current Navigation Officer of the MJHC Retribution of House Marka Ragnos.

Character History

Alaki Xemos was born on Duro during the year 15 BBY along with his twin sister Almana. The two were inseparable from birth and would annoy their parents to no end when they were separated for any length of time. They had to play together, go to the same places, be at the same place and it was often wondered if somehow they were connected via other means other than blood and family. The statement was often waved off but there was always something peculiar about the twins and they’d annoy the hell out of their elders by finishing each other's sentences, making wild guesses about what the other was doing way before it had actually happened and even once managed to trick their school teacher into believing they were the same person in two different places, regardless of the fact she knew they were twins.

They were tricksters and enjoyed causing mischief and though they never truly got into trouble they weren’t exactly what you’d call studious. They had a wild wanderlust and on their twelfth birthday they simply vanished for days on end. Nothing was heard from them, the authorities searched, friends, family everyone began to worry but then as quickly as they had gone they were back in the family home as if nothing had happened. They refused to say where they had been and to this day the mystery of their adventure still confuses some of the elders of their community.

One year a pair of traveling Inquisitors made their way through the community and stopped at the local inn for bed and board. They began discussing local events and listening to the stories of the mischievous twins and their curiosity peaked they approached the family. They explained there was certainly something there and they would be taking the children from their parents to be tested and trained. Should the family resist then they would all die and they would still take the children and so it was the two twins found themselves in the company of two vicious men and traveling to some unknown location to be tested for who knows what.

So it was the twins ended up within the training grounds of the Inquisitorius. They were bullied and harassed, tested for signs of the force and it was found at least primarily in Almana. Alaki had the talent but he was nowhere as strong as she was and this began to show over the years as she began to outstrip him in raw talent. She became something more and the thoughts she started sending him became darker and more twisted and he feared for her. Every attempt at talking to her was rebuked, every attempt to plea was laughed at and by the end of it all the vile Inquisitors had what they wanted, another pawn to send out and hunt those who stood against the Tyranny of the Empire.

Alaki began to wonder why he was kept around and as their training neared the end of its cycle it became apparent.He overheard them talking about how he would be their sacrifice to his sister to ensure her training was complete. He ran to her and attempted to tell her but she simply stared at him and laughed stating she already knew that and she was looking forward to it, to finally be rid of his pesky voice in her head and do away with the thing holding her back from true power. He was shocked and appalled and moved to leave but she blocked his way and leant in whispering something that to this day haunts him.

The day came for the final trial and the twins were marched out, armed and told to fight. It didn’t last long and his sister overpowered him enough that he fell to his knees cut and burnt. He looked up at her and she down at him and he told her he was sorry. She blinked and held back the final blow, the trainers moved into query why she hesitated and she turned on them. A single thought entered his head and he followed it. He ran. The complex had been remembered easily, access points, gulleys, hiding spots and blind areas cameras wouldn't see him. He had memorised them all and his escape, though uneasy was achieved and he soon found himself on the lowest levels of Coruscant. Confused and bewildered he vanished into the night and never saw or heard from those monsters again, and never heard the voice of his sister either.

Through hard work and nearly honest work the Duros made his way up the levels of the planet taking jobs here and there to pay his way. It took him about ten years using his talents to get enough money to barter passage off the core world. By this time the Empire had fallen but their politics still existed amongst the lower levels. In fact he was pretty confident a lot of the lower levels were not even aware the Empire had fallen, but it wasn’t his problem. He had learnt to avoid getting involved in other people's problems.

He managed to sign up as the second mate to a fledgling trader and from there he learnt the first taste of true freedom he hadn't felt in years. They travelled the galaxy delivering supplies, passengers everything and anything legal and illegal. He, like most of his species, took to the exploring and adventure with a wanderlust. The same wanderlust he had felt as a child with his sister but not quite the same, never the same. His partner, a slender woman with red hair, knew how to make him laugh and smile however and he never told her about the dark place, never wanted to see the hurt in her eyes at what the cruelty of men can do. Her name was Roxanne, though Roxy to her friends, and she was wild-eyed and carried the air of someone who had nothing to lose and everything to gain. In truth, they both carried that air and it was probably why they worked so well together.

They ran into trouble on the planet Byss. They had heard the rumours from a friend of a friend of a friend, as the stories always go, and decided to explore the dark world. They figured there would be a tidy sum of credits to be made if they were able to acquire some old sith relics, it didn't quite go down the way they had wished. Things existed on that planet that shouldn’t be touched or disturbed and those things hunted the pair from the moment they set down in a clearing some miles from the old fortress. Roxy never made it back and he made it back scarred and unable to speak. No one knows what happened on Byss and he refuses to talk about it.

It took him some time to recover from that incident and his promotion to captain didn’t really do anything to change the mood. He was alone again and he hated being alone. He wasn;t a very good pilot but managed, he could navigate like the best of them and after months of planet hopping he found himself at the planet of new Tython. He didn’t know much about them but found the people to be reasonable and nice. Apparently they were a planet of Jedi and his curiosity was peaked. He found a few new friends, made acquaintances and even found a lovely lady to warm his bed for a few weeks until Pravus came. The Duros fled like many others did and found himself in the Orion system. He claimed he was a refugee of New Tython as he had nothing else to say and though he was treated with mistrust he was put before the Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos and his Aedile. They managed to acquire the truth of the situation from the Duros and after days in a cell they approached him with an offer. The ship Sanguinius commanded was being refitted and crewed with people of certain skills and those that may run into issues in the wider Brotherhood. The offer was open for him to join if he was willing to work for it, they needed a good Navigator and all training would be provided.

Alaki accepted, after all what other option did he have, and found his years of practice as a ship's second lent itself well to the role of Navigator. He was trained and inaugurated into the Naval command on the hush and even though Duros hadn’t been declared undesirable it was swiftly coming to the fore than anything non-human was going to wind up an enemy of the mad Sith Lord. He was safe and that’s all he wanted for himself and soon for those around him. They were all in the same situation it turned out exiles, refugees and those that if Pravus could he would simply wipe out without hesitation.

He made a friend of the Wookie Tarryyhn who would come to visit and ensure the ship was working well together. Though he expected the Wookie was there to ensure they were safe more than anything. Alaki wondered about the future but began to feel he may have found a place he was able to call home.

Positions Held

  • Retribution Navigation Officer