Jack Seranis

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Jack Seranis
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20 BBY (Age: 54)

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  • Ship Security Officer
  • Retribution Chief Security Officer
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Jack Seranis is the current Chief Security Officer of the MJHC Retribution of House Marka Ragnos.

Character History

Jackson Saranis simply stared at the face of the woman he had loved for so long. Her auburn hair framed her face almost perfectly and her silent eyes were closed, almost dreaming. But the reality was worse than dreaming. He turned and walked away from the coffin having said goodbye to his wife. She was an undesirable, something filthy to be trodden on and hunted down by the inquisitors. He would see about that. He began marching away from the church when a large hand found it’s way to his shoulder and he was pulled into the embrace of the Wookie who he had called a friend for years. Tarryyhn held the man close in silence and waited for the moment to end as his friend broke down.

Jackson Saranis was born on Kuat and had been a simply child with simple tastes. He had never done anything out of the ordinary. He played games with his friends, he went to school and Sepros was his home. In fact, he had never left Sepros and never wanted to. To him, his life was as it should be. He hated space, he liked to have his feet firmly on the ground and he was not afraid to do nothing for days on end. These feelings never changed as he grew older, in fact, he became more a homebody than anything. The most exciting thing he managed to do upon leaving school, in fact, was join the local police academy.

He was well aware the Warhost was the true law and order in the city but there was still something noble about being a member of the force. He spent two years training and another on probation before he was fully assigned to the lower city’s station. It was a comfortable job as the area he mainly worked in was the area with the least trouble, just the way he liked it. In fact, he disliked change and nothing really changed around the precinct. Sure there was trouble but by the time he managed to make his way to the area the Warhost had already moved into the secure the area and he was just really left booking the perpetrators and doing the paperwork. Life was good.

Then he got paired with her. Oh, he hated her. Her short Auburn hair, doe eyes, her figure that had the other officers cat calling but he refused to. He hated her. She was the opposite of him in so many aspects. She was outgoing, liked change and would literally drag him to crime scenes so fast they usually were the one who had to deal with it before the Warhost arrived. She was younger, full of energy and she was as he understood it Hapan. He never knew at the time why a Hapan would be all the way out here but he didn’t care. After all, he hated her.

Days came and went and his hatred for her seemed to drop a bit less every day. They were both promoted to Sergeant for their work and he was given duties than before and he found he didn’t quite detest her for it as much as he thought he would. They began working on different cases as their duties would usually separate them and he found he began to miss her not being around so he’d find any excuse to visit her cubicle and he often found her sitting on the edge of his desk chattering away to him. It kind of made him happy. He had only ever known her as Elarais, he actually piped up asking for her name and she blinked and giggled. Jala Elarais was the name of the woman and without thinking, he asked her out for a drink after work.

She agreed and it went horribly wrong. He took her to the dullest venue, spoke about the most boring of things and his nonexistent hobbies. Compared to her long spiels on everything from spelunking and climbing the hills on Sepros, or the martial arts she partook in he felt increasingly dull. He stood up without warning and left her at the table moving outside and beginning to walk away. Confused she rose and followed him out of the restaurant and ran to catch up as she did so she tripped and was winged by a speeder sending her into a tumble which ended with her cracking her head as she fell.

He turned and ran to her side his basic medical training taking over until the paramedics arrived. The driver of the speeder came over to check if she was ok and as he closed in Jackson rose and smashed the man around the face before going back to Jala as if he hadn’t missed a beat. The medical staff arrived and she was taken to the hospital where they both stayed for a few weeks. He slept on the chairs in her room, barely ate and it was only at the insistence of his work colleagues and hospital staff he actually did anything beyond make sure she was ok.

When she was discharged he avoided her and returned back to work. The confusion was evident to her and when she was well enough she took a speeder to the precinct and visited him, just him and painfully tried to plonk herself on the desk as she always did. She failed and nearly fell face first until Jack caught her. Like those old holovids she rose in his arms and looked him in the eyes, she leant in and simply kissed him. Followed by a slap to the side of his face for abandoning and ditching her, twice. Followed by tears and another kiss in front of the entire precinct. Jack was confused but as they say, that was that.

They were married within four years and their first child was born a year later. A healthy girl they named Sasha and the family was happy. Jack made detective which was more than enough money to look after his family. Jala returned to work a couple of years after having finally passed a medical and they were perfect. He wasn’t quite as dull as he used to be and he refused to admit it had anything to do with her influence whilst she was always telling the stories of his misadventures as she forced him to try new things. They were perfect and happy and to them life was as it should be and nothing could break that.

Then the Inquisitors came sowing terror and discord. Apparently some Sith had declared certain species undesirable and marked for death. He had spent so long with Jala he forgot she was Hapan as to him she was just his wife. So when he returned home one day to find the front door open to his home and people milling around outside he was confused. His neighbour approached him placing a hand upon his shoulder, his face torn and holding back tears of grief. Jack looked at him, drew his sidearm and rushed into the house.

Destroyed was the only work he could use to justify the state of the place. He moved upstairs and crept along the hallway and finally made it into the bedroom. It had been kicked off its hinges and blaster scorch marks lined the walls. As he made it into the room the first thing he saw was the black robed figure, a lightsaber sitting near them. He kicked the figure, turned it over and noted it was dead. He made his way through the room and then into the on-suite bathroom.

The cry of rage and pain was heard outside. The police turned up and everything turned to slow motion. Jala and Sasha were both moved to the morgue. There was never any mention of the Sith who assaulted them though everyone knew. The man broke and never recovered. The funerals were arranged for a week later once the mess the bodies were in could be repaired and made presentable.

Police honours were given to them and this is where we return to the man being held by his friend of many years. They waited in the rain as the urns were delivered to Jack. They walked the street of Sepros without communicating. They simply let the night and day take them. Tarryyhn gave his friend some instructions and left. Making his own way to the Temple of Blood. Jack went to the bar and drank himself into oblivion and attempted nonexistence.

It took him a few days to look over the instructions and follow them. He found himself aboard a shuttle, transfer paperwork had come through for the Dlarit Navy and from what he understood he had been assigned to a ship in the Navy. A new change of scenery, a new start. Something to take his mind off the pain. Not that he believed that would work. After all, he was a boring man with no real interests and a hole that only drink had been able to fill. What on earth could this ship have for him? After all, he hated heights. Then he saw the crew and he understood. This was a Sanctuary and he would be damned if anyone would break it.

Positions Held

  • Retribution Chief Security Officer